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Home Android Apps App Cloner Premium APK Download (Latest MOD Unlocked Version)

App Cloner Premium APK Download (Latest MOD Unlocked Version)

app cloner premium apk download

App cloner premium APK download had recently been the most requested app due to the fact that the app allows you to duplicate any application with a lot of customization features.

Today, I will be giving you the direct link to download the app cloner MOD and let you know it’s features with all you need to know about the app. So if you have been searching for where to download the premium version of the app cloner for free, you are in the right place.

The app consists of free version and premium version, which is know as app cloner premium, you will be able to duplicate any app with the tool free version but your access to the app features will be limited.

The premium version will give you the opportunity to explore all the app features, create unlimited clones and allow you to redesign each clones to your tastes.

What Is App Cloner?

App cloner is an app that allows you to duplicate any app on your mobile phone and you will be able to operate each of the app as an independent application. Cloned apps will run in parallel and work independently from their original apps.

The app allows you to change the name of an app, icon of an app, remove permission or allow the cloned app to be installed on your phone SD-card.

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The app cloner premium can extend a cloned app to add functionality like a password protection, incognito mode, hiding the Android ID or Spoofing location and you can also force the app to consume data over WiFi only.

However, the cloned app with the app cloner can not receive Automatic update and as a result of this, you will have to keep using the same version of the app you cloned even when newer version of the app is available. If you wish to use the latest version of the app in the cloned version, then you will have to uninstall the app and and re-clone after updating the original app to the latest version.

Features Of App Cloner MOD Version

The MOD Version of app cloner will give you free access bro the premium feature of the app and you won’t meet to pay a dime before you will be able to explore and enjoy over 200 customization features of the app.

We have handpicked some important features if the app and they are explained in full details below;

Make Duplicate Copies Of Any App

The app cloner premium will give you the full access to duplicate any app and operate each of the cloned app separately. This has provide the best solution for people that will like to Operate more than one social Account, all you have to do is to duplicate the specific app and login with different details on each.

With this, you won’t need to log out before you can be able to login another account. You can as well customize each duplicated apps to your taste and even rename them to the name of your choice.

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Customization Of Cloned Apps

As it has been stated in the earlier part of this guide, the premium version of the app allows you to customize the app to your taste, such as, renaming the app, changing the color of the app, app icon modification and lots of amazing customization options.

Developer Option

It allows you to change a specific app version and code, hide developer code, custom permission, change target SDK version, Android version and build drops.

Android TV And Wear OS Option

It support Android TV launcher, change Android TV banner image, joystick pointer for incompatible apps, picture-in-picture support, use TV version on mobile device, remove and make watch apps.

Notification Option

The app Cloner premium allows Notification filter & notification quite time, silent notification and change vibration, change notification color and lights, snooze notification & notification time out, single notification group, remove & replace notification icons & actions, change notification visibility and priority, add notification dots to app icons, filter toasts & change toast position and as well show toasts as notification.

Game Option

The App Cloner MOD allow copy or bundle OBB expansion files, key mapper, FPS monitor.

And a lots of amazing features you can enjoy using the app to duplicate your desire application.

App Cloner Premium APK Download

Having know the features of the app cloner and the function of the app itself, the next thing is how to download the app and explore it’s features as you like.

Don’t forget that the app have two versions, which is free and paid, the paid version of the app will be dropped here and you won’t need to pay a dime before you can have access to the premium features of the app.

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Name                                       App Cloner

Version                                    Latest

Size                                          22MB

Unlocked Version                   Download here

   Download the APP cloner premium  for free

The links provided in the table above are direct link to download the mod version of the app and once you Click on it, you will be taken directly to where to download the app, simply Download it and check your phone download folder to get install the app.

How Can I Use The App To Duplicate Android Apps?

This question might be running through your mind after reading this guide if this is the first time you will come across this app.

In order to make the utilization of the app easier for you, we have prepared a detailed step by step instructions on how to use this app to clone any Android app, simply click on the highlighted text or Check our next guide to see the detailed instructions and operate the app without problem.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to know about the app cloner premium APK download with the lists of it’s features and what each features have to offer.

If you have any question or need help/support during the installation or operation of the app, kindly leave a comment below in the comments section of this post and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible



  1. Hello. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve run into one issue when cloning tinder it crashes upon start on the clone also when I try to spoof location and pick a place the app cloner app crashes. I dunno if you know how to fix or get around this?


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