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Home Reviews Riverranch.app Review – Is River Ranch Legit Or Scam?

Riverranch.app Review – Is River Ranch Legit Or Scam?

riverranch.app review

Is riverranch.app legit or scam? Find out all you need to know about the rever ranch app in this riverranch.app review, especially if the platform is legit or not.

Incase you haven’t come across the platform before, it a ponzi like investment platform that have been lunched some months ago and a lot of questions start popping out about the platform lately.

Also, if you have heard of the platform already but seeking for facts about the platform, how it operates and if it’s safe to invest on the platform or not, then you will find everything you’re looking for in this honest river ranch app review.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Read this review carefully to know if the river ranch is legit or Scam

About river ranch app

Riverranch.app is a platform that allows you to make money completing simple tasks on the platform just like mybonus platform and other Ponzi platform that have came and gone.

But in the river ranch app case, it claims to pay individuals to rear animals and it’s investors are called ranchers. When you buy a particular animal on the platform, you will start making mo on a daily basis and be able to withdraw to your bank account at anytime you have the minimum withdrawal in your withdrawable balance.

Riverranch.app claims to be a company, whose full name is river Breeding Management Co., Ltd. Said to be located in the catalyst office building in Washington, USA. It claimed to ba a group company covering all continents in the United States. And to have been founded in 2003 and have a history of 20 years(but can this be true? Continue reading)

Three Claims Of riverranch.app that seems to be a recycled story

1. The riverranch.app have it that before 2019, the river ranch app company has been engaged in offline investment promotion for major breeding pastures and looking for investors who work part-time in the breeding industry.

2. It claimed that after 2019, due to the outbreak of the global epidemic, the economies of major industries have been greatly affected, which has hindered many farm ranchers from expanding their farms. (Reason to come in)

3. It therefore claimed that after 2020, river ranch app company began to cooperate with major breeding pastures to do online investment promotion, and seek people from all over the world to join the breeding industry, make money together and jointly obtain a dividend from the breeding industry.

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The platform contained of different animals that you can purchase and ranch, this higher the price of the animal, the higher your daily income from ranching such animal.

River Ranch app animals

Animals to ranch on river ranch app

Below are some notable animals on the platform with a break down of how much it required to buy them and how much you earn on a daily basis after buying them.


Revenue details: It costs 2000 to buy Turkey. You can earn 100 a day and 3000 rupees a month.


It takes 55000 naira to buy a snake. You can earn 2200 naira a day and 803000 naira when you Invite a snake rancher to get 5600 naira recommendation award. Easily earn 100000 in 365 days


Revenue details: It costs 3500 to buy a Goose. You can earn 140 a day and 4200 three month. Inviting a goose rancher can get a reward of 400, and easily earn 20000 a month


Revenue details: It takes 35000 naira to buy an Rabbit. You can earn 1400 naira a day and 511000 naira in 365 days

Invite rabbit ranchers to get 3600 naira recommendation award. Easily earn 100000 naira per month


It takes 17000 naira to buy a pheasant. You can earn 700 naira every day and inviting a pheasant rancher can get a recommendation reward of 2000 naira and easily earn 100000 naira per month.


It takes 80000 naira to buy a kangaroo. You can earn 3000 naira a day and 1500000 naira in 500 days

Invite kangaroo ranchers to win the 8200 Naira Recommendation Award. Easily earn 100000 naira per month


It takes 100000 naira to buy a horse. You can earn 4000 naira every day and 1.46 million naira in 365 day Inviting a horse rancher can get a recommendation reward of n10000 and easily earn n1000000 a month.


It costs 60000 naira to buy a cow. You can earn 2500 naira per day and 912500 naira per 365

Invite dairy farmers to get a recommendation reward of 6000 naira and easily earn 1000000 naira per month.


It takes 50000 naira to buy an alpaca. You can earn 2000 naira a day, 730000 naira in 365 days

Invite alpaca ranchers to get 5000 naira recommendation reward. Easily earn 100000 naira per month

Sika deer

It costs 25000 naira to buy a sika deer. You can earn 1000 naira a day and 180000 naira in 180 days

Invite Sika Deer ranchers to get 2700 naira recommendation reward. Easily earn 30000 naira a month.


It takes 40000 naira to buy an ostrich. You can earn 1300 naira a day and 650000 naira in 500 days

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Invite ostrich ranchers to win the 3200 Naira Recommendation Award. Easily earn 100000 naira per month


You can spend 13000 naira to become a pig farmer. You can earn 520 naira a day and 15600 naira a month. The validity period is 180 days.

Invite a pig farmer and you will get 1500 naira. Pig farms have many places!


Revenue details: It costs 8000 to buy a sheep. You can earn 340 a day and 51000 in five months. Inviting a Sheep rancher can get a reward of 1000, and easily earn 100000 a month.

Before you proceed, check each plans/animals that are available and how much you earn on a certain amount of investment. Then ask yourself if such platform can be anything outside a ponzi scheme. Get rich quick scheme.

About river Ranch app

River Ranch app registration

Wants to register on the river ranch app, simply go to the river ranch app registration page and register with your phone number.

Now let’s get to the river ranch app review and see if the platform is legit or just another scam.

Riverranch.app review

Here is where we are going and in this section, I will be providing you with two elements that will allow you decide if river ranch app is legit or river ranch app is scam. These two elements are the green and red flags respectively.

With the information I will be revealing in these two sections, you will be able to decide if the riverranch.app is legit or scam.

Gree flags

This are the indications that implies that the site might be legit and the more these gree flags, the more hope for the platform to be a legit one. Without further ado, below are the green flags spotted on the platform by browsingtechzone while gathering information for this riverranch.app review.

1. The platform have an interface that is easy to understand and the platform response time is considerably good.

2. The platform have spent more than 4 months online, according to the information gotten while gathering detailed for this riverranch.app review, the platform was lunched in may 2022.

3. The platform is still paying as at the moment of writing this river ranch app review.

4. The platform have reportedly create a physical office in Lagos and looking forward to crate another one in other parts of the country.

Red flags

This are the indications, which implies that the site might be a scam platform and the more these red flags are, the more dangerous the platform becomes and unsafe for your investment. Without futher ado, below are the red flags spotted on the platform by browsingtechzone while gathering information for this riverranch.app review.

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1. The platform claims that an investment will earns you everyday for a whole 365 days and having doing the summation of how much you earn each month, they are very high and portrait nothing but a ponzi scheme that might crashed anytime soon.

2. The platform have been lunched since may and still operating till now, and you must remember that the older a Ponzi platform, the riskier it becomes.

3. The platform claims to be company that partner with real firm rearing these animals but in reality, that claim is far from the truth.

4. All the animals on the platform are virtual and the platform did not have a single animal physically.

5. The platform claims to have been in existence since 2003 but that’s untrue, they just 5 months old. These is the common lies that all Ponzi platform do tell on their arrival.

6. With browsingtechzone analysis, the platform is of high risk and surely it will stopped paying one day, but how long or how soon is what browsingtechzone.com cannot assume.

River Ranch app withdrawal
River Ranch app withdrawal

River Ranch app review – is riverranch.app legit

As at the moment if creating this river ranch review, there is no report of failure in payment or a breach to the previous agreement and in this note, the platform can be said to be paying at this moment and we can tell when they will stop paying as no one knows except the person behind the platform.

Is riverranch.app scam

For now, the platform Cannot be marked as scam as it is still paying as promised. All we can say is that the platform is of high risk platform and if you should be involved in its activities, you should thread with caution and invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

Can I invest on riverranch.app

I have absolutely revealed all you need to know about the platform and also made available for you, all the results of our research about the platform and what we have observed so far. However, I believed this particular question has been answered as we have provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Hence, you should be able to take a decision, and know if you’re fit to invest in the platform or not. Whether you should invest or not is not our decision to make, it’s solely yours and you will be responsible for either of the outcome.

Update!!! Has river ranch crashed? Has riverranch.app crashed

As at the moment if updating this river ranch review, the platform have stopped paying as there are report and lamentations from different members of the platform and on this note, the platform can be declared as crashed.


This is an honest riverranch.app review and with the information provided in this review, I strongly believe that I have been able to open your eyes to some extent about the platform as we have revealed all you need to know about the platform and hence, you should be able to take a wise decision. However, if you must invest, only invest the amount you can afford to loose.



  1. River ranch App is a scam !
    People all over the Lagos state are crying now. They were buying virtual animals ranging from snake, Pig, Horse, Aligator and Carmel. All these were scams.
    Nigerian 419 scammers.
    Just like MMM, they have hit and they have disappered.
    It is a Shame to Wema Bank and Opay banks if they should not return peoples’ money.


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