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Shareit Lite App – How To Accumulate Free Airtime On All Networks

shareit lite app - how to accumulate free airtime on all networks

Shareit lite app is a file sharing app developed by smart media4U technology and allows individuals to transfer files from one device to another at a very high speed without the use of data, just like xender.

In this guide, I am going bro reveal all you need to know about the shareit lite app and how to use the application to accumulate free airtime without stress.

What Is Shareit Lite

Shareit lite is a mobile application designed for file transfers and file management. It is built with a unique features that allows all individuals using the app to transfer files easily, and with high speed transmission.

Shareit is enabling a lighter file transmission route for users by considering it’s numerous features to maximize the running efficiency of the app, it’s speed in file transfer and ultimately time minimization.

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Features Of Shareit Lite App

The app has multiple features and as well as multiple functions and in this part of this guide, I will be outlining the features of the app and brief information about each features.

This will allow you to have full understanding of what the app entails, what you can get from it and also help you understand fully, how the app works. Below are the features of the app:

100% SHAREit

The app allows you to transfer any files face to face with friends, no Internet connection needed, and the file will be transferred with lighting speed.


The app contains no ads, no ads interruption while using the app. SHAREit lite provides it’s Users with a very simple and user-friendly interface for file transfers.

Share Anytime

SHAERit Lite app allows you to keep in touch with friends, you can share any files at any point in time.

Any File Type

You can transfer all types of files without losing quality: photo, video, ebook, docs, music, app, zip, txt, and etc.

Any File Size

Share movies, videos, photos, music, apps, documents, and any other file types of unlimited file size.

Any Number of Files

This is another amazing feature of the app, you can send many files as one collection: photo album, video collection, music album, movie collection, documents, etc.

File Manager

With shareit app, you can easily view, move or delete files to manage storage space on the device. Easily understand and manage how many files and applications are on your phone.

Clean Booster

It helps you maximize your phone speed and also free up phone space by clearing junks and cache to help you free up storage space. Make your phone run faster.

Shareit Lite App Download

Having gone through the detailed information about the app and it’s features, the next thing is to download the app and Install it on your phone, in order to explore it aforementioned features and get to understand them better.

Name                                     Shareit Lite App

Size                                       18MB

Version                                  Latest Version

     Download Shareit App From Playstore


Shareit Lite APK Download

If you have any issue installing the app from play store or you prefer the APK version to the playstore version, I will provide you with the direct link to download the shareit apk and get it installed on your phone.

Name                                    Shareit Apk

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Size                                      18MB

Version                                  Latest Version

         Download Shareit Apk

How To Install The APK File

To Install the APK file, simply open your phone gallery and navigate to the download folder, open the download folder and locate the file you download above, click on the file and select install. That’s all, the app will be installed.

How To Accumulate Free Airtime On Shareit Lite App

This is the second major section of this guide, as you can use the app for file transfer and other purposes that as been discussed in this guide, you can as well use the app to get free airtime and redeem it to your phone, regardless of the network carrier you are using.

To accumulate free airtime on the app, all you have to do is to register with your phone number and start accumulating free Airtime.

How To Register On Shareit App

Download the shareit application via the download section of this guide, once you Download and install the app, open the app and click on me button at the bottom of the app, you will be taken to the Registration page, select the option that says, sign up with phone number.

Enter your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone, enter the OTP and click on the Register button. Congratulations, your registration is successful and you can now start to accumulate free airtime.

How To Claim Sign Up Reward

Once you complete your registration, simply go to your activities dashboard and you will see invite Code, click it and enter 12141 as the invite code and you will receive free 6000 diamonds immediately. These diamonds can be converted to airtime immediately.

how To accumulate more free Airtime on shareit lite app

Methods To Accumulate More Free Airtime

After the sign up bonus, you can start other activities too and accumulate as many airtime as possible and in this section, I am going to show you the different methods with Which you can use to accumulate more airtime on shareit lite app.

1. Spin And Win

With this option, all you have to do is to login to your shareit app everyday and click on the spin option. You will have the opportunity to three spins everyday and you stand a chance to win up to 2,000 diamonds with each spin. Maximum of 3spins per day.

2. Open box

This is another feature on the app, once you login to your activities section, right below the spin option, you will see open box, all you have to do is to click on open and the box will open, the amount y diamond you found their is amount you earn and you can repeat the steps twenty times in a day. That’s amazing.

3. Refer And Earn

The app also have a referral program and for each person you refer to the app, you will get a whole sum of 5180 diamonds. All you have to do is to tell those you invite to enter your code in the code area of the app.

How Many People Can I Invite To Shareit Lite App

There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer to the app, if you have up to any amount of people to refer to the app, you can Refer them as much as the referral program is still ongoing.

New! How To Accumulate More Diamonds That Can Be Redeemed To Airtime For Free

I have gotten a lot of request from individuals asking if it’s possible to accumulate more Airtime from shareit app without referarral and I am glad to inform you that there is a way to do that and you will be able to accumulate as much airtime as possible.

As you know that in share it, you will firstly accumulate free diamonds and then convert this diamonds to real airtime that will be sent to your preferred phone number.

how to accumulate more diamonds for free on shareit lite app

If you didn’t forget, I talked about open box I in the previous part of this guide and right now, I am going to show you how to get more box to open I search for more free airtime, the more box you have, the more you can open and the more you open, the more diamonds you get.

Simply open your shareit app and navigate to your activities dashboard, you will see campus at the top as shown in the picture above, simply click on the campus option and scroll down.

You will see different users on the campus board, click on each users and you will see share and like button, click on like and you will see a congratulatory message telling you you have X1 box, click on the collect button and you have successfully claimed one free vox to open.

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Repeat this same steps for other user on the campus board and like as many users as possible.

When you like one user, you will get 1 free box to open this implies that if you’re able to like 100 users, you will get 100 free box to open and each open box can give you up to 3000 diamonds depending on your luck. 100 × 3000 = 300,000 diamonds.

All you have to do is to go back to the activities dashboard after accumulating as many boxes as possible, then start opening it.

However, you should know that the amount you can earn for opening each box is not fixed, you can get as low as 200 diamonds and as high as 3,000 diamonds, depending on your luck.

How To Get More Open Box Via Invitation

Yes! You can now get more open box via invitation and this doesn’t affect the amount of free diamonds you get per referral, it’s just like an additional bonus and with this method, you can Accumulate as much box as possible.

With this new development, every time you invite new user to the app and they are able to bind your invitation code correctly, you will get 5180  diamonds plus free 10 chest box (open box). If you’re able to invite 10people on a daily basis, that is additional 100 box for free.

This is a great opportunity to step up your Accumulation game and Accumulate as much airtime as possible for free.

How to get more open box via crazy box

This is a new feature and shareit lite introduced the feature recently. With this feature, you will be able bro get free box hourly the faster you are, the more box you will get and the more box you get, the more chances to redeem high amount of airtime.

How to use the crazy box feature

To use the crazy box feature, simply open your shareit lite app and navigate to your activities dashboard, on getting to the activities board, check the top area of the page and you will see the crazy box option.

Click on the crazy box and click on the I Know button, you will see a time counting down from 3, once it reaches zero, start pressing the click button as far as you can, the more you’re able click before the button disappears, the more free box you will get.

You can access the crazy box once in an hour and this implies that you can still return to the box in the next 60minutes to your previous claim, to claim another free box. That’s amazing.

How To Get Shareit Invite Code

Simply login to your shareit lite app and navigate to the activities area, you will see invite button, click on it and copy your referral code.

Give the code to each of your referrals and once they enter the code on their dashboard, you will get 5180 diamonds while they get 6000 diamonds as well.

During your own registration, the code you will apply to get the free diamonds is 12141 and you will be able bro redeem the diamonds to airtime immediately.

Shareit lite cheat – How to use cheat to accumulate free airtime on shareit lite

A lot of people has request for the shareit lite cheat and have decided to drop it today, but before I dropped it, you might be wondering what I haven’t drop it before now and this is as a result of the fact that it’s not advisable to use the cheat as you will get caught almost immediately an won’t be able to withdraw.

But regardless, I will tell you how to go about it as many individuals has as shown interest in it and accept to take the full responsibility. The cheat comes with the crazy chest feature on the app. All you have to do is to download auto clicker from Google play store and use it to claim the crazy box every hour. If you use your bare hand, you won’t get up to five boxes, but using the author clicker, you will be able to Get up to 12 boxes every session.

How to use auto clicker to accumulate free airtime on shareit lite app

Simply go to Google play store and search for Auto clicker, you will see auto clicker – automatic tap, click on it to download and install the app. Open the app and click on the setting icon, you will see where to set duration, change the duration to like 20 milliseconds and set the interval to unlimited.

When you’re about to claim your crazy chest every hour, activate the app and place the aiming circle on the button to click and start the app. It will click it very fast and you will get a lot of boxes.

Is it advisable to use cheat on shareit lite

No! It’s not advisable a bit, you’re going to loose in two places. Number one, your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to redeem the airtime you accumulated via the cheat. Number two is that you will loose the account totally and you won’t be able to go back to the Normal process anymore. This implies that you have ended the opportunity to keep getting free Airtime for yourself.

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On this note, I strongly advised you to stay away from the cheat or your account will be blocked. Follow the normal instructions we have revealed and accumulate the airtime legally and keep enjoying it.

Shareit lite login issue – I cannot login to my shareit lite account anymore

Yes! I am aware that some people have be restricted from accessing their shareit lite account and this is because they use cheat to accumulate free airtime on the app, this includes;

Using two accounts on one Device: Once you create an account with your device, do not create another one of help someone to login to their account. Your account will be blocked and you won’t have access to it again.

Using auto clicker and other method of cheating: Yes! Using Auto clicker is the fastest way to get your account blocked and on this note, if you have the aim in getting involved in any irregular activities on the app, simply have a rethink now!

How to login to my shareit lite account after it has been blocked

To unblock your shareit lite account, only option is to contact their customer care service. To contact the customer service, all you have to do is to open the app, whether you’re logged in or not, you will see me button, simply click on it and you will see join & contact us button, click on it and follow the prompts to connect to a customer care representative or a helping group that consists of the agents.

I want to Unblock it myself

Ok! If you want to unblock your account by yourself, there is another option to do that, but as I have previously said, the most effective way to unblock your shareit lite account is to contact the customer care.

To unblock the account yourself, all you have to do is to clear the app data, uninstall the app from your phone completely and wait for 48hrs, after 48hrs, install the app again and login with your registered phone number. The ban should have been lifted at this time. But if the account still remain blocked, then you will have to contact the customer care representative to know your final faith.

I get error message while opening boxes

Yes! I am aware that some people gets error message that reads “I am tired, try again later”, this is a general issue and it’s a measure put in place to control excess traffic on the site. When you get this error, all you have to do is to close close the app if you don’t have anything else doing and check back in the next few hours.

I can login but cannot open box

This is another issue that some people do encounter on the app and this is also as a result of cheating or any irregular activities. You might know and might not know. Simply contact the customer service to lay complain if you think they blocked your account wrongly.

In short, using cheat on this particular app is not advisable and you should stick to the Normal process to enjoy it.

How To Redeem Diamonds For Airtime

In this section, I am going to show you how to convert your earned diamonds, into free Airtime.

To convert your diamonds to free airtime, simply login to your shareit activities Dashboard and click on your diamonds balance, you will be taken to the reward page, Check the amount of diamonds you’re having on your balance and select the corresponding option on the Reward redemption lists.

Click on confirm and you will be taken bro where to enter your phone number, enter the phone number without the first zero. For example, if your phone number is 08054****** simply enter 2348054******.

Cross Check your phone number and make sure it’s correct, select the network provider and click on ok. Then wait for your line to be credited with the redeemed amount.

The minimum amount of diamonds you can redeem is 5150 diamonds, which is equivalent to N50 airtime, while the maximum amount of diamonds you can Redeem at a go is 5150000 diamonds, which is equivalent to N50,000 Airtime.

Also note that you can only withdraw once in a day and once you withdraw at a particular day, you will have to wait for the next day to initiate another Withdrawal.

shareit withdrawal proof
shareit withdrawal proof

What Is The Maximum Airtime I Can Accumulate And Redeem On Shareit Lite App?

There is no maximum amount of airtime you can accumulate and withdraw on the app, the more you take it serious, the more airtime you will get and you can redeem up to 50,000 naira airtime at a go on the platform.

How, it doesn’t mean that you cannot accumulate more than 50,000 naira airtime on the platform, you can accumulate and Redeem more than that, but the maximum withdrawal at once is limited to 50,000 naira, if you’re able to accumulate more than that, you can withdraw it twice.

In order to show you that you can withdraw as higher as possible on the platform, I have decided to accumulate more diamonds and withdraw 6,900 airtime at once and the payment proof is shown below:

Note: If you are having any issue on the app, we have provide you with visual explanation on how to register, how to login to shareit Lite dashboard with live Withdrawal proof. This will enable you to see how everything works and have better understanding on how to use the app for accumulating free airtime. Watch the video below:

Conclusion: Shareit lite app is a file sharing application that also create a room for it’s users to get free airtime while using the at and with the detailed information provided in this guide, you should be able to fully understand how the app works and how to accumulate free airtime with the app while using it for your phone file management as well.

However, if after reading this guide, you still have one or two questions, simply drop it in the comments section of this guide and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.



  1. Pls after pressing “me” at the bottom , the registration page does not show. It only shows rating, contact us no resist pls can you b of help

  2. Sir… I successfully registered the first day ..but I’ve not been able to log in since then….any time I try I get a message that says…”oops no internet”…or another error message. I tried registering with Mr second line..same thing. I uninstalled and reinstalled..same thing

  3. Good morning please I am having issues with login in my account as anytime I try to login it used to say “failed to login due to account exception” I have tried my best several times to login but to no avail even with Google,phone number and Facebook none of them is login in again please I need your intervention

  4. Yes I did because after I registered my account my younger brother who did not have phone wish to participate also so I signed out of my account log in to his own

  5. The internet is connected,am doing some other things with the data but only this one that’s not working,they don’t allow me to load the card since yesterday,they keep on saying wrong,pls rectify it for us.Thanks

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    Is it because I didn’t redeem with the number I used in registration or what?

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    Am using phone number anytime I login it will write login successful but if I try to click on the box it will keep saying user not exist
    Have deleted, re- installed still the same have try to use another phone number still the same please help me out

  8. No
    I use the phone number before and it working but just last week it start given me issue and have deleted it and try login in again but it not working

    Please any help or way out

  9. Please they have been telling my account have irregular activities
    That is should after 24 hours
    It’s 72hours now nothing has changed

  10. Why if I open my box my account shown me
    Your account is irregular activities please retry in 24hrs
    And I try in 24hrs is still shown me that

  11. Thanks to you for this very useful piece of information on SHAREit Lite, adexbkw: More power to your elbows!

    Please, is it possible to covert your earned diamonds into real cash?

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