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Teckmine.com Review – Is Teckmine Legit Or Just Another Scam

Teckmine is a newly lunched investment platform and I am very sure that a lot of thoughts must have been running through your mind when you see how the platform works, don’t worry, this teckmine.com review is going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Especially, this review will provide you with enough information to help you understand better, whether teckmine is legit and as well as if teckmine is scam.

If you’ve been following browsingtechzone.com very well, you must have fully understand our patterns of review and teckmine review won’t be difference as enough information is already on ground to help you understand better, what teckmine is really is.

What is teckmine?

Teckmine is a recently lunched Ponzi like investment platform, providing you the opportunity to make double of your investment in just 30days or less. This implies that when you invest in the platform, you will get 100% of your investment amount as return on your investment.

When you see this Claims, I know your first concern will be what the platform is all about, what they does and how they will get money to pay your return on investment. This are things out of many others that you will learn when you read this teckmine.com review carefully.

Without futher ado, let me provide you the Information we found about teckmine which surfing through their platform to gather enough information for this teckmine review.

About teckmine

TECKMINE claimed to be a world-leading blockchain cloud computing service platform. It is contained that the platform is a blockchain mining pool business derived from TECK International Group.

Teck Mining Group claimed to have been officially established in Canada in 2006. The group is said to be mainly engaged in financial technology, artificial intelligence, Al cloud computing, mining and other fields.

In 2015, TECKMINE Group Company claimed to have took the lead and invited top investment institutions such as Canada and Hong Kong to jointly fund and establish TECKMINE blockchain mining company.

The company said it focuses on providing cryptocurrency mining services and is an innovative and forward-looking decentralized area. A blockchain and ecosystem designed to scale and diversify as currencies and platforms gain adoption.

These are few amongst the information that is contained on the about page of teckmine

Check out the overview of the teckmine platform

Teckmine investment plans

Teckmine investment plans

There are multiple investment plans on the platform and the more your investment, the more your daily income and that of your overall return on investment.

Micro machine-SC

Daily Income: ₦320

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Total Income: ₦8000

Valid Period: 25 days

Lease Limit: 1

Settlement Currency: NGN(N)

Computing Power: 1-80TH/s

Investment Amount: ₦4000

Cloud Computing KD LITE

Daily Income: ₦380

Total Income: ₦17100

Valid Period: 45 days

Lease Limit: 1

Settlement Currency: NGN(N)

Computing Power: 1-90TH/s

Investment amount: ₦9600

Cloud Computing-A1026

Daily Income: ₦300

Total Income: ₦36000

Valid Period: 120 days

Lease Limit: 1

Settlement Currency: NGN(N)

Computing Power: 30-100TH/s

Investment amount: ₦17500

Bitcoin Miner $19k

Daily Income: ₦800

Total Income: ₦48000

Valid Period: 60 days

Lease Limit: 1

Settlement Currency: NGN(N)

Computing Power: 120TH/s

Investment amount: ₦22000

Register on teckmine & start making money now!

How to make money on teckmine

Making Money on the platform is if no difference to many other platforms that you might have came across in the past. Once you complete your registration, you will have to choose a plan and invest on the plan, then get a fixed amount as return on a daily basis.

Invest and earn on teckmine

When the you rents the mining machine on teckmine, you will start getting returns after 24hrs of activating the mining machine

TECK’s mining machine works 24 hours to generate income. After the mining machine generates income, you need to click on the start button again to let the mining machine continue to work.

Your earnings will be deposited into your TECK balance, which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Teckmine referral program

Refer and earn

Building a strong team on the platform is another great way to make even more money on the platform as you will be eligible for fixed bonus, daily rebates from your referrals activities and as well as salary, when you have a certain number of people in your team.

For example, if you invite a friend to rent a mining machine, then you can get an invitation bonus of 350 naira, and when you rent the mining machine, you can get 10% of his or hee mining machine revenue. These are your additional benefits and will not Reduce invitee earnings.

You can get 10% of the level 1 team’s income, 4% of the 2nd level team’s income, and 2% of the 3rd level team’s income every day

For example, if your level 1 team earns 10,000 naira per day, then your daily income is 1,000 naira. When your level 2 team’s income is 10000 naira, your daily income is 400 naira. When your level 3 team’s income is 10000 naira, your daily income is 200 naira

How to get weekly salary

Click on the “Team” interface at the bottom to view the “Total Number of Mining Machines Owned by the Team” in the last area of “Team Details” (if there are 15 or more people, you can contact your consultant to receive your weekly salary). (including 1st-3rd level members) The weekly salary is different for each stage: (including 1st-3rd level members).

15-29 people – ₦1200, 30-79 people – ₦3200, 80-149 people – N5200, 150-299 people – ₦8000, 300-499 people- ₦16000 Reach 500 people – ₦32000, and enter the formal executive assessment stage of TECKMINE.

Teckmine registration – How to register on teckmine.com

Simply click here to go to the teckmine registration page and fill all the required information. An OTP will be sent to the provided phone number. Enter the OTP and complete your registration.

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Upon the completion of your registration, if you have complete your diligence research and decided to invest on the platform, the next thing is to deposit.

Click to to register on teckmine

Code: OW1D4W

Teckmine.com deposit

To deposit on the platform, all you have to do is to click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the platform, click on recharge and follow the prompts to complete your recharge

How to rent mining machine

Once your recharge is successful, the next thing is to go to the homepage and click on the rent button attached to any of the mining machine of your choice and follow the prompts to complete the rent.

Contact customer service for your work verification

When you complete your deposit and rent a mining machine successfully, you must contact the customer service for your verification. Simply click on the support Icon on your screen and drop screenshot of your profile page showing your account ID for the customer service on WhatsApp.

How to earn on teckmine

Complete your daily tasks

Once you successfully Rent a machine, you must start the machine immediately and also make sure to be starting it after 24hours.

If you rent the machine today and click on start, you will receive the daily income tomorrow and once you receive the daily income, you must click on the start button again to receive income for the following day.

It continues like that till your mining machine expires. Simply click on investment to locate the Start button.

Teckmine login

To login to your account, have to do is to visit teckmine website and click on the login button, enter your registratered phone number and your password and click on the login button. You will be redirected to your account immediately.

Teckmine withdrawal

Your earnings will be deposited into your teckmine account balance, which you can withdraw to your bank account when all the withdrawal terms has been satisfied by you

Withdrawal time at TECK is Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm daily and the minimum withdrawal as at the moment if writing this teckmine.com review is ₦500

After you withdraw money, the bank will transfer the money to your bank account within 24 hours. The 1st of every month is the free withdrawal day (no fees are charged).

How to withdraw cash?

Click “My” in the lower right corner and click the bank account. Bind the bank account you are withdrawing to – your name – bank name – and account number, wallet address does not need to be filled – click to confirm.

Click on withdrawal in the upper right corner, enter the withdrawal amount (the minimum withdrawal amount is ₦500), the withdrawal application is completed, and you only need to wait patiently for the bank’s approval.

Withdrawal time is Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm. After the withdrawal application is completed, it will be credited to the account within 24 hours.

Note: The withdrawal fee is waived on the 1st of each month. (The handling fee is 0% on the 1st of each month).

Teckmine review - teckmine legit or scam


Teckmine.com review

Yes! Now that you have fully understand how that platform works, it’s the time you see browsingtechzone review on teckmine platform and in this section, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

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To make it more simpler for you to decide what teckmine is truly is, I will be providing you with the green and red flags found on the platform.

Teckmine green flags

This are the indications that the platform might last a little bit longer as compared to other platforms. The more the green flags, the more safer the platform becomes. Hence, you must read the whole guide carefully to get the correct interpretation

Payment is confirmed

As at the moment of writing this teckmine review, there has been a report of payment and hence, it can be said that tye platform is paying for now.

Minimal amount of investment plans

The higher package on the platform as at the moment of writing this teckmine.com review is that of 22,000 naira. This constitutes to the factors that makes investment platform last longer.

17% handling fee

We all knows that this fee goes back to the platform in contrary to what they makes you believe. This is another factor that will allow the platform to retain more money in it’s pocket and thereby giving them the opportunity to have enough funds to pay investors at the due time.

Free withdrawal day

This is a measure to curb the effect of the high withdrawal fee. This gives you the opportunity to withdraw at zero charges and should Incase you think the 17% is too much, you can wait till 19th of every month to make your withdrawal.

Responsive customer service

The platform have a responsive custom service and this gives you the opportunity to get all your issues solved as long as the platform is still running smoothly.

Teck mine ROI

Tye return on investment is reasonable as compared to other investment platforms that are operating under the Same umbrella.

With our observation as regards to the available investment plans on the platform and the fixed returns investment, the platform stand a good chance of lasting longer than some others that have crashed in the past.

Teckmine red flags

This are the indications that the platform might be a scam. The more the red flags, the more riskier the platform becomes.

Teckmine com is a Ponzi scheme investment platform

While exploring the platform for the purpose of this teckmine.com review, all the indications shows that the platform is a Ponzi scheme investment platform and as you all know, these types of investment are always been associated with a very high risk.

Source of income

The only source of income found on the platform is that of the money gotten from members that just buy a mining machine and this makes it more riskier and the platform risk shutting down at any point in Time.

Mining machine activities

The mining machine on the platform are virtual and are designed to keep you busy and sticky with the platform. There are no real-time earnings generated by the machines.

Is teckmine legit

As at the moment of writing this teckmine review, the platform is still paying and on this note, we can only say it’s paying for now. However, with our experience on investment platform, this type of platform should last a little bit, maybe for few months from it’s date of lunch.

Teckmine lunch date: 24th of august, 2023. 24/08/2023

Is teckmine Scam

As it have been stated above, the platform is still paying and cannot be declared Scam for now. However, you should be careful while dealing with the platform of such nature as they are risky and your risk potential must match the investment before you decide to invest.


Having gone through this teckmine.com review, you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially, have enough information at your disposal to decide whether the platform is safe for your investment or not.

Hence, if you must invest on the platform, investment only the amount you can afford to loose.



  1. It is just another form of scam. They have just scammed me of 4k just yesterday 30/08/2023. People should be aware. The moment you send the money to their account, they stop chatting you.


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