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Viraltrend Review – Get paid To Use Your Social Media Account

viraltrend review

Viraltrend review is a full insight of viraltrend, which will give you the detailed information about the so called platform and how it works. I am very sure that this is going to be the most completed review about viraltrend because, I will not only tell you if it’s legit or not, but I will let you Know how you can utilize it in making cool cash and lots more.

The website I just mentioned above have been in existence for more than 12months and many individuals still doubt about their authenticity which was the reason that prompt me to write this detailed review about them.

What Is Viraltrend?

Viraltrend is an online advertisement website where advertisers, especially social media handlers who are willing to grow their social media accounts bring their advert to reach a variable set of audience.

On this website, the advertisers will bring advert at a specific rate and the money paid to the website administrators by the advertisers will be disbursed between the platform registered members to perform a specific activities .

The activities to be performed by the members of this site ranges from Instagram like, Instagram follow, Instagram view, Facebook link, YouTube subscription, Twitter retweet and lots more.

On this website, you can either register as advertiser or a publisher which is represented by promote and earn on the website. But for the purpose of this article, I am going to concentrate on the publisher side of the website which is the only way to perform some tasks on this website and earn some cool cash.

Why Should I Join Viraltrend?

I guess you’re willing to Know if this website Worth your time or not and this is the main purpose you’re here.

Anyways, I have prepared the detailed information about this website for you and I am going to unleash everything in this guide. But before I continue, let me brief you on the facts that makes viraltrend the best for you.

1. You don’t need to worry about referral before you can withdraw in this platform.

2. Considerable amount of tasks will be available for you on a daily basis.

3. Registration fee is very low with a lot of features.

4. You have been using your social media accounts before, but now, you will be getting paid to continue using them.

You can click here to register on the platform, activate your account and start making money performing simple tasks.

But wait! Leave registration apart for now, and let me reveal all you need to know about this platform first. Continue reading to get full knowledge about this platform, how it works, how to perform tasks and if it worth your time, let’s go!

How Does Viraltrend Works?

I know that this will be the main question on your mind right now, but don’t worry, this Viraltrend review will give you the detailed information about this.

Viraltrend Works on two main basis, which are;

1. Performing tasks which is the main reason why you will get paid for using your social media accounts.

2. Affiliate program which is known as promotion of a program with your own personal ID or link.

Now let dive into each of the categories that are being mentioned above and see how they actually works.

Get paid to perform tasks

This is an option that give you the opportunity to monetize your social media accounts for money and it the origination of getting paid to use your social media accounts.

As I have mentioned above, viraltrend is a company that accept advertisement from advertisers and share the money being collected from the advertisers Among the members to complete some simple tasks.

Here is what I am talking about, as soon as you register and activate your account on Viraltrend, you will need to link you social media accounts with your viraltrend account.

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Now, let say an advertiser need more likes, followers or views on any of his Instagram or YouTube content, viraltrend already have thousands of members that are willing to perform this tasks an earn a token.

In this case, viraltrend will negotiate with the advertiser and reach a certain agreement on the amount of money the individual or brand will pay per comment, subscription, like or views.

90% of the money paid by the advertiser will be paid to each member anytime he/she complete a specific task and 10% will goes to viraltrend itself to keep the website up and running.

Let’s do some calculation here, let’s represent an advertiser with A viraltrend with B and a member as C.

Now, A needs more comment of his Instagram post and come to B to advertise and get the required comments, after putting some factors into consideration, A is willing to pay N50 per comment.

Viraltrend will paste the procedure to perform this tasks to C and once C complete the task, C will earn N45 and while remaining N5 goes to B.

NOTE: The above start is just for illustration, and to let you understand how it actually works.

Affiliate program

This is the process where the existing member on the platform invite a new member via his/her referral link. The earnings is not only limited to your direct referral, you will still have the opportunity to earn from your indirect referral.

There are two main plan in the viraltrend platform which are;

Basic subscription

This is the lowest Plan on Viraltrend trend, it costs N500 and you will have the tasks to perform as that of the person on higher plan. The only difference here is the amount earn per referral.

As a basic member that subscribe with N500, you will be earning 30% of your direct referral registration fee and 5% of your indirect referral registration fee.

Premium subscription

This is the highest Plan on Viraltrend trend, it costs N1,500 and you will have the tasks to perform as that of the person on basic plan. The only difference here is the amount earn per referral.

As a premium member that subscribe with N1,500, you will be earning 50% of your direct referral registration fee and 10% of your indirect referral registration fee.

Difference between basic and premium plan

As I have explained above the only difference between the two plan is just the amount of money that you will earn by referring others, the Same tasks will be available for both members on the two plans.

If you know that you can refer, then go for the premium membership and if you are the type that didn’t like referring, you can just go for the basic plan which cost only N500.

Above all, any of the plan that suits your pocket is the best for you. Now that you understand how viraltrend works, the next thing now is registration.

Is Viraltrend Paying?

Yes, viraltrend is paying with or without referral and you can withdraw your earned money at anytime of your choice, below is a payment proof of viraltrend, the payment proof provided in this viraltrend review clearly show when the money was requested for on the viraltrend platform and when it was paid to the targeted bank account.

Payment Proof

How To Make Money On Viraltrend

In this section of my viraltrend review, I am going to give you the detailed steps on how to get yourself registered in Viraltrend and start making money in no time.

Below are all you need to have before you can register on Viraltrend

1. One time payment of N500 or N1,500 to activate your account.

2. Social Media Account; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Note that, it’s not a must to have all, you can just link the one you have and leave the rest or sign up for them. But Instagram is so much needed because there is so much tasks available there.

The only implication is that, if you link only one social media account, only tasks from that particular social security will be displayed to you and if you link two or all. I hope you grab.

Now that you have the  Requirements for the registration, let’s move to the steps involved in registration.

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Follow the instructions below to register and start making money on Viraltrend

Viraltrend Register – How To Sign up On Viraltrend

Follow the steps below to register on the website. Note that you can register now and activate your account later, now let’s go.
1. Click here to go to the Viraltrend registration page.

2. Once you Click as mentioned in the step 1 above, you will be redirected to the website registration page.

3. Enter the required details and click on the get started button.

4. Now enter you username and your desired password.

5. Select promote and earn during the registration.

6. Now click on the register button and a verification email will be sent to your provided email address.

7. Login to your email and click on the verification link from viraltrend, if you didn’t see it, check spam folder, it might be their by mistake.

8. You will be redirected to viraltrend login page, enter your email address and password and click on continue.

9. On the next page, select your preferred plan, be it basic or premium and proceed.

If they didn’t bring the subscription menu automatically, just locate dashboard and click on it it will appear.

10. Now select pay with Rave on the next screen.

11. You will be redirected to the payment page, enter your card details to complete your payment.

12. Once you confirm the payment, a receipt will be issued to you and boom your account is activated already.

You can also click here to begin the registration.

13. Now, link your social media accounts.

Recent payment Proof

In order to keep the platform in check, we do apply for withdrawal time to time, so as to be sure the platform is still paying as said in this guide.
Viraltrend recent withdrawal proof
As at the moment of our last check, the platform is paying and the payment arrived at the submitted bank account in 24hrs. Above shows when the withdrawal was placed on the platform and below shows the alert of when the withdrawal arrived at the bank account.
Viraltrend alert

Viraltrend Login

Once you have complete the registration, click here to go to the viraltrend homepage and select login, enter your email address and the password you choose during the registration. you will be redirected to another page that is similar to the registration page, locate dashboard and click on it to access your member dashboard.

How To Link Social Media Accounts To Viraltrend Account

Upon the successful registration, the next step is to link your social media accounts with your viraltrend account, just follow the simple steps below and get it done in no time.

1. Click on the menu bar at the top right corner of your dashboard.

2. Locate profile and click on it.

3. Now scroll down a little and you will see the list of social media accounts that you can link, follow the instructions in each to link them and boom! Multiple tasks will be uploaded to your account automatically upon the successful linking of your social media account.

Now that you have link your social media accounts, the next thing is to start performing tasks and earn. This tasks will be available on your dashboard and below are the detailed instructions on how to perform those tasks.

Viraltrend Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum Withdrawal on viraltrend is 5000 naira and all registered members are required to have the sum of N5000 on their balance before being able to withdraw and this is considered moderate as it’s very easy to reach if you take the platform serious. However, there is no maximum withdrawal, you can withdraw any amount higher than N5000.

How To Withdraw From Viraltrend

Once you have the minimum of 5000 Naira on your account balance, all you have to do in order to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account it to click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the app, select wallet and scroll down to locate withdrawal request. enter the amount you want to withdraw and must be greater than N5000. Click on withdraw and wait for the money to be transferred to you bank account within 24hrs.

How To Perform Tasks On Viraltrend

There are four different types of tasks on Viraltrend.

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1. Instagram tasks.

2. Facebook tasks.

3. Twitter tasks.

4. YouTube tasks.

Among the four tasks listed above only Instagram have different steps in performing the tasks.

You will follow the same procedure to perform 2. Facebook tasks, Twitter tasks and YouTube tasks

How To Perform Instagram tasks on Viraltrend

Follow the steps in this Viraltrend review to perform any tasks from Instagram. They can’t take more than 10 seconds each. The steps are as follows;
1. Go to your dashboard and select any Instagram tasks, such as Instagram like, Instagram follow or Instagram view.
Instagram Tasks Selected

The Instagram task selected above is Instagram follow, which means you are going to follow a user and that’s all, you will earn the stipulated amount Stated. The first step here is to click on view more as shown above.

Accepting task

2. Click on accept task as shown above and wait for few seconds, you will see a task accepted notification at the top of the page, then you will be redirected to another page as shown below.

Redirection to Instagram

3. Now that you have been redirected to the page shown above, click on the link shown above and you will be redirected to the target profile on Instagram, hit the follow button and navigate back to your viraltrend.

Let the timer goes below 50

4. Now that you have follow the specific person and you’re back to the timer, wait for the timer to fall below 50 and then reload the page.

Done button

5. Once you reload the page, the done button will appear, now click on the done button and a page to enter your details will be displayed to you as below.

Submit task

6. Boom! You’re at the final stage, type your Instagram username in the space provided for Instagram username and your viraltrend email address in the second box.

Now hit the submit button and boom, your account will be credited.

Your account has been credited

That’s all, your account has credited with the stipulated amount. It shouldn’t take you more than 10secs.

That’s all about Instagram tasks, if you didn’t forget, I mentioned that You will follow the same procedure to perform Facebook tasks, Twitter tasks and YouTube tasks. This implies that once I use one of them as an example here, you will follow the same procedure for the others.

Here, I will be using Twitter task as an example

Twitter Retweet


The task selected above is Twitter Retweet, which implies that you’re going to retweet a specific Twitter post and that’s all.

1. Locate the Twitter task and click on view more.

2. You will be redirected to the page shown above, now click on perform task as shown above.

3. You will be redirected to Twitter straight, then hit the retweet button and navigate back to the the page shown below on Viraltrend.

viraltrend legit or scam
Wait on this page
For 45secs

4. Now wait on the page shown above and you will be redirected back to your dashboard after 45 seconds.

5. That’s all, you account will be credited with the stipulated amount and you can now move on to perform more tasks.

Is viraltrend legit or Scam?

Viraltrend is a legit platform that will pay you with or without referral, at the moment if gathering information for this Viraltrend review, non of their user’s complain of any inconveniences on the platform and

What I love about viraltrend.

They are paying as smooth as possible.

The fact that you didn’t need to refer before cashing out is among the factors that makes them the best.

1. You didn’t need referral to withdraw.

2. Registration is very flexible and you have the choice to choose the plan that you can afford.

3. No delay in payment.

4. You can withdraw at any time you have the minimum withdrawal and there is no specific date or time for withdrawal.

5. Minimum withdrawal is as low as N5,000.

Now that you have see all you need to know about the viraltrend platform, scroll up to the registration section and begin your registration now.

If you have any question/support during or after the registration, drop your queries in the comments box below and get a quick response.

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  1. Nice tutorial my brother. This is just one of your masterpiece in your highly commendable services to mankind. May God continue to bless you immensely. Thanks in full effects.

  2. I have been a member of ViralTrend since September 2018 and ViralTrend is still paying up till today. Despite NNU, Blog9ja, NewsPay, etc. Coming and going, ViralTrend still remain vibrant till today.

    One problem with people is that they believe in the ones that give them bigger earnings, they don’t care if that programme will soon collapse or not. Thanks for the detailed information.

    • You’re welcome!

      Thanks for also dropping your own experience and point of view about the website, I think others will be able to deduct one or two thing from your comment.

    • The platform has been in existence for a long time and minimum withdrawal was once as low as N1,000, At the present moment, minimum withdrawal is N5,000 and you can withdraw up to any amount.

  3. Comment:
    please help my pending withdraw has rejected and it’s telling me that I can perform another request until after 45days

  4. You take this post down because of your review I went ahead to register with viral trend now I have been scammed.
    I made payment for one of the plan and was not activated , I contacted them through the website and email but no response after that the next day I try logging in 404 error(page not found)
    I have been scammed!!!!

    • The platform is reachable and nothing has went wrong so far, simply retrace your steps and be sure you follow proper instructions while depositing the money. Then contact customer service again, hopefully you get appropriate response this time around.

  5. Hello
    Please how much do I get as a premium subscriber, if I refer someone to register for the Basic subscription with my link?

  6. Is it true that I can perform tasks once every hour… Like after I perform a task, do I have to wait for another hour before performing another task?

  7. I posted a Facebook advert last night. Viral trend is showing me that the advert is COMPLETED but browsingtechzone nobody has done my task.
    I’m confused.

  8. I just join this platform newly, so I can’t say anything about the platform for now. All I want to know is that, why at times, if I finish performing some specific task, I won’t be credited. The page won’t load, and if I try to reload it, that would be all. My suppose money that should have been credited to my account will vanish into tin air


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