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How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode

WhatsApp dark mode is the feature that many WhatsApp users has been anticipating for, and I am glad to inform you that the feature has been rolled out officially by WhatsApp.

I was prompt to pick my pen and write detailed guide on how to activate this special feature on WhatsApp, after which some people have bombard my inbox with a link, claiming to activate the feature automatically after which a user have click on the link.

Don’t be surprised with my claim above, it was deu to the fact that people are eager to get this feature working on their device, believing that clicking on a link can activate such feature might sounds somehow funny, but no one knows all.

However, I will use this moment to inform you that, clicking on such link can never be of any advantage to you than to to expose you to some threats.

Today, I am going to explain in details, how to activate the dark mode feature on your WhatsApp without any stress.

Without further ado, below are the steps involved in activating this feature are discussed below.


Steps to enable WhatsApp dark Mode
Complete Steps To Activate
WhatsApp Dark Mode


WhatsApp Dark Mode For Android

Below are the detailed steps on how to activate dark mode on Android:
• Go to play store to update your WhatsApp to the latest version. And if you have updated the app already, just move to the next step.
• Open the updated WhatsApp and click on the three white dots at the top right corner of the app.
• Select Settings as shown in the step one of the picture above.
• Click on chats as show in the step two of the picture above.
• Now select theme as shown in the step three of the picture above.
• You current theme should be light, then unmark it by clicking on dark as shown in the step four of the picture above.
• Click ok and navigate back to the app home page.

That’s all, you have activate dark mode on WhatsApp successfully.

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WhatsApp Dark Mode For iPhone

Activation of dark mode on iPhone is also simple as well and you will also follow the same Steps stated above.
The summary of the steps involved is shown below.
• Make sure that the WhatsApp installed on your device is the latest version.
• Go to settings and select chats.
• Click on the theme and turn on the dark mode.

Is WhatsApp Dark Mode Safe?

Yes, the dark mode feature is as save as the normal mode. With the method discussed in this guide, you will not need to install any third party app before you can enjoy this feature.

How Do I Turn On Dark Mode On WhatsApp IOS?

There is no special steps to activate dark mode on WhatsApp IOS as mentioned above. The steps to enable dark mode on WhatsApp IOS has just been discussed above. Just Scrol up and follow the steps.
Their is neither WhatsApp dark mode download nor any APK to install before enabling the feature, just follow the steps that are being discussed above and you will be able to activate the feature with ease.
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