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Wintub Review – Legit Or Scam?

Wintub review - legit or scam

Wintub review is an insight that will give you all you need to know about the website and take a right decision of being worth your time or not.

The so called website has been trending for some weeks now and this prompts me to take a deep look at the website and write a detailed and honest review about it.

This review is going to based on personal experience and other factors that are enough to declare any form of website like this being legit or not.

What Is Wintub?

Wintub is a website that claims to pay it’s user’s just to watch a short videos and also refer others to join the website.

You can actually make up to $2+ just to watch four videos and $1 to refer a friend.

However, if you have come across this website and you are wondering weather it’s legit or scam, I am glad to have you here as this article is going to show you everything about this website.

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Now let’s dive into the depth of the wintub review,
Below are some possible questions that might be running through your mind;

Can you really get paid as promised?
Does this worth your time?
Is it legit or scam?

Continue reading, as this article is going to answer all the questions above and much more.

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How Does Wintub works?

Wintub works the same way as other scam website, but they are somehow smart in such a way that they managed to convinced many people that they are real and legit just as easy cash job.

However, in other to clear all doubt completely about the status of this website being legit or not, I decided to create an account with them as usual before writing this wintub review.

Wintub Is Fake Or Not

Here is the main trick they used in scamming people. These website has set a fake minimum withdrawal threshold, which is $80, they promised to forward your earnings to either your PayPal account, Skrill, others, and even Western Union.

But Guess what, you cannot reach the minimum withdrawal talk more of requesting for withdrawal.

Below picture shows a proof of what bi am talking about:

Wintub scam
Wintub Redirection Trick

You might be wondering what the picture above has to do with this review, but it matters a lot as it exposed the main trick used by this website, don’t worry, I am going to explain the concept if the picture above.

Wintub have had it’s first redirection within one month of lunching the website, what do I mean by this?

This is the process of redirecting users from an existing page to a new page with the same link loosing all data of the existing server.

If you take a look at the picture above, two places are being circled, which shows your referral link and the landing page, your referral will be redirected from www.wintub. com to www.s4.wintub. com.

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Now what was the fact behind this?

This is the fact that buttress my point that says you can’t reach the minimum withdrawal talk more of requesting for withdrawal.

Everyone that sign up on the website within the first month of lunching the website losses all their earnings with that trick.

In my own case while struggling to get information for the so called wintub review, I have $40+ when I logged in at that day and seeing that my earnings has been reset to $0 by redirecting me to another sever.

Can I Make Money With Wintub?

Yes you can actually make money on wintub but you cannot get paid.
From my explanation above, it is obvious that you cannot make any money from this website, people behind wintub are the only one who make money from the website. Neglect any form of payment proof from the website as they are all fake, this website has never paid anyone and can never pay anyone.

Wintub Real Or Fake

The people behind the website just want people to sign up to the website, so that they can take advantage of them and use fake promises to entice people to work for them.

They aim in getting as more as possible sign ups so that they can earn a lot of money for their own benefit and not for yours as promised.

Wintub will only get your details and sell it to any third party for which ever purpose it is, as anyone who signed up on this website has already give away his/her email address and password, which is the most important information that they need from you.

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Submitting your details to a site like this is the reason why you are getting unwanted mails in your inbox, because, they will later sell those details to scammers and hackers who knows the best ways to use them without your consent.

Is Wintub.com Legit or Scam?

I just give you the detailed information that proofed wintub to be one among the scam websites out there.

1. They didn’t make any money through the videos you watch on the website, they are just a trick to deceive you in other to waste enough of your time to earn them cool cash.

2. The website have had it’s first redirection within a month so as to pull out some baseless reasons not to pay those that have reached the minimum withdrawal already and enslave them to another session of wasting their time. Lol!

3. No genuine payment proof, only one edited payment proof have been going round since the first day of this website.

Conclusion: This wintub review has given you enough evidence to take the right decision and you have had enough details to know where the  website belongs. Stop wasting your time.

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  1. Admin I have been watching videos with the site for a few weeks now and I've witnessed the redirection/change in domain name twice now, from S1 to S2 to S3 but my earnings has still intact been intact.

  2. Good work thanks. Pls can you share me a legit way to make money online. I will be glad if you can help sir/ma


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