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Opay Cashback – How To Accumulate Cashback For Free On Opay

How to get Cashback on opay

You have be hearing of opay Cashback and wanted to know it actually works? Worry no more, in this guide, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how Cashback works on opay.

Not only that, I will provide you with the detailed information on how to accumulate free Cashback on opay and the proper way to use them. Whether you’re an existing user on Opay or you’re yet to register, you will actually gain something in this guide.

What is Cashback

Cashback is a type of incentive program offered by businesses, especially retailers, to encourage customers to make purchases from their store. When a customer makes a purchase, they are given a percentage of the purchase amount back as a cash reward, which they can use for future purchases or receive as cash.

Cashback programs can take various forms, including credit card rewards, online shopping portals, and mobile apps. Cashback offers are typically based on a percentage of the purchase amount, and can range from 1% to 10% or more depending on the promotion and the merchant.

Cashback programs are a popular way for retailers to build customer loyalty and drive sales, as customers are more likely to return to a store that offers rewards for their purchases. For consumers, cashback programs can be a great way to save money on everyday purchases and earn rewards for their loyalty to a particular brand or store.

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About Opay

Opay is a mobile banking app proudly licensed by CBN, insured by the NDIC and trusted by over 18 million users.

Opay provides it’s users with easy and instant account opening with their phone number, NIN, BVN or other national means of verification, and give you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing welcome bonuses.

With the opay app, you will be able to manage all payments from one app and enjoy free transfers and transaction bonuses, including free debit cards with bonuses

The app is also incorporated with savings plan that allows you to get up to 15% annual interest on flexible savings with daily interest and unlimited withdrawal

Opay Cashback

About Opay Cashback

Opay Cashback is one amongst the numerous bonus available for opay users and these Cashbacks can be gotten from your daily activities on the app.

For example, when you buy Airtime from the app, you will be given some percentage of the airtime amount as Cashback, which can be used to get discount on your next airtime purchase or even give you the opportunity to purchase your next airtime without payment, depending on the amount available in your Cashback Balance.

However, there is this new development on the app that allows users to get massive Cashback and this what prompts me to prepare this guide and provide you with more information about the Cash back offer.

Opay Cashback – How to accumulate Cashback for free on Opay

Recently, opay come up with a promo that rewards you with a whooping sum of N800 Cashback for every individuals you refer to download the app with your link.

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Not only that, the new user will also have the opportunity to get Up to N1,200 for free, just to sign up on the app. So, that’s a win win for both parties, your referral will get N1,200 for using your link/code to sign up, while you will also get N800 for referring them to sign up with your link.

Now imagine referring just 10 individuals in 24hrs, that a whooping sum of N8,000 in just 24hours.

How to accumulate free opay Cashback for old users

If you’re a registered user on Opay, then you won’t have access to the free N1,200 anymore. All you have to do is to login to you opay account and on getting to your dashboard, you will see an inscription that says “Refer and earn 800 Cashback”, click on it and follow the prompts to get your link.

Share the link with anyone you intend to refer and you will get the required bonus once they complete all the necessary requirements. Kindly refer to the next section explaining how new users can claim their free N1,200 to know all the necessary steps.

Are you new to opay? Kindly follow the instructions below to claim your N1,200 registration bonus and also start accumulating free Cashback.

Opay new new user bonus

How to register and claim free N1,200 Cashback On Opay

Simply click here to go to the opay bonus page a d you will see a notification that someone invites you to get bonus on Opay. Simply enter your phone number and click on the download and get N1,200 button.

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Open the app and register with the same phone number you entered on the bonus page, then proceed to complete your KYC.

Once you complete your registration, complete all the necessary verification and do your KYC by verifying your account with your BVN and any Identity card. Don’t worry, your BVN is safe!

Once you complete your KYC, simply make a deposit of 1000 naira only and boom! You will get your bonus. You can withdraw your 1000 naira back, after completing the required process.

You can now start referring others and earn as many 800 as possible.

Click here to claim your free N1,200 Now!!!

How to withdraw Cashback from opay

If you properly go through the description of Cashback attached to this guide, you should have understand how Cashback works.

To make use if your accumulated Cashback, then you have to make use of a service on Opay. But this time around, you won’t pay a dime, provided that the amount of Cashback you have accumulated is more than or equal to the amount of the purchase you want to make.

For example, I am having 900+ on my Cashback Balance at this moment and I want to buy 800 airtime. All I have to do is to login to my opay account, input the amount of airtime I want to buy and click to activate my Cashback Balance.

Once I do that, the airtime will be sent to me without paying a dime, same thing applicable to data and other services. Does this implies that you can only use your accumulated Cashback to buy Airtime, Data and others but not withdrawn as cash directly to you Nigeria bank account.

How to withdraw opay Cashback


With the detailed information provided in this guide, you should have fully understand how the opay Cashback bonus works, how to accumulate as much Cashback as possible and especially, how to make use if your accumulated Cashbacks.



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