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Noah Global Review – How To Get Free $5 And Accumulate Up To $20

Noah Global Review

Noah Global is a newly lunched platform that provides all the general public with the opportunity to get $5 for free, just to sign up on the platform and complete some few tasks.

The amazing part of it is that you don’t even need to deposit a dime before having the opportunity to withdraw the free $5 and the money will be credited into your provided crypto wallet address within few hours.

Noah Global platform aims in providing the general public with the opportunity to earn money without with less stress and without investments which includes and not limited to Training & Resources, Build Up Business Network, etc.

About Noah Global

One of the acclaimed main theme of Noah Global is to remove people from poverty and facilitate a medium to allow equal wealth distribution, allowing the poor to have an escape route from poverty.

In one of it’s documents, it explained that distribution of global wealth is heavily skewed towards the wealthy, creating a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Such concentration of wealth may lead to social unrest and instability. As such, it is a vital aspect to create a more equitable society and ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

However, as at the moment of writing this Noah Global Review, we can only keep an eye on th platform and we cannot categorically assume, if they will be able to achieve their Stated aim.

Wait, let assume they’re able to provide a medium for equal wealth distribution, this will have a number of potential benefits for society, including:

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Reduced poverty

By distributing wealth more equally, fewer people will live in poverty. This can lead to a healthier and more productive society, as people will be better able to access healthcare, education, and other resources they need to thrive.

Increased social mobility

When wealth is distributed more equally, it becomes easier for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to move up the social ladder. This can help to reduce inequality and increase social cohesion.

Greater economic stability

In societies with extreme wealth inequality, the economy is often more vulnerable to shocks and instability. By creating a more even distribution of wealth, the economy can become more stable and less prone to boom and bust cycles.

Increased political stability: Extreme wealth inequality can also lead to political instability, as marginalized groups may feel disenfranchised and excluded from the political process. By creating a more equal society, it becomes easier to maintain a stable political system.

Improved health outcomes

People who live in poverty are often more vulnerable to illness and disease, due to factors such as poor nutrition and lack of access to healthcare. By reducing poverty through equal wealth distribution, overall health outcomes can improve for society as a whole.

In short, equal wealth distribution can create a more just and equitable society, with better outcomes for individuals and the community as a whole.

Enough of ado! How can you claim your free $5 sign up bonus and accumulate up to $20 or even more without investment on Noah Global platform. Sit tight and let’s go!

Register on Noah Global and get started now!

How to get free $5 and accumulate up to $20 on. Noah Global

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the $5 is a registration bonus and you will be rewarded with it, immediately you are done with your registration and KYC.

This implies that the first step in claiming your free $5 is to register on the platform.



Noah Global Registration – How to register on Noah Global

In order to be able to register on the Noah Global platform, you must have a telegram account. On this note, if you don’t have One before, simply click here to download telegram app and create an account now.

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However, if you already have a telegram account but will feel insecure for the platform to access your account, Simply create a new telegram account for the Noah Global registration. However, it’s advised that you ensured that the telegram account you will be using for this update is not your main telegram account.

Having gotten that, CLICK HERE to Sign-up on Noah Global and  you will be redirected to the noahglobal.org homepage and on getting to the home page, simply wait until a Telegram Button pops up on the page as shown on the image above.

Click on the Telegram Button and sign in with your Telegram account (Not main account) then grant all the required access. The option to grant the access will be sent to your telegram

Once you grant the access, simply return to the Noah Global page, and enter your Username, Email and verify the mail to login to your account.

Once you have access to your account, you will see five tasks on the page, simply complete them one after the other and earn $1 per task. Below shows my dashboard after completing everything.

Noah Global free $5 tasks

Five Tasks To Complete On Noah Global To Earn Free $5

In this section, I will provide you with brief information about each tasks on the platform. They are as follows:

Watch Video

Simply click on the watch video button, it’s tye number one tasks and make sure to watch the entire video without skipping or leaving the video, and you will be rewarded with $1.

Note that skipping the video will forfeit your $1 bonus and until you get the first bonus before you can unlock the second task.

Answer Quiz

The quiz contains five question, simply answer all the five questions correctly and you will be rewarded with another $1.

Join Telegram

Join Noah Global Telegram group to get additional $1. Go back to your Noah Global dashboard and reload if the reward didn’t add immediately.

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Create Wallet

Connect your wallet address to Noah Global, this will be used for all your withdrawals and once connected, you cannot change it, So ensure you connect your USDT TRC 20 Wallet address correctly. Reward for first time connection is $1.

You don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet? Simply check out our detailed guide on how to create a binance wallet to send, receive and store cryptocurrency.

Submit KYC

This is the final task and the most important one, verify your account with required document to get your account verified and unlock all the features of your account, the reward is $1 once verified.

Noah Global KYC verification

Hint on Noah Global KYC verification

Make sure to use a valid ID card for the KYC(National ID card Highly recommended) , the use of plastic ID card is highly recommended as it increases your chances of getting approved. However, if you don’t have a plastic ID card, you can try anyone available.

Make sure to clearly snap the front and back of the ID card, and that of where you’re holding the card. It’s advisable to use back camera for everything if it’s possible. But if your front camera is clearer, no problem.

KYC might take hours to get verified & you can only proceed with withdrawal and referral after your KYC submission is approved.

See how to get plastic NIN(National ID card) online

Noah Global withdrawal – How to withdraw your bonus from Noah Global

Once your account is verified, another $1 will be credited to your account and you will now be having $5 on your account balance.

Simply click on withdraw and enter $5 as the amount you want to withdraw. $2 will be removed For charges and $3 will be sent to your wallet. Allow few hours for the withdrawal to complete.

Noah Global referral – How to accumulate Up To $20 and more on Noah Global

The platform have an amazing referral program and you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of $2 for every individuals you refer to the platform.

Once your account is verified, tye referral button will app, simply click on it to copy your referral link, Share the link with your friends and earn $2 per referral the sign up with your link and earns their first $5.

Noah Global registration


As at the moment of writing this Noah Global Review, the platform is still paying smoothly and you don’t need to deposit a dime before you can be able to withdraw your earnings. Withdrawal is strictly via USDT TRC 20.



  1. I’ve been verified and I’ve gotten my 5$, I placed withdrawal since 4 days ago but up till now nothing has reflected in my wallet and I was immediately debited from the site

  2. I just joined noah global and the only task available is to watch videos the rest are not working what can I do to fix it.


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