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How To Transfer Data On Airtel

how to transfer data on airtel
Transfer data on Airtel sim without stress, You’re welcome to the complete guide on how to share data on Airtel sim Card.
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If you are an Airtel user and you have been looking for ways to share data with your loved ones, I’m glad to have you here as this article aims to satisfy your needs.

There are multiple of ways in which data can be shared on Airtel and this article is going to discuss all the method that can be used to share data or on Airtel in details.

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Below are the available methods in which data can be shared between airtel users.

1. Data sharing

2. Data Me2u.
3. Data Gifting.
Now that you have seen the options available to share data between Airtel users, let explain each method in details.
The first step in sharing data on Airtel is to change your default PIN to a new and unique PIN, although, you can successfully transferred data on Airtel with your default PIN but it is strongly recommend to change it to the one that will be known to you, so as to prevents unauthorized transfer of data from your sim card.

How Can I change My Default PIN?

The steps involved in changing your default PIN on Airtel is very short and simple, and they are stated below,
> Simply dial *141# on your Airtel sim card and send.
> Then select Option 6 which is data gifting and sharing.
> Then select option 1.
> Then enter your new PIN and press done
> Note that the default PIN for all Airtel sim card is 1234.
That’s all, you now have a unique PIN which can be used to initiate transfers on your Airtel sim card.

Make sure you have sufficient data balance on your sim card.

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How can I check my data balance?

> Simply dial *141#
> Then select option 7.
> Your data balance will be sent to you as SMS immediately.

How To Transfer Data On Airtel With Data Sharing

> Simply dial *141# and send
> Select option 6 which is for data Gifting and Sharing.
> Select any option of your choice between the available options.
> Select 2 or any appropriate option of your choice.
> Enter the recipient phone number.
> Enter the amount of data you intend to send.

How To Transfer Data On Airtel With Me2u.

Airtel data Me2u is the method that allow user’s to share or transfer data from the data allowance of an already purchased data bundle to another airtel user.
In summary, Me2u is sharing of data to your loved ones from your currently active data bundle.
Without further ado, below are the steps involved in sharing data on airtel with airtel Me2u;
> Simply dial *141#
> Then select Me2u from the listed options.
> Enter the recipient phone number and press OK.
> Enter the amount of data you intend to share and press done.
That’s all.

Airtel Data Gifting

Airtel data gifting is the method that allows you to buy a data bundle plan for another Airtel user by paying with your own airtime.
In summary this is method of buying data for another Airtel user.


How Can I Share Data Using Airtel Data Gifting?

> Simply dial *141# and send
> Enter 6 from the options listed on the displayed menu.
> Select the type of bundle which you will like to gift other, ranging from daily data bundle, weekly data bundle and lot more.
> Enter the recipient phone number and confirm the transaction by entering your PIN.
That’s all.
> You can only Share a maximum of 200MB worth of data to one person.
> You can not share data to more than two user’s per day which implies that you are only allowed to share data to maximum of two people per day and maximum of 200MB per person.
> The shared data will have the Same validity with the original data. For example, if the data on the sender end will expire on 18th of November, it means that the data on the receiver end will also expire on 18th of November.

That’s all, I how you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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