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Rushcredit Loan App – How It Works And Customer Care Number

rushcredit loan app

Rushcredit loan app is a mobile application that allows all Nigerians to apply for a collateral free loan online and get paid to their respective bank account in just few minutes after which their loan application has been reviewed and approved.

Rush credit aim at providing easy access to loans for mobile users in Nigeria and in this detailed guide on the rush credit app, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the app and this will give you free and easy access to the app and it’s services.

About rush credit app

Rush credit is a loan provider in Nigeria and gives you the opportunity to borrow as low as 8,000 and up to 100,000 at the comfort of your home without the need for collateral or any physical documents.

Rushcredit as a loan platform providing easy access to loans for mobile users in Nigeria, provides all Nigerians With a simple online process, users can get loan quickly. Once the review team check your loan application and approved it, the loan will be disbursed to the your bank account in fee minutes.

Rushcredit loan interest rate

Rushcredit loan amount ranges from NGN 8,000 to NGN100,000 and the loan term that has been made available term is minimum of 91 days and maximum of 365 days.

On the rush credit loan platform, the daily interest rate is pegged at 0.0057% while the maximum interest rate : 20.55.

How rush credit loan interest rate is being calculated

In order to make it simpler for you and help you to know what you’re about to sign up for, I will help you with an example to show you how interest rate is being calculated on rushcredit loan app.

On rush credit loan app, if you choose a 12-month plan with a principal loan of 10,000 naira, details as below will be shown to you:

Instalment plan. 3.

Principal amount. 10,000.

PMT (monthly payment amount): 3,463.3. PMT = ₦10,000 x (1 + 3.9%)/ 3 = ₦ 3,463.3.

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Cost: ₦ 0.

Total interest. ₦ 390.

This implies that if you borrow the sum of ₦10,000 on the rushcredit loan app, and choose the 3 instalment plan, the Total interest in that loan will be ₦390 and your payback amount will be ₦10,390. Total amount = principal + total interest = 10,390.

Total interest rate. 3.9%. Total interest rate = Total interest/principal×100% =, ₦ 10,390/₦ 10,000×100% = 3.9%.

Interest per month. 1.3%. Interest per month = Total interest rate / Instalment plan = 3.9% / 3 = 1.3%.

This is an example of how interest rate is being calculated on rush credit. The amount of money you intend to borrow and your preferred instalment plan will determine the amount you’re going to pay as interest.

Requirements for rush credit loan app

All loan apps have their own requirements and this requirements must be met if you want to get a loan from them and in this section, I will be revealing all you need to qualify the a loan an on rushcredit loan app.

For a loan applicant to get his/her loan application approved on rush credit, you must:

1. Be a m Nigerian citizen and reside in Nigeria.

2. Be Aged 18 years or above. The minimum age required for all loan applicants is 18years, if you are not up to 18years, then you won’t be able to take a loan from the app.

3. Provide valid documents and proof during your registration (your first loan application to be precised).

4. Have an active bank account. This is where your loan will be sent to after approval.

5. Provide valid information when you’re providing the app with your basic information. This will help the platform to determine your credit score easily.

6. You will see the maximum amount you can borrow after the completion of your registration and all the required verifications. The limit will tend to increase when you start applying for loan and continue paying back on time.

Rushcredit registration – How to register on rushcredit loan app

To register on the rush credit loan app, all you have to do is to download the app and get it installed on your mobile phone. The detailed instructions on the rushcredit loan app download will be contained in the download section of this guide.

Open the app after the installation and you will see the notification of the area the app will have access to on your mobile phone, review and approve it and also click Allow for all permission required.

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You will see check my limit button, click on the check my limit button and you will be redirected to the pegistration page with two options, click on the sign up with email and provide your valid email address.

A four digits code will be sent to the provided email address, check your mail box for the code and enter it Into the provided box to verify your email address.

Once you verify your email, you will see a box requesting for your phone number, enter your valid phone number(preferably, the one attached to your bank verification number).

You will be redirected to your dashboard and you now have access to your rush credit loan app account. The next thing is to submit your first loan application.

how to apply for a loan on rushcredit loan app

How to apply for a loan on rushcredit

To apply for a loan on rushcredit loan app, all you have to do is to open the app and click on check my limit button, being your first loan application, you will be told to provide your Basic informations and do identity verification.

Provide all the required information and you will be provided with amount of loan you can borrow in accordance with your credit score.

You can now apply for a loan and get the money sent to your Nigeria bank account in few minutes after the loan approval.

Rushcredit loan app APK download

To register and have access to the app and it’s services, you must Download the app and Install it on your mobile phone.

In this section, I am going to provide you with the rushcredit loan APK and detailed information on how to get it installed on your mobile phone.

Name                                 Rushcredit loan APK

Size                                   8MB

Version                               Latest Version

Service                               Loan Provider

Download rush credit loan app APK

How to install rushcredit loan APK

To Install the rush credit loan APK, Simply download the APK file above by clicking on the download button.

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Once you Download the APK file, go to your phone gallery and navigate to your gallery Download folder, locate the file you just Download above and click on it.

An install option will appear, simply click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

Rushcredit loan app download

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the app from play store. If you’re not ok with the APK version, then, you’re going to be able to download the app from play store without any form of stress.

Name                                  Rushcredit app

Size                                    8MB

Version                                Latest Version

Service                                Loan Provider

Download rushcredit app from play store

How to repay loan on rushcredit loan app

To repay a loan on rush credit loan app, all you have to do is to login to your account and navigate to the loan Area, you will see the break down of your outstanding loan.

The breakdown includes the due date and the due amount. Simply click on the repay button and you will be redirected to the Repayment page of the app, choose your preferred payment method and follow the prompts to complete the repayment.

Rushcredit login

To login to your rush credit account, all you have to do is to open the app and you will be redirected to you account dashboard if your login session hasn’t expired.

If your login session has expired, you will see a box provided for phone number, simply enter your registered phone number into the box and you will be taken to your account dashboard immediately.

Rushcredit customer care number

If you have any issue with your rushcredit account, the best thing is to contact the app customer service and your problem will get solved regardless of which area the problem is.

Below are the two major means you can use to interact with the rush credit customer service.

Email: [email protected]

The Company Address: Anowose Street, Bariga 102676, Lagos,Nigeria

Conclusion: Rushcredit loan app is a mobile loan app that provide Nigerians with easy access to a collateral free loan and with the detailed information provided in this guide, you shouldn’t have any issue accessing the app and it’s services.


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