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How To Activate Airtel 500MB On Ha Tunnel VPN For Free

Airtel 500MB on ha tunnel

Here is another alternative that will allow you to enjoy free Airtel 500MB on ha tunnel and on a daily basis. This will be great alternative for you to enjoy free internet access on your Airtel sim card, pending the time that the latest unlimited Airtel config file will be uploaded.

We have provide you with the detailed information on how to activate free Airtel 500MB on a daily basis using Stark VPN Reloaded, which a lot of people have been enjoying and still enjoying as at the moment of writing this report.

Today, I will be releasing the detailed information on how to activate the latest Airtel 500MB on ha tunnel and all you need to set the ha tunnel VPN up for free browsing that will be discussed in this detailed step by step guide.

About Ha Tunnel

Ha Tunnel is a VPN app just as stark VPN reloaded and the detailed information on how to enjoy unlimited free browsing on Airtel via this app has been released in the past, which a lot of people enjoyed before it stopped working for a moment and surely, another file for the unlimited Airtel will be uploaded. You can join our telegram channel to stay tuned and get to know as soon as the new unlimited file is being dropped.

But, before the new unlimited file will be released, we have found an alternative that is great fit for you and will allow you to keep enjoying the free internet access capping at 500MB on a daily basis.

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Without further Ado, let’s get started and see how this can be achieved.

Requirements For Airtel 500MB On Ha Tunnel

Below are all you need to enjoy the latest free 500MB on your Airtel sim card with the use of the Ha Tunnel VPN app.

1. Ha Tunnel VPN app. This is the main application that will be used to aid the free browsing session and the Link to download this all will be provided for you in the later part of this guide.

2. Ha Tunnel config file. This is the configuration file that you will import into the app to enjoy the Airtel 500MB on ha tunnel VPN and the link to download the configuration file will be dropped for you in the later part of this guide.

3. Your Airtel sim card, which is the basic requirements that you must have get readily available before now.

4. Considerably strong internet connection, this will let your free Airtel internet experience to be smooth and fast.

5. Few minutes to read the instructions to be provided in this guide.

How To Activate Airtel Free 500MB On Ha Tunnel

1. Simply click here to download the latest version of the Ha Tunnel VPN app.

2. Click here to download the Airtel 500MB configuration file for ha tunnel (old).

2a. Note that there is a newly uploaded file that is working as at the moment of  updating this guide and the download link has been provided towards the end of the guide, navigate to the section to download the latest ha tunnel config file now.

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3. Now, install the app you download in the step 1 above and Open it.

4. Check the top right corner of the app and click on the three white dots there.

Ha tunnel file
Import file

5. Select import and export as shown in picture above.

6. On the next screen, select import and you will be redirected to the folders on your phone.

7. Select the folder you download the file to, the folder will Open, locate the file you download in the step 2 of this guide and click on it ti import it. The file ends with .hat.

8. Once you’re able to import it successfully, click on start and wait for it to connect.

9. Once it connects, the start button will change to stop and a key Icon will appear at the top of your phone.

10. You can now minimize the app and start browsing the internet for free. No restriction.

Latest Working Ha Tunnel Config File For Airtel 500MB Free Browsing

This is the latest configuration file for ha tunnel, we decide to upload it immediately it’s available as the previous uploaded ones has been confirmed blocked. With the new file to be downloaded here, you will be able to continue enjoying your Airtel 500MB ha tunnel free browsing. Kindly click here to download the latest file.

Conclusion: Above is the latest working ha tunnel cheat and with the detailed information on how to Airtel 500MB on ha tunnel disclosed above, you should have zero issue during the set up of the cheat.

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However, if you still encounter one or two issues during the app configuration or you need help, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below and the appropriate response will be given to you as soon as possible.




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