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Home Cryptocurrency Tonkreferbot Review – How To Accumulate Free Tonk Token Via TonkCommunity Bot

Tonkreferbot Review – How To Accumulate Free Tonk Token Via TonkCommunity Bot

Tonkreferbot Review

Tonkreferbot is a telegram bot that allows you to accumulate tonk token for free amd be able to withdraw via USDT to your binance account or withdraw your earning directly to your local bank account. In the tonkreferbot review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the bot and how yo make use of it to your own advantage.

In our previous guides, we have shared with you, multiple mining projects and amongst these projects are ice network, Coinlive, coinsavi and others. Unlike the aforementioned project where you have to wait until the lunch of the project before being able to withdraw, tonkreferbot allows you to withdraw in real time.

Just like ember Fund Mining where you can mine Satoshi for free and withdraw via BTC at the end of the month, TonkCommunity Bot also allows you to convert your tonk token to Ton and withdraw to any wallet of your choice.

Don’t worry, the process from starting the not to getting your earnings deposited to your local bank account or crypto wallet of your choice will be explained to you in details in the tonkreferbot review.

About tonkreferbot

The TonkCommunity Bot allows you to earn TONK for free. It is the first and largest Social coin on TON blockchain by Telegram, which will power largest secret social network connected by telegram wallets.

As at the moment of gathering information for this TonkCommunity Bot review, browsingtechzone learnt that there are only 10B TONK coins, which will be distributed to one and all, who love memes on messaging.

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If you are part of  tonkcommunity, you will be able to get TONK airdrop soon. Every user might get anything from 1000 TONKs to 1 Million TONKs without referral.

By contributing memes to the tonk community, you will be able to earn more TONKs every day and also, by referring other users, you will be able to earn TONKs everyday from multiple referral levels while you sleep!

Alongside with that, you will also be able to trade TONK for real USDT on a decentralized exchange very soon. The TONK coin will have multiple utilities on blockchain in future and the only chance you have to accumulate the token is the one the community bot is offering you for free right now.

Tonkreferbot withdrawal

How To Accumulate Free Tonk Token

To accumulate the tonk token for free, all you have to do is to go to the tonk telegram bot, start the bot and follow prompts to start tye bot successfully.

How to Start Earning On Tonkreferbot

Simply click here to open the telegram bot. Note that you must have a telegram account before attempting to start the bot. Once you click on the highlighted button, your telegram will open, simply click on the Start button.

You will see a text promoting you to join a community, click on the community and join, then click on check my status. Another text will prompt join the community too and click on check my status.

Once you join the two community, you will receive a message confirming that you can now earn Tonk.

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Join Tonk Bot Here

Start Earning 1,000 Tonk Daily

Once you are able to start the bot successfully, you will see the button to Claim your daily bonus, make sure you return to the bot and claim the bonus everyday.

Tonkreferbot Refer And Earn

This is the most interesting part of the project and also, the most outstanding way to accumulate free tonk very fast. The reason why I referred to the tonkreferbot referral to as the most interesting part is that your referral will keep generating earnings for you up to your 15th level referral. That’s deep and indeed a great reward chain for referral.

Below shows the breakdown of how much you will earn from your level 1 referral up to the level 15;

Level 1 => Earning 12500.0, Level 2 => Earning 11700.0, Level 3 => Earning 10800.0, Level 4 => Earning 10000.0, Level 5 => Earning 9199.999999999998, Level 6 => Earning 8300.000000000002.

Level 7 => Earning 7500.0, Level 8 => Earning 6700.0, Level 9 => Earning 5800.0, Level 10 => Earning 5000.0, Level 11 => Earning 4200.0, Level 12 => Earning 3300.0, Level 13 => Earning 2500.0, Level 14 => Earning 1700.0, Level 15 => Earning 800.0.

With this referral scheme,  even if it’s just one person you’re able to refer and the person is good I referral, you will still make lots of money from the program.

Tonkreferbot Referral Link

In order to get your referral link, simply click on the menu bar of the bot and click referral link, your link will be sent to you. Simply Copy the link and start sharing to refer as much individuals you can and build your team to be a very strong one.

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Convert tonk to ton to naira

Tonkreferbot Withdrawal

The first step is to secure a telegram Wallet. This wallet will help you facilitate withdrawal from the bot and you can from the wallet withdraw via any method of your choice.

Click here to create your telegram wallet

If you have created the wallet in the past, you will be taken to your wallet once you click on the button above. In case you create the wallet and find it difficult to return to it, you can always return to this tonkreferbot review and click on the button above, the will be taken to your wallet.

How To Convert TONK To Ton

Now that you have successfully created the telegram wallet, you will have to pay attention to the TonkCommunity to know when they open another phase withdrawal. They open Withdrawal access in phases and each phase will have it’s own minimum withdrawal and all the necessary things.

Simply click on the convert tonk to ton button from your tonkreferbot once the withdrawal is open and you will see the minimum amount of tonk required for conversion.

Once you’re able to convert it successfully, you can now withdraw from your telegram wallet via USDT or convert to naira and withdraw to your Bank account directly. Yes! The telegram wallet have P2P option just like binance and others.

Tonkreferbot Review

As at the moment of creating this TonkCommunity review, the project is in its fifth phase and have proven to be paying since its first phase. All you have to do is to follow the instructions revealed in this guide and accumulate as many Tonk token as possible for free.

You can withdraw once the withdrawal is open or better still, hold the token till lunch, who knows it might be more profitable by that time than converting right now.



  1. Was this post edited? Because the first time I read it I’m sure I saw something like we should use Ton Wallets like “MyTonWallet”, now I’m seeing that we should use Telegram wallet.

    • You have to accumulate fresh tonk on each phase, balance from previous phase will be moved to your main balance in that can only be withdrawn to your tonkeeper as tonk


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