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Glo Opera Unlimited Free Browsing 2023 – Glo Opera Mini Cheat

Following the recent announcement from Globacom that reveals that the network provider and opera Mini has partnered with each other in making internet access a very easy tasks for their users, we have gathered the required information that will let you understand in details, how to activate and enjoy the latest Glo unlimited free browsing.

If you didn’t forget, other network providers have previously partnered with the so called opera Mini, which prompt us in publishing the Samsung Max VPN settings that will enable you to use the MTN and Airtel free opera data on all browsers.

Today, I am glad to inform you that the Glo Network provider have as well partnered with opera Mini, in other to let all Globacom users have free access bro the internet via the app.

You might be thinking this is another Glo opera Mini cheat, but it’s not really a cheat, as the free browsing session is sponsored by the Glo official itself.

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Without futher Ado, let’s dive into the detailed discussion which will be revealing the latest Glo opera Mini cheat.

Glo opera bundle

It has come to my notice that a lot of individuals are mistaken the Glo Opera bundle for the Glo Opera free browsing cheat. However, you should fully understand that this two terms are different from each other, Glo Opera free browsing didn’t require subscription, while the other required subscription.

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How to activate Glo Opera bundle

To activate the Glo Opera bundle, all you have to do is to dial *777# on your Glo sim card and select data plans, social plan and then Opera mini plan. Below shows the breakdown of the GLO Opera Bundle;

1. 300MB For N100 (30 Days).

2. 100MB For N50 (7 days).

3. 25MB For N25 ( 1 day).

Now, let’s proceed to the Glo Opera unlimited free browsing

How To Activate Opera Unlimited Free Browsing

Below is the detailed steps you needs to follow in other to enjoy the Glo opera cheat. But before you proceed, we all know that Glo internet connection is somewhat poor in some area across the country and this might be an obstacle in enjoying your free browsing session.

In a bid to ensure that everyone enjoy this Glo opera unlimited free browsing, we have provide you with the detailed instructions on how to force your Glo internet speed to be very fast, kindly check it out before proceeding to the steps on how to activate the opera cheat and this will enhance the rate at which you will enjoy your free browsing.


  • A Registered Glo Sim card.
  • An Android Phone that is 3G/4G enabled.
  • Opera browser or Opera news app.
  • Considerably strong internet connection.

Once you have gotten all the requirements that are being listed above, just insert your Glo Sim card into your Android device, open your opera browser and start surfing the internet for free.

The amazing part of this Glo opera unlimited free browsing is that, it has no data cap and you can browser as you like within opera browser or Opera news app without having data on your phone.

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However, there might be a modification on the volume of data that you can use for free with your Glo Sim card on Opera browser, but as at the moment of writing this guide, Glo hasn’t announced any data cap and as a Globacom user with opera app, you are free as a bird.

Can I Download With The Opera Free Browsing?

Yes! You can download anything of your choice, so far you will download it within the Opera app. But, so not let the size of the file you intend to download exceed 100MB.

Can I Use The Opera Free Browsing To Access Other Browsers?

No! This is an offer that exists because of partnership agreement between Glo and Opera browser, and as I have mentioned in the earlier part of this guide, it’s as if you’re using a sponsored session and as a result of this, your free internet access is restricted to only Opera browser and Opera news app.

However, you can access any website with the free data, just make sure you are using opera Mini.

What Is The Validity Period Of The Data?

The data has no validity period as it has no data volume. You only have to open your Opera browser and browse for free in each and every day.

Conclusion: The Glo opera unlimited free browsing is a free browsing session that is sponsored by the Glo official itself and there is no limit to that amount of data you can use with the Glo opera Mini cheat on a daily basis. Just read and understand the instructions as contained in the guide and you will enjoy free internet access without issue on your Glo Sim card.

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I hope you found this guide helpful, do let us know what you think about it and all the possible questions are welcomed in the comments section of this post.

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