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Opay Pay Me Account – How To Get Free N300 In Your Opay Account

Opay Pay me account

Opay Pay me Account is an add-on feature to opay and with this feature, you will be able to receive payments into you opay account without disclosing your phone number as usual.

This implies that you will now have dual opay account number and be able to receive payments into your opay account with either of this account numbers.

However, in a bid to let everyone get to know about this feature and encourage them to try it out, opay is giving out a token of N300 for free, just for you to create your pay me account and get paid with the account number.

Today, I ha decided to provide you with all you need to know about this development and especially, how to claim you own bonus of N300 naira, just to open an opay Pay me Account.

About Opay pay me account

The opay pay Me Account is a great way to receive payments into your Opay account without disclosing your phone number. As stated in the previous part of this guide, you can actually use both your Opay account number (Phone Number) and Pay Me Account number to receive payment into your Opay Account.

The amazing part of the new feature is that you will have the opportunity to get up to N300 Bonus for opening a Pay Me Account on Opay. If you have an active Opay account, then this is an earning opportunity for you. If you don’t have an opay account, keep reading, I will provide you with the detailed information on how to get one.

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Features of opay Pay me account

Features of opay Pay me account

I have emphasized how amazing the new opay pay me account is and in this section, I am going to provide you with some features of the Pay Me account and Detailed information on each of these features.

Provision of a unique Account Number

Remember a trend that says to know ones phone number, just ask for their opay account number? The opay pay me account have put the end to that. You are wondering how?

Opay Pay me will provide you with a 10 digit unique account number just like any other local bank account number. The Opay Pay Me Account is a 10 Digit personal account number that you can use to receive payment into your Opay Account without disclosing your phone number.

Instant Credit

The Instant credit feature is that, that allows you to receive funds instantly, typically allows your credit action to be approved quickly and easily, often within a few minutes or hours of submitting an application.

Zero Charges

Opay Pay me account is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or costs associated with it. You will be able to receive money at no extra cost.

Privacy enhancement

It allows you to get paid without exposing your phone number to everyone in the name of receiving payment. This eradicate the culture of your phone number is your account number.


It provides you with another way to receive money into your opay account. With the opay pay me account feature, you will be able to choose to receive money via a convenient means, either with your phone number as usual or the unique 10 digits account number.

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Free N300 on opay

How to set up your opay Pay me account and claim your free N300 bonus

In order to set up your opay Pay me account, it’s of no doubt that having an opay account and the app installed on your mobile phone is the first step.

On this note, if you’re new to opay and haven’t open an opay account as at the moment of reading this guide, all you have to do is to download & Install Opay App from Google Playstore (bonus not available on iOS).

Upon installing the app, simply open the App and click on the sign up option, if you’re an existing user, click on sign in.

If you’re signing up, you will be asked for a referral code, simply use 8109100865 as your referral code and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Now that you have access to your Opay dashboard, simply click on earn N300 bonus and complete the provided tasks in order to claim your free N300 bonus.

Opay Pay me tasks

How to complete the tasks

First Task: Simply click on add business information and Add Your Business Information by filling in your preferred business details then tap Confirm. It can be anything.

Second task: Click on Download & paste your payment collection poster in store, then tap Download and edit the downloaded document by pasting it on a store or a workshop image.

You can download any shop poster from the internet and place the Opay Poster you downloaded from your Opay Pay Me Account on it. Examples are shown below.

You can achieve that with the use of inshot app or any other image editing app of your choice.

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Having done editing the Shop Poster, simply click on the Camera Icon to upload your edited Shop poster and submit it.

Now, click on Collect A Payment to see your Pay Me Account Number, fund it with at least N50 then click on Earn N300 at the top right corner of the app.

Once you done all that, simply wait for 1 to 12hrs for your three hundred naira bonus to arrive at your opay account and you can withdraw the bonus immediately.


How to accumulate the free N300 bonus

In order to accumulate this, you will need multiple opay accounts, You can simply use any App cloner as explained in our guide on how to duplicate Apps  to clone Opay and accumulate more bonus on different accounts.


The opay pay me is of no doubt going to increase your privacy as an opay account holder and with the information revealed in this guide, you should have fully understand, how the opay pay me account works and the benefits attached to it.

However, once you are done reading this guide, you should act fast in claiming your free N300 bonus before the promo comes to and end or before it gets more complicated to claim




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