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Avast Cleanup Premium APK + MOD (All Feature Unlocked)

Avast Cleanup premium APK is the pro version of the avast cleanup application, which allows you to monitor the performance of your phone and gives you various options to optimize your phone performance in terms of storage, speed and lots more.

Avast cleanup will help you to maintain the battery life of your phone as it’s configured with the ability to detect the most battery draining background running application and help you to stop them with just single clicks to allow your phone battery to last longer.

Today, I will be releasing the Avast cleanup mod APK that gives you the opportunity to have free access to all the premium features of the avast cleanup application, so if you have been looking for ways to download the avast cleanup pro APK with all premium features unlocked, search no more as this article is going to give you the direct link to download the avast cleanup premium APK.

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About Avast Cleanup Premium APK

Avast cleanup pro is a highly effective toolset for Android users, which provides you with a lots of helpful features like background running app management, RAM cleaner, battery booster, catch cleaner and lots more. All this Features allows you to efficiently managed your Android phot performance and as well help you to extend your phone battery life.

With the avast cleanup pro APK, you can easily clean up all the junk files, duplicate files, catches and other unused materials that might slow down your mobile phone or causey it to perform abnormally.

Avast cleanup application is made up of an advanced technology system that can easily detect all data draining app that are running in the background and gives you the opportunity to stop them immediately, with just single click. With the avast cleanup premium APK, you will be able to remove all the pre-installed bloatware and other unnecessary applications that are of no use.

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The application to be provided for you in this guide is the avast cleanup mod APK, which will give you the free access to all premium features of the app and allows you to enjoy all the features that the app has to offer without paying a dime for subscription or whatsoever.

About Avast Cleanup Mod APK

Avast cleanup mod APK is a modified version of the official avast cleanup that gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the premium features of the app like automatic cleaning, photo optimizer, themes with matching styles, photo vault and lots more for free as stated in the earlier part of this guide.

With the avast cleanup premium APK to be provided in this guide, you will be able to; get premium and premium plus membership for free, enable SIM security, accessibility to camera trap usage, use the app without ads, control size and quality of photos, find the last location of your Android phone and unlock battery saver mode.

avast cleanup mod apk features

Features Of Avast Cleanup Pro APK

Avast cleanup being an automatic cleaning toolset have a lot of features that allows it to be on of the most people favorite app. In this section, I am going to explain some features of the app to you and this will guy you the full understanding of what the app is all about and why you should download the app.

Avast cleanup and booster regularly comes with premium latest updates of much more improved UI and this fact has generate more than 50M downloads for the app on Google play store.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the features of the app and all you needs to know about each features.

User Experience

Avast cleanup application provides it’s Users with a very nice interface and easy to use configuration/navigation sequence that transparently clarifies every permission to enable power features of the application.

The application offers many quality Features that promise to provide resolution to all smartphones security patches and ensure zero vulnerability. You can detox your photo library with the help of the application and it will automatically start the process to find the poor quality photos and remove them from your phone.

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Trash Manager

Some useless junks data always pile up on your phone as you visit different websites on a daily basis this data are invisible but with the help of the avast cleanup pro APK, you will be able to delete the files at a go. The junks data is what always causes your phone memory capacity to wear out even when you don’t download anything.

With the trash Manager of the Avast cleanup app, you will be able to conduct a deep analysis of each data to identify and destroy all the useless junks that exists in excess.

Cloud Transfer

This is a new feature that is just added to the latest version of the avast cleanup premium APK and this new feature allows you to move your preferred filles to the cloud.

If you have any file, application or contents that you don don’t intend to use for a considerable period of time, you can easily move them to the highly secured cloud storage system. As a result of this, you with have more free space on your phone and this will greatly improve your phone performance.

Automatic Cleaning

This is one of the best premium feature of the Avast cleanup app, with the help of the Avast cleanup automatic cleaning, you will be able to schedule automatic cleaning of your device  and the app will execute the cleaning according to your instructions, removing a the junk files in the background.

Device Manager

Avast cleanup mod APK will analyze and evaluate all applications running on your device and provide you with the possible means to handle the applications to the best advantage of your phone.

Gallery Clean Up

Your phone gallery might contains a lots of digital clutter as well as photo and videos that might fill up your phone storage if not properly checked. With the use of the Avast cleanup pro APK, all the bad photos will be tracked down and will automatically Clean up the space for you.

Battery Saving

As a user of the avast cleanup premium APK, you can create a profile for your phone battery with the help of the app battery Saving mode. This feature has four configuration options, which are; work, homepage, car and low battery. To make the managing of your phone battery more efficient, you can manually customize your own battery profile and edit it to your taste.

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App Lock

This is another amazing feature of the app, it offers an In-built app Lock features, which allows you to lock individual app or files on your phone. This implies that if you need to hide any private data or lock your phone apps individually, then this feature will help you in doing that without stress.

No Ads

The developer of this avast cleanup mod APK has managed to remove the in-app ads that might disrupt you when doing one or two things on the app.

Download Avast Cleanup Premium APK Latest Version

Having gone through the detailed guide on all you needs to know about the avast cleanup pro APK, it’s features and the functions of each features, it’s time to download the app, install it and explore all the aforementioned features of the app.

App Name                             Avast Cleanup Pro

Genre                                     Toolset

Size                                          27MB

Version                                     Latest Version

     Download Avast Cleanup Premium APK

Is It Safe To Use Avast Cleanup Mod APK

Yes! The Avast clean up mod APK provided in this guide is very safe and can be used on any Android device. You will also have exclusive access to all the premium features of the app for free. On this note, if you have been doubting if the app is safe for your phone, worry no more and use the app without any fear.

Conclusion: Avast cleanup as an automatic clean up tool will help you to schedule cleaning hours on your phone and the application will be able to carry out the cleaning tasks without further interaction. It also has a smart safe clean features that allows you to clean all the unnecessary data like junk files and duplicate files from your phone.

With the detailed information provided in this guide, I am sure you should have known how the app works by now, it’s features, functions of each features and what you gat to enjoy on the avast cleanup premium APK.




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