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How To Activate 10GB With N1,400 On 9mobile

how to activate 20gb with 1400

9mobile 10GB for N1,400 is a very cheap data plan that is derived from the 9mobile social data plan as we did on Airtel 5GB for N1,000. Don’t panic, I will explain everything you need to know about this Cheap data plan and how to enjoy it to it’s full length.

When we’re talking about social Data Plans, we all know that the data cannot be used to access all website, but with this guide, i am going to give you the detailed steps on how to make the social data plan works on every web and app as a normal data plan.

Imagine getting a whopping sum of 10GB with just N1,400 on your 9moblie sim card? That’s huge! Today I am going to give you all you need to enjoy this great offer and flex the internet at your own preferred time.

If you’re not using 9mobile, we have provide the equivalent offers for other networks users ranging from MTN, Glo, Airtel, Vodafone and others, just click on your respective network provider and check out the available offers.

Continue reading if you have a 9mobile sim card and you’re willing to get 10GB with just N1,400 on your 9mobile sim card.


Requirements for 9Mobile 10GB For N1,400

1. Your 9mibile sim card. It might be new or old, it works on all sim card.
2. Airtime balance of N1,400 or more.
3. 9mobile Social pack bundle.
4. Complete guide on how to access all web and app with 9mobile social bundle. Click here to read the guide.
5. Some simple an logical calculation that will be made here.
Now let’s go!

How Can I Get 10GB With N1,400 On 9mibile?

I guess that’s the main question that will be running through your mind at the moment, now here is the logic:

The 9mobile social bundle is a data plan that gives you data which can only be used on your social media apps, but browsingtechzone have provide the detailed guide on how to surf the internet with the data does this makes it to function as a standard data plan.

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The social Data plan will give you a whopping sum of 2.5GB with just N350.

Now follow the steps below.

1. Simply dial *343*6*9# and subscribe to 9mobile social media/chat pack plan, it costs N350.

2. Repeat the step 1 above for another 3 times making it 4 times in total. This implies;

2.5GB X 4 = 10GB.

N350 X 4 = N1,400.

3. Now click here for the detailed information on how to use the data as a normal and standard data. By doing this, you have successfully removed all the restrictions that are being tied to the data and you can now use it to do virtually everything.

4. If you need further clarification or have any questions concerning this guide, just drop it in the comments box below and get a quick response.


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  1. Note:- the last time I subscribe like that it was only the 500mb that increase to 2gig but the invisible 2gig did not increase at all because after reaching the 2gig threshold the browsing stopped until I switched to 500mb data to continue browsing. People should take note of that. Thanks

  2. What I mean is that it's only 9mobile social bundle of 500mb that was added when you subscribe with N1,400 but the 2gig did not add additional data after subscription.
    It still remain 2gig even if you subscribe 4 times

  3. Here is how it works.

    After which you have subscribe to the plan, let say you subscribe twice, only 1GB will be visible when you dial *228# 4 gb will be hidden.

    If you subscribe 4 times, 2gb will be visible while 8gb will be hidden, just ignore the balance and connect your VPN.

    Your internet connection will only stop when your Browsing session is up to the hidden data.


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