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Arripay Wallet – Send, Receive Money And Pay Online With Arripayment

Arripay Wallet is a payment medium that allows you to receive payment, send money, receive money and as well as make payments online on merchant that supports Arripayment service.

Today, I have decided to provide you with all the information you need about arripay Wallet and especially, how to create Arripayment account and use it’s services without any form of issue.

About arripay – what is Arripayment

As said in the previous part of this guide, Arripayment is a payment gateway that allows you to send and receive money and as well make payment online.

The official website for arripay Wallet is Arripayment.com with approximately traffic volume if about 105 unique daily visitors and have 417 pageviews. The web value rate of arripayment.com is 3,124 USD. Each visitor makes around 4.28 page views on average.

By Alexa’s traffic estimates arripayment.com placed at 46,242 position over the world, while the largest amount of its visitors comes from Pakistan, where it takes 32,553 place.

Arripayment.com registered under .COM top-level domain. Arripayment.com has a valid and up-to-date wildcard SSL certificate issued by DigiCert Inc and hence, it’s considered safe for your usage.

Arripay sign up

Arripayment account registration – how to create arripay Wallet

Gemgala is one of our update that supports payment to arripay account and if you login to your account, you will be able to see where to bind your account having create it. Some other platforms supports it as well.

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To create an arripay account, simply click here to go to the arripay sign up page.

On getting to the sign up page, you will be provided with the registration form, simply fill it with the required details, such as;

Your Nickname (Name), enter it

Your Country, choose your country of residence.

Phone Number, enter your valid phone number.

Password, simply enter 8 to 16 numbers and letters

Then click on next button.

Arripay login

Your registration is complete! Now login to your arripay Wallet account. Simply Choose the country of your residence and Enter your phone number. Input your password. And click on Log in.

Click here to go to arripay login page.

Arripay Wallet verification

Arripay Wallet verification

Once you complete your registration on Arripayment.com, teg next thing is to verify your account and start using the wallet to it’s maximum capacity. Verification on the arripay Wallet have levels, depending on what you want to do with the app

Arripayment account verification levels

Below are the different verification levels on arripay.

Basic Level Verification

When you upgrade your arripay Wallet to the basic level, you will be able to  complete transaction of $50 at maximum on a daily basis.

Semi Level Verification

When you upgrade your arripay Wallet to the semi level, you will be able to  complete transaction of $5000 at maximum on a daily basis.

Fully Verified

When your arripay Wallet is fully verified, you will be able to  complete transaction of $10,000 at maximum on a daily basis.

Arripay basic level verification

In order to verify your account, first, click on the basic level and fill in your personal information to complete it.

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In order to complete the basic level verification, below are the details you need to provide; First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday, Email, Address.

That’s all, click on confirm and you can now use the account to receive payment from anywhere and send it to your local Bank account, PayPal or Epay.

Arripayment semi level verification

In order to complete this verification level, all you have to do is to submit a valid identity card and your account will be upgraded upon appropriate review.

Fully verified

In order to complete full verification and be able to transact up to $10,000 on a daily basis, you will need to upload PROOF OF RESIDENCE DOCUMENT.

An acceptable proof of residence document includes: A bank account statement, A utility bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.), A government-issued document (tax statement, certificate of residency, etc.).

Those are the proof of residence that you can use to upgrade your account for full verification as the platform didn’t accept the address on your submitted identity document as a valid proof of residence.

How to receive payment with arripay Wallet

To receive payment with arripay Wallet, you have to be sending the payment that supports Arripayment and once you get to the payment page on such site and click on arripay as you payment method, you will be prompts to enter your phone number or other details as Case maybe. Follow the prompts to complete linking tye arripay Wallet to such site.

You can now withdraw to your arripay Wallet account afterwards.

Withdrawal from arripay

Arripayment withdrawal – How to withdraw from arripay

Whenever money Enters your arripay account, you will be able to withdraw it to either PayPal, Epay or your local bank account.

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To do that, all you have to so is to link your bank details with your Arripayment account.

How To Link Bank Account To ArriPay Wallet

In order to link your bank account, PayPal or Epay account to Arripayment, all you have to do is to login to your arripay Wallet and click on the Menu bar at the top corner.

Click on the My Linked Account Option and click on the add button to link your bank account.

Fill in the Correct information for Your Bank Account you intend to link. The required information includes;

Beneficiary Name.

Beneficiary Lastname.

Bank Code. (select bank name).

Bank IFSC Code.

Bank Account Number.



Phone Number.

Now, review the provided details and make sure they’re correct, then click on done.

Arripayment withdrawal - arripay Cash out

Arripay Wallet cash out

In order to cash out from your arripay account, simply login to ArriPay wallet account and click on cash out.

Enter amount you want to withdraw and click on the submit button. Wait for some time for the  withdrawal amount to be credited to your target account.

Note: In order to avoid withdrawal charges, you must withdraw an amount greater than $50, if you make a transaction of less than $50 at a time, you will have to pay a transaction fee. However, you can withdraw any amount to your bank but it depends on if you want to be charged or prefer zero charges.

Conclusion: Above is all you need to know about arripay Wallet and having gone through the guide, I am sure you have fully understand how the Arripayment works and how to use it without any form of issue.



  1. Please I’ve been stuck on basic level verification. Each time I input my details and I click on confirm, it pops up a message “verification code empty” and it doesn’t work. Please is there anything you think I can do to rectify this. Thank you.

  2. disgusting my salary want to stuck in my account because arripay dont want to accept my sing in and sign up always wrong 20x i chrck but never got correct if always like this dont use chamet you ways energy time and load data. for nothing. because cant wedraw the salary anyore disgusting

  3. It’s nonsense. For more than a week i kept trying to sign up everyday but no OTP is received. This app is such a waste of time and effort. Not recommendable indeed

  4. how can i unbind my arripay if the number was bind was lost.. is there any way to get code or unbind? thanks,, hope u help me

  5. Arripay is totally scam i do 3 times cash out but all time’s my agency payment is pending and rejected no any costumer service doing properly services no any solve this problem only my payment is pending and rejected totally scam this arripay

  6. Hi, I made a withdrawal since Saturday 12th of November 2022 to my local bank, but I still haven’t receive any alert of being credited.

  7. Hi, thank you for the information. I sent the money from arripay to my paypal account last thursday and I’m still waiting. How long does Arripay take to send the money to paypal?, Gracias-.

  8. Hello, BTZ, Hope Arripay can convert USD to naira so we’ll receive our money in naira.

    Withdrawing money in USD to local naira account might be the reason withdrawals is having issues.
    Or would arripay convert our money to naira?

  9. Please I need to know if arripay is paying into Nigeria local bank account because I’m seeing people complaining. And I have money there.

  10. Good evening, Pls the dollar rate on ARRIPAY is how much? Moreover is it calculated using current bank rate or black market rate.

    Also can I withdraw to my Domiciliary (USD) account or it must be a Naira (local) account?


  11. I mistakenly created two Arripay account and now it’s affecting my withdrawal,cnt withdraw,it’s saying I HV two accounts,face verification failed,for a month now hv been trying to fix it,what do I do,my two numbers are on Arripay,it’s wasn’t intentional

  12. I withdraw money in arripayment for 3 times but now its failed reason invalid account number even i am using the acc i used in my 2 withdraw before..my money back but the fee already deducted and i cant withdraw my balance now.. So sadd

  13. I just withdrew $67 fromy arripay wallet to my Paypal 4-5days ago and up till now I haven’t received my money in my Paypal account. And I just noticed that arripay doesn’t have costumer support service. What kind of useless money app doesn’t have support service. No wey for me to trace my money or even report to them. They are scammers. That’s why they don’t even have an app🙄🙄 I regretted everything, my money is gone just like that.

  14. I just withdrew $67 from arripay wallet to my Paypal 4-5days ago and up till now I haven’t received my money in my PayPal account. The transaction status is not even showing anything…. either pending or completed (nothing is showing there) they just took my money just like that. And no way for me to report to them….no customer support service.

  15. Bonjour. j’aimerai savoir combien de temps met les retraits sur les portefeuilles USDT TRC20 sur arripay car j’ai envoyer la demande d’encaissement depuis le 15 Mai mais il marque toujours en attente jusqu’à maintenant.

  16. Good morning. I will like to know how long takes the withdrawals on USDT TRC 20 wallets on arripay metwallet because I sent the cashout request since May 15th but it still marks pending until now.

  17. I have a past transaction in arripay dated April,26,2023 my transaction still pending and my money not reach my bank account still… its been almost 1 month. Can you please help me.

  18. Please I have blinded my arripay and when I wanted to withdraw into arripay, it keep telling me withdraw failed 😡.. and I have done all verification.. pls help me out

  19. by mistake i had put wrong bank digit and payment was completed its showing on app but havent received when i went to bank they said wrong digit account doesnt exist the app would have got money back. but it hasnt been showing in my account yet

  20. Bonjour, j’ai un petit soucis sur “mon compte lié”: j’accède sur mon compte lié puis je clique sur Ajouter et il n’y a qu’une seule banque qui s’affiche, une en forme de T de couleur vert. J’ai donc un soucis sur la liaison bancaire, je ne sais pas comment faire.

  21. Hi, i have an accounts in met wallet but i can’t no longer access it because i forgot my password and lost the sim card, it was not connected to my gmail account, so i wonder if i could still recover that account, its connected to my chamet and my earning has been transferred to that account sadly i wasn’t able to withdraw it because i forgot my password. Is there anything i can do?


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