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How To Monetize A WhatsApp Group And Earn Up To $500 Monthly In 2024

How to monetize a WhatsApp group

How to monetize a WhatsApp group have recently spark lots of reaction online as a lot of whatsapp group owner are eager to know how they can make money with their respective group, this is because, WhatsApp doesn’t have a revenue sharing program as some other platforms that you might have came across in the past.

WhatsApp monetization seems to be an impossible things to do only when you don’t have the right information at hand. With the right information, you will be able to monetize your WhatsApp and make the most out of it and in this guide, browsingtechzone.com is going to do is usual by providing you with different strategy to make money with your WhatsApp group.

About Monetization

Monetization is the process of converting something, typically an asset or an activity, into money or revenue. It involves finding ways to generate income or profits from a particular resource, product, service, or content.

Monetization strategies can vary widely depending on the context, and they may involve methods such as selling products, advertising, subscription models, fees, royalties, or other means of income generation.

In the digital age, it’s commonly associated with strategies for making money from online content, apps, websites, or online platforms. Monetization is a fundamental concept in business and finance, often used to sustain and grow businesses or to extract value from assets.

About WhatsApp group monetization

This is When you are able to monetize your WhatsApp group and make the most out of it. With the detailed information about Monetization revealed about, it’s now crystal clear that monetization is not all about the particular app paying you, you can actually create the opportunity by yourself and for yourself.

If you have been following browsingtechzone on our WhatsApp money making system and have read our previous guides carefully, I have no atom of doubt that you should be seeing your WhatsApp account as your full time office by now.

In the previous guides, we have provide you with the detailed information on how to create a WhatsApp TV and make money from it, how to create and manage a WhatsApp group, how creating a WhatsApp group will help you earn cool cash and now revealing WhatsApp monetization method to you!!!

Without futher ado, let’s see various ways with which you can monetize your WhatsApp group

Sell advert spot to monetize your WhatsApp group

How To Monetize A WhatsApp Group By Selling Advert Spot In Your Group

Making money from a WhatsApp group by selling advertising spots is surely one of the viable strategy if you have an active and engaged audience.

This can be achieved by following the few steps outlined below:

Build an active WhatsApp Group

Surely, for you to be able to monetize a group, you must have one but not just an ordinary one, but an active one at that. If you’ve been following us through this guide, I am very sure you should have all it takes to create an eligible whats App group by now.

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If you intend to sell advert spot in your group and you want to get the best result out of that, simply create a WhatsApp group centered around a specific niche or topic that attracts a targeted audience. It could be related to a hobby, industry, or interest.

Grow Your Group

Promote your WhatsApp group through social media, forums, and other relevant channels to attract members who are interested in your niche. We have already released a detailed information on how to grow your group in one of our previous guides.

Identify Your Audience

This is very important as advertisers will only comeback if they get a noticeable amount of conversion from their Advert. You must understand the demographics and interests of your group members to better target potential advertisers.

Offer Value

Before selling ad spots, build a reputation for providing value within your group. This will make advertisers more interested in reaching your audience.

Set Advertising Rates

Once you’re done with all the steps above as recommended by browsingtechzone.com, you can proceed to starting your WhatsApp group monetization via selling ad spots.

Determine how much you want to charge for advertising spots. The rates can vary based on factors like group size, engagement, and niche.

Create a Media Kit

Put together a media kit that includes information about your group, its demographics, engagement statistics, and the benefits of advertising with you.

Approach Potential Advertisers

Reach out to businesses or individuals who might be interested in advertising to your group’s audience. You can do this through direct messages or emails.

However, to maintain an healthy deal with advertisers, you can attract them naturally as the deal will make more sense when they approaches you for advert by themselves than when you approaches them yours.

However, approaching a potential advertiser is surely on of the great strategy to sell out your Advert Spot very quick, but some adviser might want to take tye advantage of the fact that you approaches them first.

Offer Various Advertising Options

It’s time to decide how you will place the ads in your group to help the advertisers get the best result out of their advert.

Provide options such as sponsored posts, pinned messages, or exclusive promotions to accommodate different advertisers’ needs.

Negotiate and Close Deals and deliver promises

Be prepared to negotiate prices and terms with potential advertisers. Once a deal is agreed upon, send them an invoice.

And above all, make sure that you always deliver on promises. Ensure that the advertising content meets the expectations of the advertiser and your group members.

Track and Report

Provide data and analytics to advertisers to show the impact of their ads within your group.

Payment Handling

Set up a reliable method for receiving payments from advertisers, such as PayPal or bank transfers.

Hence, you should maintain transparency by all means, be transparent with your group members about the presence of ads and how they benefit the group.

Scale and Adapt

As your group grows, adapt your advertising strategy to accommodate more advertisers and potentially increase rates.

Remember that building a successful WhatsApp group and monetizing it through advertising takes time and effort. Maintaining trust and engagement with your group members while delivering value to advertisers is crucial for long-term success. Additionally, be aware of any legal or privacy regulations that may apply to advertising in your region.

How to sell your own product and make money on WhatsApp

Sell your own product to you group members

This is the second strategy on my list for how to monetize a WhatsApp group and indeed, I considered it the most active and the most lucrative strategy amongst all. There’s bastard money in this strategy bro!

You might be wondering that you don’t own any product right? But you shouldn’t worry as that is the most easiest things to do.

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How to get a product to sell to my group members

When browsingtechzone said ‘”sell your own product” it doesn’t really means that you manufacture the product yourself, you can actually source for a product that is highly demanded in your area, get here to get this product at a very low cost and add your own profit to it.

This is where the real Money is, this is because, if you find the right product, you can be making up to ₦20,000/$25 per product sales.

Jumia product

For example

I once came across a very nice product on jumia and this product is just selling for ₦3000+ on just. However, upon seeing the product, I already know it can be resale at a higher price. So I think for a while and decided to place an order to see if the product that will be delivered will be the same with that of what I see.

On getting the product delivered, I get exactly what I was thinking in my mind and while I was waiting for tye product to be delivered, I already came across same product on Facebook and the advertiser is selling that Same product for N26,000.

You should see how people are eager to get the product, not knowing they can get it somewhere with just ₦3,000. Now imagine having the opportunity to leverage on such product, that’s above ₦20,000/$25 profit on each product.

And as a group owner, you don’t need to pay for advert again, just introduce the product to your members and make them fall in love with it, you can sell your own at a lesser price since the profit will still be okay.

Jumia wristwatch

Another example is a wristwatch I got for ₦19,000 on jumia and on sighting an advert Facebook, the same wristwatch is selling for ₦50,000.

Now this what the seller did, he/she makes the product a combo offer by including other gift items in a single package, where the wristwatch is the main product.

In this case, the box will consist of the wristwatch, a perfume and an airpod. I didn’t think twice, I checked the name of the gifting items included and made my research on them and their price.

At the end of the day, the perfume is found to be selling for ₦5000 and the airpod is selling for less than ₦5,000. That’s ₦19,000 + ₦5,000 + N5,000, which is approximately ₦30,000.


How to sell my products to my group members

Now that you have had an idea on how to get a product to sell, let’s provide you with the tips to make selling your products within your group a very easier tasks.

Remember that the examples cited above are just to put you on the track, there are thousands of more profitable products out there, just do your research and grab one or two of them.

Monetizing your WhatsApp group by selling products to members required few steps for you to be able to get on the right track and below shows this steps and the detailed information about each of the steps

Choose a Niche

Determine what kind of products you want to sell and choose a niche that aligns with the interests of your group members.

Build a Responsive Audience

Ensure your WhatsApp group has an engaged and relevant audience interested in your chosen niche. You can achieve this by promoting your group in relevant online communities and social media.

Source Quality Products

Find or create products that are high-quality and offer value to your group members. You can either manufacture your products or source them from reliable suppliers.

Create Compelling Content

Share informative and persuasive content within your group. This can include product descriptions, images, videos, and reviews to showcase the benefits of your products.

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Set Up a Sales Funnel

Create a clear sales funnel that guides your members from initial interest to making a purchase. This can include providing information, answering questions, and offering discounts or promotions.

As a beginner, you don’t necessarily need an external platform to get this done, your group can actually be your sales funnel.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Be responsive to member inquiries and provide exceptional customer service. Promptly address any issues or concerns to build trust.

Use Payment Methods

Set up a secure payment method, such as digital wallets or payment gateways, to facilitate transactions within the group.

Market Strategically

Promote your products in a non-spammy way. Share updates, special offers, and announcements strategically to avoid overwhelming your members.

Track Performance

Monitor the performance of your sales efforts. Use analytics tools to track sales, engagement, and conversion rates. Adjust your strategy based on the data and make sure to comply with Regulations by  ensuring that you comply with local laws and regulations related to online sales and privacy.

Scale Gradually

As your group grows and generates income, consider reinvesting in your business to expand your product offerings or reach a larger audience.

Remember that building a successful business within a WhatsApp group takes time and effort. You need to foster a community, gain trust, and consistently provide value to your members. Be transparent and ethical in your business practices to build a loyal customer base.

Make money with WhatsApp referral marketing

Join Referral Program

Making money through referral programs is another way to monetize your WhatsApp group and it’s indeed a very lucrative strategy. All you have to do here is to source for legit platform that pays for referrals, especially the risk free ones.

To be able to make use of this strategy in Monetizing your WhatsApp group, there are few steps to follow in order to get this done and make the most out of it. The steps are spelt out below:

Identify Referral Opportunities

The first step is to source for an opportunity, you need to find programs or companies that offer referral incentives. These can be online retailers, service providers, or even apps. Look for companies with products or services you genuinely believe in, as it’s easier to refer something you trust.

Sign Up for the Program

Join the company’s referral program. This usually involves creating an account and obtaining a unique referral link or code that tracks your referrals.

Promote Your Referral Link

Share your referral link or code with your WhatsApp group members and provide them with the detailed information on how to get started with the platform.  Make sure your referrals know the benefits they’ll receive by using your link, like discounts or bonuses.

Provide Value

To encourage people to use your referral link, it’s essential to provide value. Share your personal experiences and insights about the product or service. Highlight its benefits and how it has helped you and how it can be of help to them as well.

Track Your Referrals

Most referral programs offer dashboards or tools to track your referrals’ activity. Monitor this regularly to see how many people have signed up through your link and whether they’ve made purchases or completed desired actions.

Collect Rewards

As your referrals convert into customers or users, you’ll earn rewards. These can be in the form of cash, discounts, gift cards, or even free products/services, depending on the program’s terms.

Scale Your Efforts

The more referrals you generate, the more money you can make. Consider scaling your efforts by reaching out to a broader audience, creating content around the product or service, or collaborating with influencers if applicable.

Comply with Program Rules

Ensure you follow the rules and guidelines of the referral program. Some programs have restrictions on how you can promote your referral link, and violating these rules could lead to the termination of your account and earnings.

Remember that success in referral marketing takes time and effort. Building trust with your audience, choosing the right programs, and effectively promoting your referral link are key factors in making money through referrals. Always disclose your affiliate status to maintain transparency with your audience.


The detailed guide on how to monetize a WhatsApp group have successfully provide you with the different ways to get your group monetized and I am very sure you will be able to earn up to $500 monthly if the strategy discussed in this guide is well implemented.

However, you should know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, in order to make the best out of this strategy, you must devote your time to it, apply effort and be persistent.



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