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Notcoin Review – See How To Mine Thenotcoin For Free

notcoin review

Notcoin has been gaining more ground lately and in this notcoin review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the aforementioned project and what you stand to gain by participating in the project.

Notcoin mining allows you to accumulate as many units of the coin as possible by engaging in few and very simple tasks and definitely, you going to find out the break down of those tasks in this guide.

We’ve previously released a snapshot about the project on our telegram channel but as it stands now, the snapshot might not be enough as per all you need to know about the notcoin and hence, we’re here providing you with the detailed information about the mining update.

About Notcoin

Notcoin is a Crypto project that gains more ground in the past few days and this project allows you to mine its native coin via a telegram bot. The project  is very popular at the moment that millions of people are mining thenotcoin aggressively.

The project has been existing before now but recently explode and lots of notable individuals have so far jump on the mining and  with the look of things, 2024 might actually be the long  awaited promising year for the project .

Mining the notcoin is very simple, easy and risk free and no sensitive details is required. Yes! You have nothing to lose by joining Notcoin Ton Nomads community. Wants to learn more about crypto mining in general? Check out our;

Complete Guide to free crypto mining

Without futher ado, let dive into the detailed information on how to mine thenotcoin

Notcoin registration – How To Join The Notcoin Mining Community

All you need to register and start mining thenotcoin is your telegram account, if you don’t have a telegram account prior to this period, you can get one by downloading the telegram app, open the app and register with your phone number.

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Now that you have your telegram account ready, simply click here to go to thenotcoin telegram bot, start the bot and start mining. It’s as simple as that, you don’t need to submit any details for now, just your telegram account and you’re good to go.

Notcoin Mining

How Notcoin Mining Works

Once you’re able to start the bot successfully, you will see a button that says start to earn more as shown in the image above, simply click on the start earn more button and you will be redirected to a page where you will see one big coin, tap on the coin and you will see your notcoin increasing.

When you complete your registration, you maximum claimable notcoin accumulation will be cap at 1000, you will have to click on the coin a thousand times before you run out of Chance. Once the 1000 reduced to zero, kindly leave and return in a short while, it should have been refilled by this time, then you start clicking again.

You can as well study the behavior of the bot to understand the bot better and draft your own pattern to maximize your mining speed. You can do a lot if things on the platform if well explored.

Start Mining Notcoin For Free Now!!!

How To Mine Thenotcoin Without Stress

Seeing that you will have to click a button a thousand times and return to repeat Same thing as many times as possible might be exhausting already, but not to worry, browsingtechzone don’t want stress for you. Yes! There are two major ways to do the mining automatically, one being free and the other one requiring 20,000 notcoin. See more details about these options:

Use Auto Clicker

An auto clicker is a software or tool designed to automate mouse clicks or touch events on a computer or mobile device. It simulates human clicking actions by automatically clicking at predefined intervals or specific locations on the screen without requiring manual input from the user.

So instead of going through the stress of tapping manually, the auto clicker will do the work for you and complete a thousand clicks in just 1minute or less, depending on the interval you’re using. Simply Download auto clicker automatic tapper from the Google play store and follow the prompts to set it up.

notcoin tap bot

Buy Tap Bot On Thenotcoin Mining Page

With this bot, you don’t even need to login or open your notcoin bot, it will automatically Claim all the due coins while you’re offline and whenever you return online, you will just Claim everything at once.

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You can refer to the image above for an example of how it works. However, you need to redeem the coins claimed by the bot every 12hours interval so that it will have enough space to store another coins.

How To Buy Tap Bot

Make sure You’ve accumulate up to 20,000 notcoin, login to your mining menu and click on boost, locate the bot and click on it, click on buy and 20,000 notcoin will be deducted from your account and the tap bot will be active.

Notcoin Referral

Notcoin referral is another great way to accumulate as much notcoin as possible for free, the more you refer, the more notcoin you will get.

To get your referral link, all you have to do is to click on the notcoin bot menu, select get your referral link and your referral link will be provided, simply copy the link and start sharing the link with friends. You can refer to the image below to understand how to copy the link better.

Notcoin referral

How To Accumulate Free Notcoin Via Tasks

Yes! There are few tasks on the bot that rewards you handsomely for completing them and you can earn up to 100,000 notcoin for each task completed.

To locate these tasks, simply open the bot and go to the mining page, click on earn and scroll down to the web3 area, and will see all the tasks available. Click on anyone you want to complete first and follow all the instructions. You will be rewarded with up to 100,000 notcoin as soon as you complete this tasks.

Below shows the sampling of a community task on the notcoin.

Earn 100,000 notcoin completing tasks

Notcoin Boost

Yes! As the name implies, it’s another option provided for you to optimize your mining speed and mine as much notcoin as possible per seconds/minutes. There are various options on this boost page, ranging from increasing your cap, get Auto tap bot, increasing how much coin you claimed per click and etcetera.

Simply open the bot and click on the boost option, you will see all the features you can buy and a description showing what you will get after buying the specific feature.

Notcoin Review

Notcoin is indeed a strong project and making sense as tha the moment of writing this thenotcoin review, however, what the future holds for the notcoin is still uncertain and all you can do right now is to continue mining and hope for the best.

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The coin is valueless as at this moment and can only have value when the project becomes a success, by then, the futher directives on what to do with your already mined coins will be provided and you will have as many of its units as possible for free while those that Miss the mining will have to pay to get it.

Notcoin lunching

Notcoin Mining Has Come To An End! Is It Over For All Tappers?

No! It’s not over, in fact, the show has just began. You have laboured and it’s time to eat the fruit of your labour!

It’s no more a breaking news than the mining activities on the notcoin has come to an end and we’re now focused on the listing, which is the only event ahead of us that we really cared about. In other not to leave you in darkness, browsingtechzone have decided to drop all the important things you should know the present phase of the notcoin journey and the next phase ahead of us.

Notcoin have indeed wrapped up its mining and are gearing up for listing: adjusting the token exchange schedule and coordinating with its partners’ timelines.

Why can’t Notcoin list right away?

It takes some time to ensure a smooth transition for token holders, reduce the time between the snapshot and launching trading pairs for the new token, and minimize any period during which deposits and withdrawals will be disabled on exchanges.

The predictable choice of tokenization on the TON blockchain ensures quick integration with a reliable and established ecosystem.

What happens to coins before listing?

Coins will be locked in the user’s account in the mini-app t.me/notcoin_bot until listing while trading Notcoin Vouchers will be available between users on Getgems and Shardify without restrictions.

Where and when will the listing details be announced?

Additional details about token withdrawal to exchanges and exchanging them for $TON to send over the TON network will be announced in the project’s channels.

Notcoin will remain accessible in the existing bot @notcoin_bot and will serve as a platform where users can:

Confirm participation in token exchange and Check the amount of tokens they’ll receive after denomination and exchange

Is There Any New Project Like Notcoin

Yes! In order to replace the space that notcoin have left in your telegram, we’ve picked another project that works exactly like that if notcoin and still fresh, giving you the opportunity to accumulate as many token as possible before lunch.

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Thenotcoin is indeed one of the big project on the Internet right now with a reasonable number of community members, making it to stand a notable chances of being successful in the nearest future as suggested in this notcoin review.



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