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How To Make Money On Opera Mini Hype For Free

how to make money on opera mini hype

Opera hype is a dedicated chat service owned by Opera browser and in this guide, I will be showing you in details, how to make money on Opera mini hype without investing a dime. This opportunity is totally free and you will be able to make up to one hundred thousand naira from this opportunity if you take it serious.

Opera hype has been paying for the past few years but only little people knows about it and this is what prompts me to release the detailed information about the Opera mini hype and how you can make money with it.

This guide will not only show you how to make money with opera mini hype, it will also show you all you needs to know about the app and how to withdraw your earnings to your Nigeria bank account.

About Opera Mini

Opera mini is a small, fast and powerful web browser, lunched in 2006. The browser comes with unique features like data compression, offline file sharing and lots more. Presently, Opera mini is used by more than 170 million people, who chose it over the pre-installed browsers on Android mobile devices.

About Opera Mini Hype

Hype is a chat service built into the Opera mini browser to allow you to chat, share and browse at the same time, all in one app. Hype is purposely built for oper mini users, who are eager to communicate with the world. The web browser inbuilt chat service (hype) gives a new generation of users an engaging ways to find, edit and share on the go. This means you will be able to interact with people on the platform and also make money on Opera Mini Hype at the same time.

Hype allows all Opera mini browser users to easily set up an account and start chatting with secure end to end encryption. This implies that users can now browse the we and also chat with friends at the Same time.

How To Make Money On Opera Mini Hype

Opera Mini wants to create more awareness for the Opera Hype and to archive this, they are paying everyone to invite others to the platform. This implies that you will get paid for everyone you invite to the app.

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Hype will reward you with N200 for everyone you referred to the platform, extra N1000 if you’re able to Refer 50 successful users and extra N5000 if you’re able to refer 100 successful users to the platform.

Steps To Make Money On Opera Mini Hype

I have decided to simplify the steps involved in making money on the Opera mini hype, so that you can have the detailed overview of how it works and in the following section, we will break each steps down to teach you how to get it done without stress.

Below are the steps:

  1. Get your Opera mini hype invitation link.
  2. Invite people to join.
  3. Collect their registered phone number.
  4. Submit it to hype reward page.
  5. Enter your Opay Account details.
  6. After verification, you will be paid to your opay account.
  7. You can easily withdraw any amount from opay to your bank account.
Opera Mini Hype Sign Up
Opera Hype Sign Up

Opera Mini Hype Sign Up – How To Register On Opera Mini Hype

Simply make sure that you have the latest version of the opera mini browser on your phone, if you don’t have the latest version of the app on your phone, install it from Google play store.

Open the latest version of Opera browser and check the bottom of the app to locate the hype icon as shown in the picture above. Click on it and register with your phone number and choose a username. Once your registration is complete, the next thing is to submit your registered phone number and copy your hype invitation link.

If you’re registering on the Opera hype for the first time, kindly submit your registered phone number by sending the number to me on WhatsApp after your registration.

How To Copy Hype Referral Link

To copy your hype invitation link, all you have to do is to open your Opera browser and click on the hype icon to login to your Hype Account. Click on the paddies at the bottom of the app and you will see invite friends button, click on it. Once you clicked on the invite friends button, you will be taken to another page, check the top of the page and you will see a button with invite anyone with link, click on it to copy your hype invitation link.

However, inviting friends with link is optional, they can download and install the app directly, the main thing is to collect their registered phone number and submit it on the reward page. As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, you must have an opay account in order to make money on Opera Mini Hype and withdraw successfully.

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You don’t have an opay Account? Don’t worry, this guide gat you covered.

How To Open An Opay account

This section of how to make money on Opera Mini Hype is for those that didn’t have an opay account before, if you have an opay Account, simply navigate to the next section and continue with the instructions.

If you don’t have an opay account before, simply download opay app from Google play store and open it. Click on sign up and register with your preferred phone number. The phone number you used for your opay registration is your opay Account number, but without the first zero. For example, if the phone number you used for your opay account registration is 08109876543 then, your opay account number is 8109876543.

How To Submit Opera Mini Hype Referral On Reward Page

Now that you have fully understand how to refer people to the Opera mini hype and also have and Opay account, the next thing is to submit your referrals to the hype reward page.

Simply collect your referral phone number after which the have complete their hype Registration and go to hype referarral reward page. You will be provided with a form, fill it appropriately. The demanded information includes; your own hype phone number, your hype username, your opay account number, Account name and the number of your referrals.

Make sure you submit your referral phone numbers in +234 format, their will also be an instruction on the page, read and adhere to the instructions.

How Much Can I Earn From Opera Mini Hype

There is no limit to the amount you can earn from the platform, the more you refer, the more you earn. To make more money with opera hype, we have provide you with the detailed guide on how to get referrals without stress.

One Good Quality Referral will earn you N200, fifty(50) Good Quality Referrals will attract a bonus of N1000 as stated in the earlier part of this guide and hundred (100) Good Quality Referrals will attract an extra bonus of N5000. Below shows two successful withdrawals from the hype referral program.

Opera mini hype referral program payment
Opera Hype Payment Proof
Opera mini hype reward
Opera Hype Payment Proof

How Will I Get Paid?

Once you submit your referrals phone number as instructed above, the will verify the submission and send the money to your opay account within 7days. You’re to check your Opay account frequently to Know if they have paid or not and also, once they complete a payment batch, you will be notified in your hype Account and you can then check if you’re paid as well.

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If you get a notification that a batch payment has been completed and you didn’t get paid, simply wait for another batch.

How To Withdraw Money To Your Bank Account

Opay app is a mobile wallet and to transfer money from the opay account to your own bank account is very simple and easy. Once you receive the money to your opay Account, simply click on transfer money and select bank transfer, then follow the prompts.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Number I Can Submit

There is no minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw any amount at anytime. A lot of people have registered and asked if they can submit a number of Referral that is lesser than five. This is because the minimum amount on the submission page is five but fortunately, you can submit Even just one referral. Just fill the form, input the number and scroll down the page to click on submit button.

Concerning the maximum submission, there is no limit to the amount of numbers you can submit but the submission is limited to hundred (100) numbers at a go. This implies that you can submit up to one hundred (100) numbers at once, if you have more than one hundred (100) numbers to submit, kindly submit it twice or as the case may be.

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I can't access Opera Mini Hype reward page
Opera Mini Hype Referral Program Has Ended!

Update On Opera Mini Hype Withdrawal Form And Reward Activities 

This is to notify the general public That the Opera Mini Hype student club reward campaign has come to an end. This implies that they have stopped paying as at the moment of updating this guide and there will no be any reward or whatsoever for anyone till further notice.

I Can’t Access Opera Mini Hype Reward Page

Yes! As it has been stated above, the reward program has come to and end and this makes the page inaccessible for everyone. However, if there is new development on the reward program, we will let you know via this section.

Is Opera Mini Hype Still Paying?

No! They are not paying new members anymore but if you have submit any reward claim before the program comes to an end, you will be paid as soon as possible.


Other Things You Should Know About Opera Mini Hype Referral

Your reward will be sent to your OPAY account after the hype team has verify the submitted numbers, so make sure you provide the correct opay account number during your submission.

Your OPAY account number is the same as the phone number you used to setup your OPAY account, without the first zero (For example, if your registered phone number is 08109876543, your OPAY account number will be 8109876543).

If you submit an Opay account number that is not associated with any opay Account, you will not be paid.

If you are expecting to receive an amount higher than ₦10,000, upgrade Opay account to “KYC Level 2 or 3” by completing the verification requirements inside the Opay app.

During submission, your referral phone number should be formatted in +234 format, for example +234(referral Phone number without the zero at the beginning). For example +2348109876543.

Conclusion: This is the complete information that you need on how to make money on Opera Mini Hype and with the information provided in this guide, you should fully understand how the Opera hype works and how to make the best out of the opportunity without any form of stress.




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