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Get Cash Loan App – Getcash APK Download, Review And How To Use It

Getcash loan app is a mobile loan application that allows you to get Cash to your bank account and payback the money with interest within a specific period of time and in this get Cash loan app guide, I am goiy to provide you with all you needs to know about the app.

We have provide you with couple of reviews of different loan apps in Nigeria in the past, and today, we shall be taking a look at Getcash loan app, providing you with detailed information on all you need to know about the app, how to apply for a loan, how to register, how to repay loan, Getcash customer care number and lots more.

What is Getcash

GetCash is a product dedicated to solving the difficulties of the Nigerian people in borrowing, and the relevant configuration complies with local policies.

With the Getcash loan app, you can get a loan of up to 30,000 naira without the need of collateral or any form of paper work. Before the end of this guide, you’re going to be able to conclude of if the app worth your time or not.

Getcash loan interest rate

This is the most important aspect of all loan apps in Nigeria and before you opt in for any loan app, you should take a closer look at their interest rate, both before jumping in and during the loan application submission.

Get cash loan app provide it’s user’s with a loan of 10,000 naira and up to 30,000 naira without collateral and allows you to make your repayment between 120 days to 365 day. This implies the the get cash loan products provides:

Loan Amount: NGN10000 ~ NGN30000

Loan Term: 120 days to 365 days

Loan interest: from 10% to 28% per annum

Service charge: 0%.

How get cash loan interest rate is being calculated

If you apply for a loan of NGN20000 on Getcash, and select a loan term of 120 days where the annual interest rate is 18%.

In this case, the daily interest rate will be 18%/365 = 0.049%, the interest for 120 days = NGN20000 x 18%/365 x 120 = NGN1184, the total repayment = NGN20000 + NGN1184 = NGN21184.

Anytime and anywhere, you could get the quick loan service from Getcash, all around the clock, from Monday to Sunday.

However, you should always check out for the interest rate applied to your loan during your loan application submission as the interest rate is always varied. Before you confirm your loan application submission, make sure to always check the interest rate and decide at that point, if you’re cool with it or not.

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Get cash loan requirements

In this section, I will be revealing the requirements for get cash loan app, this are what will determine the amount of the loan you’re going to be ably to take from the app and if your loan application is going to be approved or not.

Smart phone

I believed that you have one and that’s what you’re able to access this piece of information, this is the basic requirement for the Getcash loan as all the transactions are carried out on the app. For you to have access to the services offered by the app, you must have a smart phone of android 4.0 and above.


Age is one of the crucial thing that will be considered when applying for a loan and whan any loan app is providing a loan for it’s users. For you to be ably to have access to the app services, you must be of 18 years and above.


The Getcash loan app is only opened to Nigeria citizens and as a result of this, you must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria before you can have access to the app. Above all, you must have a Nigerian bank account before you can be able to apply for a loan on the app as this is where your loan will be disbursed to.

Credit score

Credit score is the main factor that determines your Faith of getting a loan from any loan app. This is the main reason why you have to provide a valid bank account details that you uses frequently during your registration.

This rate of your transactions on a daily/weekly/monthly basis is what constitutes your credit score and the better your credit score, the higher your chances of getting your loan application approved.

Basic information

During your registration, especially on your first loan application on the app, your basic information like bank verification number, home address, name, phone number, source of income, nature of job and other related information will be requested from you, make sure you provide them with valid information at that point.

The basic information is what will help the review team to determine the amount of loan you will be able to take without issue as it also play a big role in your credit determination.

get cash loan app Registration - how to sign up on getcash loan app

How to register on get cash loan app

To register on the Getcash loan app, all you have to do is to download the app from the download section of this guide, open the app you will see detailed information of what the app is going to access on your phone, click on the agree button and allow all permission to continue.

Click on the sign up button and enter your valid phone number without the first zero and click on GET attached to the second box, an OTP will be sent to the provided phone number, enter the OTP into the box provided for the OTP and click on the verify button.

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On the next screen, you will be asked to set a PIN, choose a four digit unique PIN and click on confirm button. Make sure to tick the agree box before clicking on the confirm button.

You will see a public notice, read it carefully and click on confirm, and you will be redirected to your dashboard immediately.

how to apply for a loan on getcash loan

How to apply for a loan on get cash loan app

To apply for a loan on the get cash loan app, all you have to do is to open the app and on getting to your dashboard, you will see an apply button as shown in the image above, click on the apply now button.

Being your first loan application, your basic information will be needed, provide all the information required and make sure you use valid information.

Once you’re done filling the form, you with be able to choose your preferred loan amount and loan term. Submit the loan application and wait for the approval. If approved, the money will be sent to your bank account and the loan die date will start counting.

How to repay a loan on Getcash loan app

To repay a loan on the app, all you have to do is to open the app and navigate to the loan area of the app, you will see the breakdown of your loan, this includes the payback amount and the due date.

Simply click on the payback button and you will be redirected to the repayment page, choose your preferred payment method and follow the prompts to comply the repayment.

Get cash loan app download

In this section, I will provide you with the direct link to download the Getcash loan app from the Google play store. And after which you have install the app, you can then open it and follow the instructions outlined in this guide to have access to any on its products and services.

Name                                      Get cash loan app

Size                                        7MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                   Loan Provider

Download get cash loan app from Google play store


Getcash APK

Here is the Getcash loan APK and the detailed information on how to get it installed on your mobile phone. If you’re not ready to the app installed on your mobile phone via Google play store, the APK version is the closest alternative and by downloading the APK, you will be able to install the app without any form of stress.

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Name                                        Getcash APK

Size                                           7MB

Version                                      Latest Version

Service                                      Loan Provider

Download the Getcash loan app APK

How to use the Getcash loan APK

To use the get cash loan app APK, a you have is to install the app on your mobile phone. To install the app, simply open your phone gallery and navigate to the phone download folder, open the download folder and locate the Getcash APK file that you download above.

Click to open the file and the install button will appear, click on the install button and the installation process will begin. Wait for the installation process to complete and start using the app without any form of restriction.

Get cash loan customer care number

If you encounter any issue on the app, you might want to speak with the customer care representative as this is the best way to get any issue you encounter on the app resolved. Below are the available means to get in touch with the Getcash loan customer service;

Getcash customer care number: 08148799371

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetCashservice/

Address: Admiralty Way, Beside Tantalizers, Providence House 105112, Lekki Phase 1, Nigeria

E-mail:[email protected]

Getcash perating hours:09:00-18:00

Get cash loan review

Get cash loan app has gained more than 1million downloads since it’s lunch and have a whooping sum of 36,000 reviews with aggregate star rating of 4.7. this fact shows that the app is good at what it does and a lot of their users are enjoying their products and services.

However, you should be careful when applying for a loan on the app and they tend to fluctuate the interest lol an on a specific loan due to change in loan term. Do well to review the loan and it’s interest rate before you confirm it.

And most importantly, most of the Getcash user’s laments on how the app is very fast I. Tarnishing the image of their borrower and trends to disturb you with calls even when the loan term hasn’t expired yet. On this note, if you must take a loan from the app, make sure to be very careful and review all the agreement before accepting them.

Conclusion: Get cash loan app as a loan provider has made loan application easier for all Nigerians and with the detailed information provided in this guide, you should fully understand how the app works and how to use it’s product and services without any form of stress.


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