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Palmpay Awoof Money: How To Get Up To 30,000 For Free On Palmpay

palmpay awoof money

Palmpay awoof money as it’s name implies is a promotion that is going on currently on palmpay app, which allows every users, both new and existing users to get free cash that is up to a whopping sum of thirty thousands naira ( N30,000 ) per person.

Yes! You heard me right, you can get up to N30,000 via the palmpay awoof Money promotion if you know how to go about it.

You might be wondering how you can go about it?

But guess what? How To go about it is what this article is about to reveal and give you the step by step guide on how to take advantage of this palmpay awoof Money.

If you didn’t forget, I have shared a lot of guides on how to make money online without spending a dime, ranging from kuda bank, chipper cash app which is still blazing and lots more.

Today, I will show you how palmpay awoof Money works and how you can earn yourself a token or huge amount of money via the promotion depending on your commitment.

We all know that palmpay offer a lot of services and mouthwatering incentives for recommending the app to your friends and family, but this awoof Money is a stand alone offer that was recently added to the app and palmpay reserve every right to stop it at any time.

Yes! You heard me right! The awoof Money is a promotion that can be called giveaway, which is hosted by palmpay to celebrate their users and as a result of this, it’s obvious that it might come to an end at anytime soon.

So if you’re here really right now, after reading this guide, just take the supposed action and secure your own freebies before it’s too late.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the steps involved in getting palmpay awoof Money.

How To Get Palmpay Awoof Money

Palmpay awoof money gives you up to N250 per awoof Link you claimed and you can use this money to buy airtime or data.

But how can i earn up ta N30,000?

That’s a very good question, the steps involved in getting up to that amount via palmpay awoof money is to accumulate it by sending your link out to your friends and family. It’s called send awoof to get awoof!

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Calm down, just follow the step by step instructions below and you will be fine.

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Now let’s continue to how to accumulate palmpay awoof money up to N30,000

1. Make sure your palmpay app is updated and if you are not a member on palmpay yet, click here to download the palmpay app and Register with your favourite phone number. If you’re asked for referral code, use D4ECQ2 as your referral code.

2. Now that you have Download the palmpay app or your palmpay app is updated Click here to claim the awoof money and get up to N250.

3. Upon clicking on the link in the step 2 above, you will be redirected to the palmpay awoof money page, enter your mobile number that is registered with palmpay.

4. After claiming the awoof money, now open the palmpay app and click on buy Airtime or data, anyone of your choice.

5. Click on the voucher position at the check out point and the amount you get from the awoof money will be deducted from the amount you are going to pay.

6. Once you are done with the step 5 above, it implies that you have claimed your awoof and redeem it as well.

The next thing now is to start sending the awoof money to family and friends to get more awoof money.


Awoof Money Dashboard


How To Accumulate Palmpay Awoof Money And Get Up To N30,000

As it has been mentioned above, it’s Time to send awoof money and get back awoof money in return.

But the awoof money you will get in return is going to be in cash and not in voucher as the one you claimed in the step 2 of the just concluded steps above.

The awoof money you accumulate can be sent directly to your bank account and can Also be used for all services provided by palmpay.

Follow the instructions below to accumulate more palmpay awoof Money;

1. Open your palmpay app and select awoof money.

Send awoof money
to get awoof money

2. You will be taken to a page as shown in the picture above. Click on the button that says send awoof money to get awoof money.

3. Upon clicking on the button, you will be taken to a page with options to send awoof money, now Choose the option of your choice and send the awoof money either by link or by contact.

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4. Once the person Click on your link and claim the awoof money, you will get back what so ever amount he/she gets as bonus and it can be withdrawn.

5. Keep sending the link out and your money keep counting until you reach N30,000.

If you didn’t earn up to N30,000 fine, but the maximum amount you can accumulate with one Palmpay Account is N30,000

How Awoof Money Is Being Calculated And It’s Distribution

There are Three steps in awoof Money before you get your finalized money to be added to your balance. And each steps are explained below.

Unclaimed awoof money

1. Unclaimed: immediately you send awoof money link and someone click it and claim it, your Earnings will goes to unclaimed, which implies it’s yet to be redeemed.

Claimed awoof money

2. Claimed: Once the person Redeem the awoof money he/she got from clicking your link, the money will be moved from unclaimed to claimed and at this point, your money is ready to be disbursed. All you have to do is to wait for the following day after which the money has been moved to claimed.

Finalized awoof money
That is ready for Utilization

3. Earnings: This is your finalized Earnings that is ready for withdrawal. It will be moved to your balance a day after your the person that click on your link Redeem the money by purchasing airtime or data.

Things To Take Note On Palmpay Awoof Money Promotion

1. The person you send the awoof money to must claim and reedeem it for your bonus to be finalized.

2. The highest someone can get from an awoof Link is N100.

3. You earned same amount as the person that claim the awoof money via your link.

4. The sender of an awoof money will get cash while the receiver will get his/her bonus in form of voucher.

5. Your awoof Earnings will be finalized a day after it has been redeemed by the receiver.

6. If you didn’t understand anything, drop it in the comments box and get a quick response.

Palmpay Balance Adder

In this section, I am going to reveal to you, all you need to know about the so called palmpay balance adder, if it’s real or not, how to download it and how it can be used to add free cash to your palmpay account.

Recently, a lot of individuals have messaged me in a bid to get the palmpay balance adder downloaded to their phone and have access to use the app in executing whichever purpose it’s being created For.

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What is palmpay balance adder

Palmpay balance adder as it’s name implies is a tool designed to help you get free money added to your palmpay balance. On this note, you will be told to deposit a specific amount of money and this money will be added in multiple of the initial amount.

Having read the line above, what should come to your mind right now is if the tool can be real and if it’s really safe for you to use. Does this leads us to another section in this guide.

Is Palmpay balance adder real?

If you’re asking this question right now, then you’re smart cause what the app promised to let you archive is questionable in the first place.

However, the palmpay balance adder was never exist and what doesn’t exist cannot even be real.

Ok! You’re wondering how others get it if it’s not real? The app are designed by individuals that aim in scamming unsuspecting individuals on the internet, these app were never associate with palmpay and can never work for the purpose with which you intend to use it for.

Is Palmpay balance adder Scam

Without any unnecessary stress, my answer to this question is Yes! This palmpay balance adder is scam and this is written all over my says about the app. If you have read my description about the app carefully, you should have known it’s a scam without having to ask again.

Is Palmpay balance adder safe

No! It was never safe and if you see any application named palmpay balance adder and promised to help you add a particular amount of money to your palmpay balance, the best thing you can do for yourself is to run for your dear life.

If you mistakenly Link your ATM card details to such app, then you have willing accept to get scammed as the app called palmpay balance adder have back door that will allow the owner of the app have access to your fund unauthorized via your card.

These app doesn’t belong to a single developer, any scammer can create it and clone it with that of palmpay app to gain your trust.

Palmpay balance adder APK download

If you’re still looking forward to download any APK for palmpay balance adder, then I will assume you didn’t read the previous part of this guide carefully, simply go back and read the guide carefully to fully understand all you need to know about palmpay balance adder app and take the right decision that won’t affect you later.


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  1. Thanks for this article. I have just 2 Questions.
    Question 1: does the person I refer need to purchase anything or make a transaction with the app before I get my referral bonus?

    Question 2: is it #250 per referral or does it increase/change, depending on what Palmpay decides to do?


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