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How To Stop Someone From Adding You To WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp security settingsWhatsApp security settings

WhatsApp Users can now restrict others from adding them to a WhatsApp group without their consent.

Recently, we have shared with you, how to lock and unlock your Whatsapp using finger print feature, and this is followed by the releasing of another version of WhatsApp in not too long ago.

There is no doubt in the fact that WhatsApp now take the privacy of it’s user’s very serious. If you take a look at the new update of WhatsApp application, you will clearly see that the most improvement on the update is about privacy.

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Without further ado, in this article, i am going to explain in details, how you can stop other WhatsApp Users From adding you to a WhatsApp group unknowingly, the list of options available and the interpretation of each options.
We all know how annoying it is to be added to an unknown WhatsApp group without your permission, but don’t worry as this article is about to provide the solution to the above mentioned problem.

How To Stop Someone From Adding You To WhatsApp Group Without Your Consent

Below are the steps involved in getting this done;
Step 1: Open Your WhatsApp.
Step 2 Click On the three white dot at the top right corner of the app.
Step 3: Click on settings.

Step 4: Select Account and then click on privacy.

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Step 5: Scroll down and select Group, then three options will be displayed to you as follows;


•Contacts only

•My contacts except

Step 6: Select the one that best describe your want and click done.

Below are the interpretation of each options listed above.

•Everyone : This means that everyone can add you to any group with or without your permission and it’s the default option for all WhatsApp account until you change it manually.

•Contacts only : these means that only people in your contacts can add you to group, this implies that people that are not in your contact list can not add you to any group they will get an error message instead, if they tried adding you to any group.

•My contacts except : This gives you an opportunity to allow some and restrict some of your contacts from adding you to a group.

If you choose this option you will see the list of everyone in your contact with the opportunity to mark them, all the contacts you marked from this list has been excluded from those that can add you to a WhatsApp group, which means if you select some people there, they will not be able to add you to any WhatsApp group despite the fact that they are in your contacts because you have restrict them from doing so, by excluding them from your contacts in this aspect.

NOTE: this settings doesn’t stops you from joining any WhatsApp group of your choice.

Hope you found this article helpful?
If you have any question drop it in the comment box.

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