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Pyypl App Review And Everything You Need To Know About Pyypl

pyypl app review

Pyypl app review is a detailed insight about the Pyypl app, which will give you the detailed information on all you need to know about the app, how it works, how to register and how to use it.

Today, I have decided to provide you with a detailed information about pyypl app and I am very sure that thing app is going to be helpful to you, especially if you have been looking for a way to get virtual card for one or two transactions online.

About Pyypl app

Pyypl is an official financial services company based in UAE and Bahrain, and authorised by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE, and Central Bank of Bahrain. That this is not a scam – This is an official approved card.

If you want to use your Pyypl card more, just load money to it. But if you don’t want to, no need. There are no commitments. You can load in thousands of kiosks in UAE and in Bahrain, and if you have any problems, just click the “?” button in your ewallet Pyypl app and we will help you.

Pyypl is your own international Mastercard payment card and digital wallet which can be created within just few minutes and will be fully functional immediately.

It provides individuals with fast, simple, secure Mastercard payment card, when you register on the  Pyypl app, you will be able to get your free card in 2 minutes from your phone and start using it immediately.

Pyypl Mastercard is a “load first, then use” 100% safe prepaid payment card, without the problems that credit cards have. Add money to Pyypl from your debit card, and use the Pyypl card in more than 50 million local and international shops and websites. That’s amazing right?

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Pyypl card works everywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted, providing you to Carry out both local and international transactions at the comfort of your home, no need to walk around with your card, no need to go to bank or other form of stress.

Features of Pyypl app

There are lots of features on the Pyypl app that makes it appealing to use and in this section, I am going to you with all the features of the app and the detailed information on each feature.

Spend securely

Pyypl is safe for online payments. You don’t need to worry about someone using your card illegally. You control your card and you can freeze and unfreeze it with a tap.

It’s completely safe to use Pyypl in online shopping, there is no risk that you receive any unwanted credit card bills. You only use the money that you have loaded. Soon Pyypl will be working with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Everyone qualifies to use the app

Every individuals that have interest in using the Pyypl app will have access the the app. No bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-date cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit. All nationalities are welcome.

Available in multiple countries

The Pyypl app is not restricted to a single country, it’s available in many countries across the globe, and as at the moment of writing this guide, the app is available for individuals who reside in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Cyprus, Djibouti, Estonia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda and United Arab Emirates.

Receive & transfer money

With Pyypl, you will be able to quickly receive and transfer money with other Pyypl users. At the same time, you can also remit money to Philippine with one of the best market exchange rates.

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Track your spending

This is another amazing feature of the app, will this feature, you will have full visibility and control over your spending and this gives you a full control over your finance.

Load your Pyypl card

The app has a mechanism that allows you to easily load your account by cash or with other debit or credit cards.

Send online Top-up. Instant Mobile Recharge

Send your instant recharge in the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian, Sri Lanka

How to have access to Pyypl app

It’s completely free to have access to the app, all you have to do is to download the Pyypl app, and your card is ready immediately. It only takes 2 minutes. Don’t worry, the download link and detailed step by step guide in how to register and get a Pyypl master card will be provided for you in the later part of this guide.

You only need (1) ID card or passport, and (2) mobile phone number.

Your information is 100% safe with us – we will NEVER share it with anyone.

You can stop using Pyypl anytime – there is no contract, or commitment. Just uninstall the app, or click “close my account” in Pyypl app, and that’s it.

Your card is a digital debit card: we send it electronically to your mobile phone. You receive your virtual Pyypl Mastercard number in your app in a few seconds, and you can start using it immediately.

Where can you use your Pyypl card?

It works in 50 million shops and websites locally and internationally.

Some examples where Pyypl card is accepted for food delivery or for subscription programs: Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo, Careem NOW, EatEasy, Lunch On, Netflix, Youtube Premium, Amazon prime, Google Play and many more. You can also connect your Pyypl Card on your Paypal account. Payments with Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are not available yet.

Pyypl app download

Now that you have fully understand how the app works, the next thing is to get the app installed on your mobile phone and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to get the app installed on your mobile phone.

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Name                                         Pyypl app

Size                                            90MB

Version                                       Latest Version

Service                                       online payments app

Download Pyypl app

Pyypl Registration – How to register on Pyypl app

To register on the app, simply download the app from the download link provided above, install the app and Open it.

Confirm your phone number and you will be asked to take the picture of the front and back of your IDENTITY card, do that and take a selfie of yourself. Click on the appropriate button to complete your registration and start using your Pyypl card.

Pyypl referral

Yes! The app have a referral program that allows you to make cool cash bay referring others to download and install the app. The referral will get a $1 bonus, while the referee will also get a free $1 per referral.

How to refer others to Pyypl

Simply login to your account and click on the Menu bar, you will see an invite friends button, click on it, select the country where the person you intend to refer resides, enter the phone number of the person and click on invite friends.

And invitation link will be sent to the person, let him or her click on the link and register a Pyypl account via the link.


About is the detailed information on all you need to know about the Pyypl app and especially, how to use it and how it works, with this Pyypl app review you should have understand fully how the app works and what you can get from the app. All at the comfort of your home.


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