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Mara Wallet Review – Is Mara Wallet Legit Or Scam? See Lunching Date

Mara wallet review

Mara wallet is a Cryptocurrency based project that aims in helping Nigerians that are willing to go into crypto business but do not know how to go about, it provide a medium to get such individuals educated on the business and in this mara wallet review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the mara wallet app and if it’s legit or not.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of request from individuals trying to get more information about the app and especially, if the mara wallet will truly pays or just a waste of time.

On Mara wallet, you will get a $2 registration bonus upon completing your registration and as well as up to $2 per referral whenever you invite someone to register on the app with your link and get the mara wallet app installed on their phone.

Today, I have decided to end all the doubt and provide you all the necessary information you could need about the app and especially, provides you with a honest mara wallet review and let you know if the platform is legit or not.

What is mara wallet – About Mara wallet

Mara itself like a pan-African multi-currency crypto company and it owns and manage Mara wallet. Mara announced the pre-launch of its wallet in the month of July, year 2022 and create an opportunity for early adopters to accumulate some free cash and get paid whenever the app lunched and become functional.

The company explained Mara Wallet as a portal to the cryptoeconomy focuses on helping people begin their journey towards conveniently managing their crypto-finance needs, take a major step toward financial freedom, and learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa.

Chi Nnadi, who is a Co-Founder and CEO at Mara said, the company pre launches the product to achieve crypto education, financial literacy, and ensure a more equitable distribution of capital.

Nnadi explains: “Our goal is to get sub-Saharan individuals to leverage a financial infrastructure that they can build their lives upon and make the most of the financial-growth opportunities available in the cryptoeconomy. Mara wallet is a fast and secure multi-currency crypto wallet that gives Africans control over their cryptocurrency.

Mara wallet roadmap

Mara wallet enables users to easily buy, sell, send, withdraw, store, and protect a wide range of fiat and crypto-assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs in real time and without any prior crypto knowledge.

The proposed innovation aim to be committed to the financial empowerment of the individuals that use mara products and services to meet their various crypto-finance needs, and take responsibility in building an informed community seriously.

Wants to join mara wallet whitelist in order not to be left out when the innovation comes to play? Simply register following the instructions below and get $2 for free

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Mara wallet registration bonus

Mara wallet registration

To register on Mara wallet, simply click here to go to the mara wallet registration page and enter your valid email address. A verification link will be sent to your email, simply click on the link to be redirected to the final registration page. Fill in the required details and complete your registration.

After registering on the registration page, you will need to download and install the Mara wallet app, simply go to the mara wallet app download section of this guide to download and start Accumulating free cash on the app.

If you’re asked for a referral code during your registration, simply use 543XDX as your referral code. Click here to copy the code to your clip board directly.

How to accumulate free cash on Mara wallet

In order to accumulate free cash on Mara wallet, all you have to do is to register for a mara wallet account and copy your referral link. You will earn a whooping sum of $2 for every individuals that click on your referral link and register on the platform.

Mara wallet referral – Earn $2 – $500 for free

Immediately you complete your registration, you will be prompts with a notification asking you to earn free cash by sharing your referral link, simply click on the earn reward button and start sharing your link to get paid for every individuals that register on the mara wallet app with your Mara wallet referral link.

Mara wallet referral

Register On Mara wallet now and accumulate!!!

Mara wallet withdrawal – How to withdraw from mara wallet

Mara wallet app is a pre-lunch app  and this implies that the app hasn’t been functioning fully yet and on this note, you will only get added to the project whitelist and be able to withdraw only when the app becomes fully functional.

This is the main point that prompts me to release this Mara wallet review as a lot of individuals have developed interest in getting to know when the app will lunch, if Mara wallet could ever be fully lunched and if they will ever get paid with their accumulated amount.

This leads us to the mara wallet review section on this guide as this section is going to provide you with Detailed insight about the Mara wallet app.


As at the moment of updating this guide, you can now withdraw from your mara wallet to your Nigeria Bank account and this can be achieved by becoming a mara champion.

Wants to become a mara champion and withdraw free cash to your Nigeria Bank account? Then check the section of this guide that provides detailed information on how to become Mara wallet champion.

Mara wallet review

Mara wallet app has been able to generate more than 100,000 downloads so far and have an overall Rating of 4.3/5 on Google play store. This implies that the individuals that have downloaded the app so far are enjoying the app to some extent.

However, browsingtechzone have drawn some key points(bottom lines) that will really helps you in knowing where exactly you Stand, if you’re a user of the app or having any intention to get registered on the app.

Mara wallet bottom lines

1. Mara wallet is a project with good potential, having look at the plans that mara has for the project.

2. You will not be able to withdraw unless the project become a successful one

3. The probability of the Mara wallet lunching anytime soon is very low, having considered son factors that are responsible for the successful lunching on the project.

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4. You can accumulate as much as you can so far you have nothing to loose.

5. The app can lunch and pay it’s user’s, and it might be other Wise, but have it at the back of your mind that if it’s eventually lunched, there’s going to be follow up instructions to be able to withdraw your earnings from mara wallet app. We will upload the steps here if the project eventually becomes a successful one.

6. Getting paid from the app is not now and that of later (when it’s fully lunched) is by 50/50 chances.

Mara wallet lunch date

Mara wallet lunch date

I know that you will be eager to know the exact lunching date of the mara wallet app, so as to know the exact date that payment is going to kick started on the app.

But unfortunately, the exact Mara wallet lunch date is not known yet as at the moment of writing this Mara wallet review as any date I revealed now is bound to failed unless we see some obvious points that indicates the project can be a successful one anytime soon.


Is Mara wallet legit

As at the moment of writing this Mara wallet review, it’s still an upcoming project with zero harm detected. The fact is that you can decide to give it a trial and accumulate as much as possible, this is because you have nothing to loose.

The project have a genuine intention, the only issue here is that the method they intend to implement in bringing the proposed project to reality might not be the right one. Nevertheless, we can never concluded that they are using the wrong or right approach until the project reaches where it’s heading to in either way.

Is Mara wallet Scam?

You wondering if the mara wallet app is scam? Ok! The actual fact is that the project cannot be pronounced as Scam as at the moment of writing this Mara wallet app review as it still have some potential and to some extent, it might still lunch one day even when the possibility is very low as at now. But anything can happen later.

Mara wallet app download

Before you download the app, make sure you have registered on the app following the instructions revealed in the Mara wallet registration section of this guide. Then, you can now follow the Mara wallet download link to be revealed in this section of my honest Mara wallet review.

More About mara wallet app

The Mara Wallet intends to bring Sub-Saharan Africa into the new world of decentralized finance, ownership, and creativity. It aim to be the Africa’s portal to the cryptoeconomy!

As mara anticipate the launch of the Mara Wallet, users can join a waitlist that will enable early access based on their position on the waitlist. Users can move up on the waitlist and earn crypto and other rewards when other users signup to Mara Wallet using their referral link. The higher you are on the waitlist, the better your rewards.

Mara Wallet waitlist will be used to invite users on a first come first serve basis to mara suite of exciting features that will reveal the cryptoeconomy in the most simple and easy-to-use way. So start early, download and refer your friends and family and earn rewards now.

Name                                            Mara wallet app

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Size                                                11MB

Version                                         Latest Version

Mara wallet app Registration Link

Mara wallet download link

Mara wallet referral code

How to upgrade to mara wallet champion account

About mara wallet champion account

Mara wallet champion account is an account dedicated to individuals that can refer More people to download and make use of the Mara wallet app. And as the name implies, it’s like a higher ranking that gives you the access to some special features an ordinary members cannot access.

As a Mara wallet champion account holder, you will be able to get paid at the end of every month or on a chosen payment date (can be determined by mara).

On This note, if you have been hearing about some individuals getting paid from Mara wallet or seeing payment proofs of that if t Mara wallet referral program, then it’s absolutely valid.

The provision has been made for individuals that can refer people to the app to create a champion account and get paid for referring others to the app.

But before you proceed, here is the logic you need to understand about the Mara wallet champion account, when you’re operating the normal account, remember that you will be earning a Whooping sum of $2 per referral, which will be accumulated on the app.

But upon migrating to a champion account, you will be earning $1 per referral and get your accumulated earnings paid to your Bank account.

On this case, it’s either you choose to stay with your $2 per referral on the mara wallet referral program and get to withdraw once the platform is fully launched or you upgrade your account to a champion account and get $1 per referral, which will be paid through bank transfer from the company, even when the app is not launched yet.

How create upgrade my Mara wallet account to mara champion account

In order to upgrade your Mara Wallet account to a Mara champion account, all you have to do is to go to the Mara wallet champion account registration page. Simply click here to go to the page.

Incase you don’t have a normal Mara wallet account before, simply click here to create one.

You will be provided with a registration form on the page, fill th form by providing all teg required details. Such as, full name, Bank account details, recruiter details and etc. Below is your recruiter details:

Recruiter: [email protected]

Gmail: [email protected]

Once you are done providing all the required details submit the form and wait for your account to be verified as a champion account within 72 hours. Once that is done, simply grab your link and start referring people to the app  and once you have referred up to 40 or more than 40 after which you submit the form you will be added to the next payroll and get paid when payment processing for champion began.

Mara wallet champion account

How can I know That my Mara wallet account has been upgrade to mara champion account

Once your account has been upgraded, you will see a champion tag at the top of your account dashboard as shown in the image above.

My account refused to be upgraded after submitting the application, what can I do?

If you have waited for a considerable period of it and the champion tag didn’t come up, all you have to do is to contact Mara support via email and inform them about how you submit an application to become a champion and it hasn’t been approved.

Conclusion: This Mara wallet review as so far being able to provide you with all you need to know about the Mara wallet app and the project entirely and right now, I am sure you should be able to deduce that actual fact about the Mara wallet app and how to join the whitelist.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed discussion of the platform.
    From the research I’ve done so far, it seems it’s legit. I’ve gotten the app. Let’s hope the thing no go cast.
    Great post.

  2. A guy told me he was able to withdraw on Mara last month, buh before that he filled a form called ‘ Mara champion’ before he you’ll be able to withdraw.

    How true is this Browsingtechzone? Has Mara start to pay?


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