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Latest Airtel Unlimited Data Cheat For November 2023 Via Hatunnel

Airtel unlimited data Cheat

Airtel unlimited data cheat has recently become a scarce commodity and all Airtel user are willing to enjoy the free unlimited browsing experience with their sim card.

If you have been following us for a while, you will realized that we share more unlimited free browsing cheat on MTN and Glo than that of Airtel and this has prompt some people to bombard our DM with their request.

Today, I am glad to bring a new and blazing method to enjoy Airtel unlimited data cheat, this method doesn’t requires any airtime or data, it’s completely 0.0kb Airtel free browsing cheat as at the moment of writing this report.

However, you will need a VPN called ha tunnel and a configuration file which you will import to enjoy this Airtel unlimited free browsing offer.

But, that is not a problem, this guide will provide you with All you need to know about the method and the configuration file with the link to Download the ha tunnel app.

Ha tunnel VPN is normal VPN and works just like other VPN you might have used for free Browsing or for app tunneling and we will be using it today to enjoy Airtel unlimited data Cheat on our mobile phones.

Requirements For Airtel Unlimited Data Cheat

Below are all you need to enjoy the Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat to be received in this guide, scan through them and follow the instructions attached.

1. Ha tunnel. The main app for the free browsing cheat, Download link will be provided in the later part of this guide.

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2. Ha tunnel Airtel data cheat file. The file that we are going to import to enjoy the free browsing, the link to download the file and instructions on how to import it will be provided in the later part of this guide.

3. Airtel Sim card without airtime or data. The sim card must be Registered and active.

4. Internet connection with moderate speed.

Now that you have know all the requirements, let’s proceed to the detailed information on how to enjoy the Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat.

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2021

Follow the instructions below accordingly and enjoy surfing the internet for free.

1. Click here to download the ha tunnel VPN app and install the app.

2. Click here to download the ha tunnel configuration file(Old) and proceed to the next step.

2i New. Click here to download the latest ha tunnel configuration file that has just been uploaded and working smoothly as at the moment of updating this guide.

3. Having installed the ha tunnel app and get the config file Downloaded, open the ha tunnel app.

Import file to ha tunnel
Import File Option

4. Click on the three white dots at the top right corner of the app and select import/export as shown in the picture above.

5. Select import in the next screen and the app will request for access to your phone gallery or as the case maybe, click on allow.

6. Locate the ha tunnel config file you download in the step two above.

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7. Click on the config file to select it and it will be imported to the app.

8. Now Click on the connect button and wait for the app to connect.

9. Once the app connect successfully, you can now minimize the app and start surfing the internet for free.

10. That’s all on the latest Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat, you can use the data to access all app and websites.

If any of the steps above is not clear to you, we have prepared a video guide that shows you how to import the configuration file and how to set everything up to enjoy the latest Airtel unlimited free browsing, watch the video below.


Conclusion: strictly follow the instructions provided above to enjoy the latest Airtel unlimited data cheat without stress and a it’s contained in the earlier part of the guide, the free browsing cheat has no data cap as at the moment of writing this report and you can surf the internet to your satisfaction with 0.0kb on your Airtel sim card.

However, if you still have any question or need help during the app set up, leave a comment in the comments section below and you will be provided with the appropriate response as soon as possible.



  1. It stopped going, no matter how many times I try. I’ve reconnected a lot. It shows connected but it won’t browse or do anything

  2. Mine is not not connecting please. I’ve downloaded both the VPN and the file…. I’ve installed the VPN and add the file. But its not connecting

  3. Good say… Pls how do I recognize the file. As I have so many files on my phone. Dunno which one is for the Ha. Though I’ve installed the ‘Ha’ app, but couldn’t locate the app as I don’t know which it is.

  4. I love this. It really work for me in the past 3 days, but now it’s not working again. They are saying connection failed. All my internet connections are intact but it refuses to work. So please I need urgent help on what to do because this app has really helped me.

    • It’s not working at this moment, check the stark VPN 500MB daily and use it as alternative pending the time that the normalcy will be restored.

      To Locate the Stark VPN free 500MB, click on the menu bar at the top left corner and select free browsing.

  5. I download the latest configuration file and I tried connecting it but it’s giving me connection error..I don’t know if it’s only on my side


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