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Home Android Apps Friday Night Funkin Apk Download For Android (Latest Version)

Friday Night Funkin Apk Download For Android (Latest Version)

Friday Night Funkin APK

Friday night Funkin Apk is a mobile game that is specially designed for music lovers that have interest in playing games both online and offline.

If you are music lover and like playing story based games then this funkin night APK is the best for you as it’s kind of a story based game where a boy wants to access his girlfriend but unfortunately, the girls dad won’t let him go on a date with his daughter and preferably tests the musical sense of the boy and challenge him via different rhythms and the boy will be left with no option than to play the rhymes with his skills.

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About Friday Night Funkin APK

Friday night funkin APK is a music game has been describe in the earlier part if this guide,  it consists of a cute witty graphics and extremely entertaining gameplay that is a good for relaxation moments.

The main team of the Friday funkin night game is to impress a girl and then take her on a date and there are tons of amazing features to have fun on your mobile phone by playing the game and exploring the amazing features.

The app is strictly for adults and you must be of 18years old or older for you to have access to this mobile game. To play this game, you have to make sure you are an adult, then select teenage girl or a matured woman, dance to the beat and show some better moves to the girl and make sure she’s inspired by you or else, you will be kicked out from the arena or the girls house.

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Characters Of The Story

If you have been reading this information provided above to this section, you should have gotten the overall impression of what the game looks like and the main idea of the Friday night funkin, however, there are different characters in the game but the major characters are the boyfriend (the boy), girlfriend (the girl) and a father (the girl’s dad).

Let’s take a look at each Major character to see what role they play and have overall experience of their importance in the Friday night funkin APK.


This is the main character in the story and the boyfriend will be a young boy of 18years or older, he has to proof himself a talented rapper with good knowledge of music. He will rap against the father of the girl and face various challenges in order to meet his girlfriend. Upon the installation of this game, you will play the role of a boyfriend as a player.


As it has been mentioned in the earlier part of This guide, your main aim in the game as boyfriend is to reach your girlfriend and take her out, but the girl’s father will not allow you to do that unless you compete with him and won to impress the girl. When you win the battle, the girl will appear with an appealing appearance and attract you towards herself.


This is the father of your girlfriend that won’t let you go on a date with her daughter without giving you a must accept musical challenges and if you can’t guess the rhymes correctly, you will be denied the access to your girlfriend.

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Game Play

The game play of the Friday night funkin is very simple and should have fully been understand from the information provided above. Don’t worry, just download and install the app. The latest version of the app will be provided In this guide. Upon the installation, just open to lunch the app and select the main Option, remember you’re the boyfriend, so the gender you’re going to select is male.

Once you have successfully select your gender and other required options, kindly select a girl or woman and this girl will be your girlfriend which you will be competing with his father by showing your dancing and rapping skills or as the case may be.

Features Of Friday Night Funkin

  • The Game consists of interesting graphics and this graphics are extremely attractive .
  • Consists of quality music that are incredibly cool and interesting. This music are catchy and very appealing to hear.
  • It’s a very simple challenging game the consists of many challenges.
  • The rules to run the game successfully has been provided.
  • The game has two playing modes, which are story mode and free play respectively.
  • The first mode consists of many levels that you will have to pass one by one while the second mode is to train yourself so that you can get mystery over music, this second mode is known as free play mode of the Friday night funkin.
  • You will get a kiss from your girlfriend by convincing her father.
  • It’s accessible and can be played on all Android devices.
  • The latest version that will be provided in this guide comes with a lot bif improvements.
  • Everyone can learn it quickly.
  • It’s full of fun and make relaxation easier.
  • You will find much more joy in the Game.
  • Ability to face many characters in a sequence.
  • It consists of good graphics, game play and simple controls that will keep you bounded.
  • You will enjoy a romantic and dating story throughout the game.
  • Availability of several options to select the girls virtually.
  • And lots more of amazing features.
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Friday Night Funkin APK Download

Below is the direct link to download the app and install it on your Android device in just few Clicks.

Name                                 Friday Night Funkin

Size                                    174MB

Android Version                Required 4.1 and Up

Version                               Latest Version

         Click Here to download the App Now!

How To Install The App

Having Download the app, check the download folder on you phone and click on the app, installation prompts will appear, click on install or the corresponding option to install the app. If you’re asked to allow installation from unknown source, kindly allow it.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to know about the Friday night funkin APK and the link to download the latest version of the app has been provided, simply install the app as instructed, open, explore and enjoy the fun.



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