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RewardingWays Review – Legit Or Scam

RewardingWays Review
RewardingWays Review is an insight of rewarding Ways that tells you if RewardingWays is legit or scam.
So if you have come across this website and you are searching for the best RewardingWays review, I am glad that you are in the right place as this review will tell you all you need to know about the website.


Table of Contents

What is RewardingWays?

RewardingWays is a survey website which allows you to make money online by taking short surveys and completing simple tasks.
RewardingWays is owned by 99 Ventures which is a UK based company that Offers worldwide online advertisement websites and also runs several get paid to (GPT) sites.
The operation of RewardingWays is similar to that of ySense, which I have previously reviewed.
Yes, RewardingWays is legit and it’s no where to be found among the scam websites, because they have been online for a long time and paying all their members without problem. You can click HERE to create an account and start making money.

How Can I Make Money On RewardingWays?

There are several ways to make money  on RewardingWays and each way will be discussed in details in this RewardingWays Review.
So let dive into the options that are available to make money on RewardingWays, what they offer and how good the options are, so that you can see it Worth your time or not:

1. Paid surveys:

How available surveys looks like on RewardingWays website
RewardingWays survey center
As I earlier described this website to be a survey website,they work with several different companies to find Offers for you to complete. When the website find a company who wants their users to try a specific product or service, they list it on their website (RewardingWays website).
As soon as a user completes their offer through the website, they report they completion of the survey to the parent website that host the survey and the website credit the user account with the amount promised at the beginning of the survey.
Taking surveys is one of the major and the  best way to make money on RewardingWays, all the surveys available on this website are offered through third party providers as mentioned above.
RewardingWays has a lot of survey partners and you can find a lot of survey opportunities on this website. The major barrier in taking surveys on this site is that you don’t always qualify for many surveys that are available on your dashboard.

So do not let this discouraged you, if there are many surveys that you do not qualify for, it is perfectly normal and there will also be many that you will qualify for.

2. Get Paid to Complete Short tasks:

RewardingWays Offer wall
RewardingWays Offer Wall
This simple tasks are available on the offer wall of the website, if you are familiar with GPT or survey sites before, you will know that almost all of them have an offer wall, where some tasks are listed and users get their respective rewards in return, after a successful completion of each task.
In this section, you can take different Online Offers. Ranging from, paid to sign up for a product or website, paid to download and install applications, sign up for newsletters and much more.

Many offers on the RewardingWays are the same as other survey sites like ySense because they work on the same basis. But being a member of ySense doesn’t stop you from joining the RewardingWays or else you choose to stick with one of them.

You can explore both sites and many more at the same time in order to maximize your earnings. However, the rewards for the offers will be the same no matter which of the survey sites you are taking them on. So, it is up to you to decide whether to select your favorite one among all or use two or more.

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Don’t forget to always check the offer wall for new opportunities because they worth checking, you can earn some extra rewards here and you can also find extra paid surveys on the offer wall.

3. Get Paid To Invite Others:

RewardingWays Referral
RewardingWays Referral
This RewardingWays Review will lay emphasis on referral opportunity because, it it a great way of maximizing your earnings on this website.
This website give every users the opportunity to earn rewards by referring other people to RewardingWays with their unique referral link. As a member, you will get a link that you can share with others.
If someone click and join through your referral link, you will get 25% of their overall earnings for life. Each time your referral complete a survey or an offer, you will get 25% of the payment that your referral received.
Note that this percentage you earn on your referral does not affect them in any way, it will neither take away the person earnings nor make the reward less for the person you invite, but it is a percentage paid to you by the website as thanks to you for inviting the person.
The referral commission on RewardingWays is good, but always remember that  you will only make money for referring others, if your referral uses this site actively and also earn some money.


4. Promo code:

Promo code section on RewardingWays.
RewardingWays Promo code
RewardingWays usually gives their users, a promo code which enables you to get small free rewards. It is similar to give away.
The only way to get these promo codes is to keep an eye on their social media or always check your notifications.
Once in a while, a promo code will be posted on their social media accounts, when you see any of these promo codes, you can then log in to your RewardingWays account and put the code in the promo code field.
Note that, they usually post this codes, once in a while and not very often, so just count it as bonus as I have compared it with give away earlier.
The rewards for these codes are no huge as compared to the amount of cash you can earn for taking surveys or completing tasks. The amount you can make for entering a promo code is always between $0.10 – $0.30 and it only took a seconds.

5. Cash Contest:

RewardingWays cash contest section
RewardingWays Cash Contest
Cash Contest is also an offer that is used to be available once in a while but it is a great opportunity to make huge cash on RewardingWays. This contest  is an event where the top 20 members will get a price of $1000 in total. This implies that the top 20 winners are going to share a whooping sum of $1000.
The first person in this Contest will get an extra $350 and it decreases like that till number 20 on the list that will get $10 extra.
If you very active on RewardingWays and take a lot of Offers and surveys, this is a great extra prize that you could win for being a great lover of the website.
However, you have to be very active on this website to get into the top 20 in order to be among the winners of this contest.

Is RewardingWays legit or scam?

RewardingWays payment proof
RewardingWays payment proof


Yes RewardingWays is legit and not a scam. They have been online for many years, and has been paying their members for a very long time without any problem.

I can say that RewardingWays is among the best survey sites where you can make pocket money while you do what you love doing online.

How Can I Get Paid On RewardingWays?

If you are familiar with survey sites, you will surely knows that your earnings will usually goes to your user dashboard, which can then be withdrawn using any payment method that is available on the site as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Same thing is applicable to RewardingWays, you will earn in cash or in point which can then be converted to cash before placing a withdrawal request.

The payment options available on RewardingWays are PayPal, click here to create one, in case you are a Nigerian, Skrill and Bitcoin. You can also choose to convert your cash to Amazon gift cards.
Your payment will be delivered within a day or two days after request for a withdrawal. RewardingWays minimum withdrawal is very low, which means that I you don’t have to work for several months before you can place a withdrawal request.
The minimum withdrawal from RewardingWays is as low as $1 if you choose to get paid via PayPal or Skrill and minimum of  $40 if you intend to withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet.
Note that you will need address confirmation before getting your first payout from RewardingWays.
Payment method that are available on RewardingWays
RewardingWays Payment Methods
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How much can I make on RewardingWays?

The amount of money you can make on RewardingWays depends on how active you are on the website and how often you usually take surveys and fompcomp tasks.


What are people saying about RewardingWays?

While preparing for this RewardingWays Review, we did some research to know what people are actually saying about this website, below are some of what people are saying about RewardingWays:
Thenmust Says:
RewardingWays is one of the proven GPT sites. I have been paid twice.

Super Noeb says:

Verification is simple, surveys are fair and easy to take, and payout is one of the fastest I have personally experienced. GREAT SITE!!

Mathew Henderson says:

Genuine and honest is what I akwalw Receive from RewardingWays.

Audrey Derr says:

RewardingWays extra money doing surveys.
RewardingWays is a good site to earn some extra money. Don’t get discourage if you don’t qualify at first.

Antonio says:

I met this panel only yesterday and already immediately I started to earn, a really good site and pay the rewards immediately in a few hours, I am really very Happy to have registered.

Clifford Baird says:

They have broken and expired surveys.
I have a lot of problems with the website. They only have really one brand of survey that are reliable and that’s tap, even taps disqualifies lot. Then the other surveys rarely let you take them, they also do not have good customer service. You do not get paid for lot Offers.

Anthony Deyoung says:

Very rude admins and get off banning people!

My sister use to live at my house, keyword is to, and I no longer talk to her, she had an account here and never even used it. I open an account they let me earn for weeks and when I go to redeem my rewards, I get marked to verify which I do and i am then unlocked and then when I redeem again, I was marked as a cheater.
They are telling me to use my other account. I do not have another account, then after they get irritated I am told that both accounts are closed and I will not be able to use the website again. This is madness! Very insulting to throw many accusations.

Reply from RewardingWays to Anthony Deyoung comment says:


Please ensure you actually stick to the fact before attempting to write any sort of review. Why your sister has come to this so called review we have no idea. Here are the fact of your case.

You have been banned from our site in this latest occasion ( because you were also banned previously ) because you (not your sister, or anyone else) had an account on our site.

It is a serious breach of our terms to create multiple account on our site and this risks of allowing people yo do so are clearly obvious.

Your previous account with us was banned for even more serious breaches of our terms and conditions several years ago and as you should be more than aware of, you were informed at that time of the permanent ban.

Perhaps you would like to take time to explain to the people reading this review why you were previously banned. It is embarrassing based on your previous actions, that you would attempt to prevent honest people from working on a legitimate dependable site from which you were banned, as a result of your own activities. If you are comfortable with doing that, then that reflects more in your character than ours.

Why having been banned from our site, for your serious breaches of terms, you then decided to break more terms by creating a second account we have no idea but hopefully this time, you will actually leave.

We realized that it is difficult to do based onvtho quality of service we provide, but we would prefer to focus that on helping our honest members and not dealing with people who fail to take responsibility for their own actions.

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Best opportunity to earn dollar in a simple way. Do not waste your time guys. So, try this now

Read more on what people says about RewardingWays on trustpilot.

Why is my account marked as CHEATER?

In this RewardingWays Review, I will tell you the reasons why your account can be marked as CHEATER
1. The website Fraud detection system gas detected that you are using multiple accounts.
2. The website detection system has detected that you are using a known cheater PROXY IP address or range of IP addresses.
3. You have failed their telephone verification process.
4. You have changed your  internet ISP connection from one country to another country.
5. You are using OPERA web browser (this browser does not work with RewardingWays and any user who operate OPERA will automatically be marked as cheater).
6. You are using a mobile or satellite internet connection (you should not use mobile or satellite internet connection since this will not work with this website)
7. You are using an anonymous IP address.
If your account has been marked as a CHEATER by mistake, then you should send the website a support ticket and they will evaluate your request.

Why were you asked for ADDRESS confirmation document?

RewardingWays reserved the right to ask members for ADDRESS confirmation document to help reduce the risk if fraudulent activities on the site.
Note that payment will be held until the members address is fully verified or indefinitely if no address confirmation document is provided. When a member’s address gas been confirmed, the website will delete all address confirmation documents you may have sent to them.
RewardingWays do not store or archive address confirmation documents.

Who can join RewardingWays?

Anyone above 18 years old can join RewardingWays. It does not matter which country you live in, all countries are accepted on RewardingWays. However, there can be difference in the Offers and amounts of surveys that are available, depending on the country you live in.
Note that, if you traveled yo another country and try to login to your RewardingWays account from that country, which is different from where you registered, your account will be marked as CHEATER.
So if you traveled to another country, do not login to your RewardingWays account, and if you moved to another country, you should contact vthe suport before you do.
• low minimum withdrawal.
• It offers multiple ways of making money on the same site.
• RewardingWays is available in all countries.
• Withdrawal feasibility.
• Their suport team are active.
• They often invite you to a survey which you will end up being screened out.
• Expired surveys are much more than recent surveys.
• They usually request for address verification documents at the point of first withdrawal, which should have been done at the point of Registration

How Can I Join RewardingWays?

RewardingWays registration is very simple and can be done within a minute, just follow the instructions below and you will start making money immediately:
> Click HERE and you will be redirected to the RewardingWays registration page.
> Fill the registration form as required with your valid details.
> Submit and verify your account by clicking on the verufication link that will be sent to you via the email you submitted during the registration.
> Login to your account and explore the available opportunities for making money via the website.

Tricks And Tips To Earn Huge Cash With RewardingWays

In this RewardingWays Review, I have decided to share some tricks and tips with you, which will boost your earnings and give you the opportunity to earn huge cash on this website.

Below are some of the tips that you can use to increase your chances of earning big with ySense as ySense cannot make you rich, but there are few tricks that you can use to maximize your earnings potential on ySense.

• Try as much as possible to refer many people as it is a great way to maximize your earnings with RewardingWays. If you’re not good in referring others, then try to read this article as it’s explains all you need to know about referring others and how to get Referrals to any program.
• Complete RewardingWays tasks, ySense tasks do not filter out users by geographical location.
• Login to your RewardingWays account at least, twice in a day to check for available surveys, offers and tasks.

• Complete your survey profile with correct and valid information about your self in order to qualify for more survey and this means more earnings Respectively.

That’s all, hope you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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