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Front Tower Capital Review – Is front.towercapital.club Legit Or Scam

In this front Tower Capital review, I will be using on stone to kill two birds by providing you with a detailed information on how to get free $36 bonus on the platform and as well provide you with Detailed insight that will let you decide if tower capital is legit or just another scam.

In our previous guide, I released a detailed review about btckingpro and here seems to be another platform that works just like that of the btckingpro but the bonus involved this Time around is much higher.

Upon completing your account verification on front Tower capital, you will be rewarded with up to $36 Registration bonus which you can use to buy a robot and automatically earn $2.8 on a daily basis. That’s about $30 in ten days without investment.

About Front Tower Capital

While preparing for this front Tower Capital review, browsingtechzone solicit for some information about the platform and the platform claimed to have been founded since 1998 by Mark Gorton.

Tower Research Capital claims to be a trading and technology company that has built some of the world’s fastest and most advanced electronic trading platforms. Agreed or disagree? It depends on what you really want from the platform.

It’s Also added that Tower Research Capital founder, Mark Gorton has launched diverse companies and green advocacy organizations, including Lime Wire and Open Plans. Boston as a fixed income proprietary trader.

The founder claimed to have began his career as an engineer at Martin Marietta, specializing in digital signal processing and speech recognition, and graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in electrical engineering, and received an M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Lol!

The platform also claimed to be for quantitative trading of funds which is used to serve its clients worldwide. Front Tower Capital claims to provide a high ease of use API interface that allows users to seamlessly integrate into their own systems, work, computing environments, and enjoy Wanka computing power at any time.

front.towercapital.club said to have been exploring fully automated quantitative trading using machine learning and other technologies since 2008. The first trade position generated by deep learning was said to have been executed online on October 21, 2016.

Full application of deep learning technology for trading in 2017. And have accumulated a wealth of real-world experience in AI quantitative trading through different market styles. We always believe in and continue to invest in AI algorithm research.

However, believing all the details the platform revealed to the general public depends on what you really want from the platform, if you want to make use of the free opportunity the platform had offered, then you have nothing to worry about.

But if you are thinking of investing on the platform, simply make sure to read our front Tower capital review section carefully in order to fully understand what the platform is really up to.

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How to activate $2.8 free Daily Earnings on front.towercapital.club

Simply click here to copy the referral ID you will be using during the registration. Once you’re done copying the referral ID,

Simply click here to go to the platform registration page. Register by entering all the provided details and in the space provided for referralsID, simply enter UwLbDC . You should have copied the code already.

Click here to copy the referral code/Referral ID

Upon completing your registration, simply proceed to verify your account in order to receive your bonus.

Front Tower capital verification

Front Tower Capital account verification

Simply click on home button at the bottom of the app and then check the right corner you will see where to verify your account, then click on it

You can also click on the wallet Icon and click on unverified as shown in the image above.

Now upload your ur details as they appear on the identity card you intend to use for the verification.

And if you’re using you NIN for verification, simply use the front page of your NIN as both the front and back when uploading, this is because there is no details at the back of your NIN.

Upon completing the verification you  will start earning 2.8$ daily and you can place withdrawal whenever you have minimum of $20 in your wallet.

How to make up to $100 daily on front Tower capital

How to make free Money on front Tower capital

When you complete your registration on the platform, the next thing is to complete your account verification following the instructions provided on this guide.

Immediately your account status changed to verified, you will be given a free bot and your daily $2.8 will start coming in daily after 24 hours.

I repeat, after which your account has been verified, you first earnings will not drop immediately but within 24 hours.

How to accumulate up to $100 daily on front Tower capital

All you have to do to ba able to archive this is to refer as many people as possible to the platform and you will get endless daily commission from their daily income.

Even if you have little to no ability in referring, just 5 referrals can make you archive this goal. Simply check the next section below for Detailed information on how the referral program of the front Tower platform works. Note that the free $2.8 daily remain constant with or without referral.

Front Tower capital referral program

Front Tower capital referral program is another great way to make free cash on the platform aside that of the fixed daily $2.8. when you refer someone to the platform and they signed up using your referral code, you will have the opportunity to get up to 15% commission on their daily Earnings.

You will be getting $0.42 everyday, for each first level referrals, 0.28 on every second level referral and $0.14 on every third level referral.

This is a very strong appreciative formation and referring just 10 verified individuals to the platform alone can give you the opportunity to start making up to $100 per day on the platform.

Front Tower capital referral code

When you want to register on the platform, you will be asked for a referral ID and you must make sure you used the correct one. In case you want to do your own registration, UwLbDC is the code you will use for registration. Click here to copy the code to your clipboard for easy usage during registration.

But, immediately you register your own account, you will have to copy your own personal referral code and give it to everyone you want to refer to the platform.

Front Tower capital referral program

How to copy my front Tower capital referral code

Login to your account, click on the team option and you will see the button to copy referral code. Send the code to everyone you intends to refer to the platform and tell them to apply it during registration.

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Front Tower capital withdrawal

In order to be able to withdraw from the platform, you must have a minimum if $20 on your balance and should know that a withdrawal charges of $10 is constant on the platform.

This implies that no matter how much you intend to withdraw from the platform, a sum of $10 will be deducted from it and if you withdraw $20, you’re going to receive $10 in your wallet, if you withdraw $100, you’re going to receive $90 in your wallet and etc.

Requirements for withdrawal

The minimum amount for a single withdrawal is 20USD. This implies that you must have up to or more than $20 in your balance before you can initiate a withdrawal request

Withdrawal fee of 10USD per withdrawal. If you’re withdrawing the Lowest amount, which is $20, the charges is $10 and even if you’re withdrawing$10000, the charges still remain $10.

 New users must become official Tower user

This is where the problem comes and a lot of individuals are wondering if they can withdraw on the platform without deposit with this rule.

But I am glad to tell you it’s possible to withdraw without deposit as I won’t even advise anyone to deposit their hard earned money on the platform.

How to withdraw from front Tower capital without deposit

Their are two ways with which this can be done.

Plan A

Wait for 71 days and after 71 days, you will be able to withdraw from the platform. But the main question is that with the platform itself Even last for up to 71 days? I am sure no one will want to wait for a whole 71 days before being able to withdraw on such platform.

The fact outlined above is what brought us to the plan B

Plan B

This is just a common logic and what you have to do here is to refer few people to the platform or as many people as you can. Let this people verify their account and get free bot to earn $2.8 on a daily basis.

Accumulate this earnings with your own $2.8 daily Earnings and within a very short period of time, you will have $75 or more, use the $75 to purchase the lowest robot and automatically, you’re now eligible for withdrawal.

Your earnings at this point will be, $2.8 + $3.5 + dynamic commission everyday.

How to withdraw from front Tower capital

Login to your account, click on the wallet Icon at the bottom and click on the withdrawal button attached to your balance, on teg next screen, paste your withdrawal wallet address and make sure it matches with the network in teg withdrawal page. Eg, paste TRC 20 wallet address if you select TRC 20 on the withdrawal page.

Problem associated with withdrawal

As at the moment of updating this front.towercapital.club review, withdrawal request failed often on the platform and you will have to try try and try before getting paid. Some haven’t Been able to get a single successful withdrawal while some have gotten multiple withdrawal.

The reason given by the platform is that a lot of individuals especially from Nigeria register a lot of fake accounts and thereby disrupting the activities of the platform.

When I placed my own referrals, the first one failed and the second one was successful. See screenshot below.

Front Tower capital withdrawal

Front Tower Capital review

This is the main deal and this part is the most important part of this front.towercapital.club review, especially if you’re looking at investing on the platform, as it reveal all you need to know about the platform and especially, if the front Tower capital is legit or just another scam.

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Overview of front.towercapital.club review

As it has been emphasized in the previous part of this front Tower capital review, the platform looks and works like a crypto exchange platform but cannot be classified as one.

It has a dedicated part for investment, which allows you to invest and get a fixed interest on a daily basis and this makes the platform a potential Ponzi scheme and you know how Ponzi schemes are these days?

Before we decide if the front Tower capital is legit or Scam, let’s take a look at the green and red flags found on the platform as at when browsingtechzone explore the platform for getting detailed information to aid  this front Tower capital review.

Green flags found on front.towercapital.club

1. The platform and is new and have a good and easy to understand interface.

2. You will get free bot that allows you to earn free experience fund to invest freely and Learn how the platform works before investing with your own money.

3. $2.8 daily Earnings with zero risk is actually amazing.

Red flags found on front Tower Capital

1. The platform said to have been in existence since 2007, which is obviously a common format used by ponzi schemes as a bait to gain people’s trust.

2. The platform promised to pay up to 73% returns on your investment in 30days, which is very high and makes it undoubtedly, a Ponzi scheme.

3. The platform clone another platform interface. You can compare the platform with that of btckingpro to establish this fact the more.

4. The platform claims to be a subsidiary of a rigid founder, which is nearly untrue as regards to browsingtechzone findings results as at the moment of creating this front Tower capital review.

5. The platform can be classified as a risky investment platform.

6. The platform is new and no much information is available as regards to the platform payments sequence.

Is front Tower Capital legit?

Ok! Having revealed the green and the red flags found on the platform, the main question is if the platform is legit or not.

However, you should have been able to deduct one or two from the green and the Red flags section as they contained cogent information that gives you the opportunity to classify the platform to where it truly belongs and have the opportunity to decide whether to move on or give it a trial.

However, the platform cannot yet be pronounced a scam as it’s new and no payment issue has been found so far, however, if you’re to invest you should only Invest if you can handle both the positive and the negative results.

For now, front Tower capital is paying smoothly.

Is front tower capital scam?

As I have said in the previous part of this guide, the platform is new and cannot be pronounced as scam until proven. But with the detailed information I have revealed so far, I am very sure you should have gotten all the information needed to pass your own judgement on if the platform is legit or just another scam.

However, the conclusion remains, invest what you can afford to loose if you must invest on the platform as a lot of individuals believe in no risk no gain rules.


As at the moment of updating this guide, front Tower capital have completely scrap dynamic reward for free users, this implies that you won’t get any bonus for referring some to the platform, until they deposited and buy a robot.

Also note that free user that gets $2.8 daily will have to wait for 71days before they’re able to apply for withdrawal

Has front Tower capital crashed?

The platform had stopped paying as at the moment of updating this review and their drastic reduction in deposit amount is a bid to trick a lot of people to deposit and loose their fund. On this note, front Tower capital can be pronounced not active anymore.

Conclusion: This front Tower capital review has so far revealed all you need to know about front.towercapital and you should fully understand that the platform provides all the newly registered members with a free bot that will earn you $2.8 for free on a daily basis, which allows you to observe how the investment plans work on the platform and derive satisfaction before investing with your own money.



  1. I noticed that in the phone verification section, under the settings, there is no availability for Nigerian phone number i.e. ,+234

  2. You say the minimum withdrawal is $10. Can I withdraw once I get to $10 even if it hasn’t gotten to 71 days the expiration date of the plan? Please urgent answer needed.

  3. Please what is the wallet address. I would like to know if it is my bank account or I have to use an app like arripay to send it to my bank account

  4. Good morning BTZ. I received 209U as coupon bonus which is not up 305U to buy FGPA robot. My question is what can i do to use my coupon before it expires?

  5. Please what is the email you received the coupon from. Don’t know if I received it or not. So I want to search for the email address. Thank you

  6. Please I have problem withdrawing. Anytime I withdraw it says ERR NO WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS whereas I added my withdrawal address but it keeps bringing that. Please is the platform still functioning

  7. Please my withdraw has been on pending since 2 days and I thought they said it last for 24hrs before it expire? Please I need help

    • I think they stopped paying.. I have 9 referrals bought the 440$, 39$, 59$ robots with my income, placed withdrawal still nothing even tho my referrals also bought the 59$ robots


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