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Home Reviews Bitlivecoin.ltd – Is Bitlivecoin Legit Or Scam

Bitlivecoin.ltd – Is Bitlivecoin Legit Or Scam

Bitlivecoin.ltd review

Bitlivecoin is a newly lunched platform that allows you to make money by activation investment plans, just like many other Ponzi investment platform out their and in this bitlivecoin.ltd review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Not only that, I will show you how to claim free $30 bonus, which can be used for investment and as well as how to earn up to $300 for free on the platform.

The fact that you can make money for free on the platform is what prompts me most to write this review and at the end of this bitlivecoin review, you’re going to learn how to make money for free on the platform.

About Bitlivecoin

BITLIVECOIN claim to be an alternative investment company that provides trust management services for clients’ portfolios through the cryptocurrency markets.

The platform proceed in it’s claim that the traders of the company consist of highly qualified specialists specializing in the crypto sector with an average experience of 10+ years in the relevant field of trading. Underline this line and continue reading our bitlivecoin review.

The platform claimed to be backed by advanced technology and tools such as quantitative trading, it allows its traders to identify the opportunity with confidence despite high volatility and changing market conditions.

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How to get $30 bonus for free on Bitlivecoin

As I have said in the previous part of this guide, the platform provides you with the opportunity to make money for free and in this section of my bitlivecoin.ltd review, I will show you how that can be done.

The aforementioned free $30 is a registration bonus on the platform and as at the moment of writing this review, you will be given a whooping sum of $30 Upon the completion of your registration on the platform.

Bitlivecoin registration bonus

How to claim $30 sign up bonus on Bitlivecoin

Simply click here to go to the Bitlivecoin registration page, you will see a button for Claim $30, simply click on the button and register by providing all the required details.

You will be redirected to your dashboard, simply scroll down and click on the button to send verification email to your registratered email, click on the confirmation button to verify your account.

If you check your email and can’t find the verification email, kindly check the Spam folder. Now click on receive bonus option from your dashboard and claim your free $30

How to invest Bitlivecoin registration bonus

How to invest your $30 on Bitlivecoin

Once you get the bonus successfully, the next thing is to invest the bonus and all you have to do is to click on the arrow at the top left corner of the platform, select invest Now and toggle on the bonus.

Invest your bonus and after 7days, you will be able to withdraw the return on your investment.

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Register on Bitlivecoin and claim your free $30 now

How to accumulate up to $300 for free on Bitlivecoin

The platform have an affiliate program that allows you to refer others to the platform and earn #0.30 per referral. Once someone registered on the platform with your link and activate their account, you will be rewarded with $0.3 and you can go to the referral area to receive these rewards.

The maximum amount of people you can invite and get rewarded for is 1000 and that’s where Accumulating up to $300 on Bitlivecoin emerged. If you can infinite 100 referrals, that’s equivalent to $30 and 1000 referrals is equivalent to $300.

Bitlivecoin.ltd review

You will noticed that I only emphasized on the free version of the platform, this is because we have explore the platform and found it to be one of the Ponzi scheme investment platform and hence, they cannot be trusted.

Hence, since the platform allows you to make money for free, you can actually register and invest with your free bonus, with this, you have nothing to loose. This is what browsingtechzone referred to as zero risk investment.

You will be using the bonus gotten on the platform to invest and whatever happens have no effect on you.

Check out how to make money completing simple tasks on hawkit.


Bitlivecoin review – is Bitlivecoin.ltd legit

As it has reflect in the previous part of this Bitlivecoin review, our advise is that you stick with the free version of the platform and make money on the platform without investment.

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You will get $30 investment bonus (you must invest this bonus as you can only withdraw the return on the investment after 7days) and also have the opportunity to accumulate more by referring others to the platform.

However, if after exploring the platform yourself, Maybe you get paid without investment and others, you can decide on your own to invest and browsingtechzone will not be responsible for the outcome of the decision.


This Bitlivecoin.ltd have successfully provide you with all the important information you needed about the Bitlivecoin platform and I am sure you should be able to claim your free investment bonus on the platform without any form of stress.



  1. pls for the withdrawal i don’t have any cryptocurrency account
    how then can I place my withdrawal when the time comes

      • Minimal withdrawl is not $10 it depends on the current status of the plan you are holding. Minimum withdrawal for basic plan is $250 which i assume most of people here are currently holding

  2. Thank you for this but I actually didn’t see dash board on my phone….no place to invest…after pressing that the top arrow you said it show something entirely different from your own interface.


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