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How To Borrow Money Without Paying Back (Take A Loan And Never Payback)

how to borrow money without paying back

You might be wondering what prompts me to pick my pen and decided to write a detailed guide on how to borrow money without paying back, but trust me, a lot of individuals have been asking me how this can be done without getting involved in any illegal act and today, I have decided to drop a detailed guide on it.

You might even be thinking if this is possible, lol! Someone is thinking browsingtechzone is drunked!

Today, I will be revealing the logic behind taking a loan without paying back a dime. As I have mentioned, the method to be revealed in this guide is just a logical calculation and infact, it might be something you already know but didn’t think about it.

Is it possible to take a loan And never payback

Most of the time we run Into one or two situation that are financially demanding, we mostly resort to taking online loan as they required no collateral or paper work and if you must ask me if you can borrow money online and never payback, then my response is definitely going to be YES!

The fact that my response to this question is yes is what leads to the creation of this guide, so as to give you the detailed explanation/information  on how things can be done, cause, it’s obvious you’re eager to know how to borrow money without paying back.


Ok! Let’s get started with this guide by outlining the requirements so as to know what you are up to and decide if you will be able make use of the opportunity to be revealed in this guide or not.

1. Age

This is the basic requirement for all loan application in Nigeria, in order to be able to apply for an online loan in Nigeria, you must be of 18 years old and above. This will allow you to qualify for a loan and get it paid to your Nigeria bank account.

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2. Citizenship

The method to be revealed vin this guide will only work for individuals that reside in Nigeria and have a Nigeria bank account. On this note, if you’re not a Nigerian and you’re reading this guide, I am sorry to say it won’t work for you.

3. Employment/source of income

The loan applications that we’re going to be using in this guide are all online based loan application, which implies that no collateral or paperwork is required. The only factor to be considered in order to give you a loan is your source of income, this constitutes greatly to the determination of your credit score, you shouldn’t expect any loan app to approve a loan for someone with no source of income.

4. Credit score

Credit score is a three-digit number, usually on a scale of 300 to 850, which estimates how likely you are to repay borrowed money and pay bills. It sometimes estimate your likelihood of repaying new debt.

This is the main factor that the loan application will consider in order to know the amount of loan you can take and won’t find it difficult to repay. Putting your credit score in consideration before giving you a loan is in a bid to ensure that you’re able to pay your loan back on time.

The higher your credit score, The higher the amount of loan you will be able to take. You might be wondering what’s the Main factor that constitutes your credit score according to Nigeria loan application, worry no more, the inflow and outflow transactions in your bank account will be used in making this decision.

5. Your basic information

This ranges from your name, email address, phone number, bank verification number, your monthly income, home address and lots more.

Make sure you provide valid Information during the submission of your basic information in any loan app as follow up check will be performed and if the provided basic information are found to be inaccurate, you will forfeit the chance if getting a loan from the app.

6. A loan app with referral program

This is the seal of all requirements as it is the tools we are going to be using to balance our outstanding Loan. On this note, any loan app that doesn’t have the referral program embedded cannot work for this purpose.

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Are you worried of where to get the eligible loan applications? Worry no more, I will provide you with multiple loan application that have Referral program embedded.

How to borrow money without paying back

I am not going to guide you based on assumption, but I am going to guide you with live proof, I have been using this system for a very long time and it’s working perfectly and will keep working without any form of issue.

This is the reason why I said, the method to be discussed in this guide, is just a logic and not in anyway a cheat or illegal stuff.

Example: Let say I need a loan of 100,000 and I have a loan application that pays it’s user’s 2000 each for referring new members to the app, all I have to do in this situation is to obtain the N100,000 loan and refer 50 friends to the app, 50 friends will earn me a whooping sum of 100,000 naira and with this, I have been able to repay my outstanding loan of 100,000 without taking anything out of my pocket.

This implies that I took a loan of N100,000 naira and never pay back.

List of loan application that works for this trick

As I have promised in the previous part of this guide that I am going to provide you with the list of loan application that gives it’s user’s a bonus for referring others to the app, this is to ensure that you won’t have to start looking for these apps after reading this guide and this in turns makes this guide a complete guide on how to borrow money without paying back.

1. Lcr edit

Lcr edit top this list because it’s the latest loan app that pays 2,000 per referral and that’s the highest bonus you can get on any loan application, imagine getting a whooping sum of two thousand naira without investment.

Lct is the app that I used as an example in the previous part of this guide, I obtain a loan of one hundred thousand from the app and payback with the money I made from the Same app, that sounds crazy? Check the screenshot below.

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how to borrow money and never pay back

The above screenshot shows that I have even earned an extra 12,000 naira after repaying my outstanding N100,000 naira loan with the money I earned from the platform.

Learn more about lc redit referral and how to make cool cash without investment

2. Bra nch

This should have comes first, but there is reduction in the amount earned per referral on the platform, at start, the referral bonus was 2,000 and from 2,000 naira, it was reduced to N1,500, from N1,500 to N500 and now N600 per referral.

With the br anch referral program, I have earned more than N200,000, though, that’s the summation of my earnings since 2020. Before explaining further, take a look at the picture below.

how to take a loan Without paying back

The picture above shows clearly that I take a loan of N5000 and immediately I got the loan, a credit of N5000 is applied, nullifying my outstanding debt and give me the opportunity to never pay back the loan. That’s amazing.

If I should tell you the truth, I have never apply for a loan online and repay with my own money, this is the simple logic that I always used to make sure that I didn’t pay back the outstanding loan. Simple and straight forward.

Learn more about bra nch referral program and how to make use of it.

3. Fair money

This comes third on the list, as it gives you the opportunity to earn N500 for every individuals you invite to download and use the app, Once your referral register and apply your referral code, you will get free N500 upon their first loan approval.

With this, if you take a loan of 25,000 naira, you only need to refer fifty individuals to download and register on the app with your referral code, then take a loan and you will never pay back the N25,000 from your own pocket.

Click here to learn more about fair money app

Open the app and click on create account, you will be asked if you have a referral code, click on the referral code and enter MCUKP as your referral code, enter your phone number and an OTP will be sent to the provided phone number, enter the OTP to complete your registration.


If you have been looking for how to borrow money without paying back, I am sure you have found all you are looking for, in this guide as it provides you with the best method you can use to borrow money and never pay back. If correct action is taken after this guide, I am sure you will never payback an online loan again.



  1. Wow 😳 very detailed and well composed. I never think of this referral cheat code for loan app before, God bless BTZ

  2. Let’s use fair money as example
    If I already refer 50 people for 25k but they applied for loan and it wasn’t approved
    Am I free???

  3. Let’s use fair money as example
    If I already refer 50 people for 25k but they applied for loan and it wasn’t approved
    Am I free???


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