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How To Take Photos Of Yourself On Android Without Anyone Assistance

how to take photos of yourself


If you have been looking for ways to take pictures of yourself with your Android phone, then I am glad to have you here as I am going to explain the best and the easiest way to take as many pictures of yourself as possible without anyone helping you with the task.

I don’t know if we are viewing things in the same perspective on the issue if taking pictures, but I guess you will agree with me that nearly all Android phone users can’t do without taking beautiful pictures on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, camera quality have lately become one major things that everyone tends to put into consideration when choosing the mobile phone they want to purchase and this is applicable to nearly everyone, including you and I.

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However, Many individuals tends to have some difficulties in taking pictures of themselves especially when full picture is concerned. We understand that no one will help you I taking selfie as it’s another method of taking pictures.

But, how will you take a full photos of yourself when you’re all alone?

Don’t. Worry, the answer will be provided in full in this guide.

Complete Step By Step Guide On How To Take Photos Of Yourself Without Anyone Assistance.

I have seen a situation where two friends wants to take pictures together, but one have to snapshot another, or else they want to take selfie. They have to wait for someone to come in other to help them with the picture of which I eventually be the one to help them out at that day.

But wait, what if they didn’t see anyone that will help them out with the picture?

Will they wait for ever? Lol

No they will eventually left without archiving their aim, not knowing that the solution right in their hands.

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In this situation, you can actually turn the phone to the third or the second person and command your phone to snapshot you by itself. You’re asking me how right? Don’t rush, I will explain everything to you in step by step.

Without further ado, below are all you need to take a photo of yourself.


• Your Smart phone

• Self Camera timer app. Download it here.

• Few minutes to read the steps below and follow the instructions provided in the steps.


How To Take Photos Of Yourself

1. Simply click here to download and install self camera timer app.

2. Open the app and you phone camera will come up with 8 buttons as explained below.


Menu bar

I. Menu bar:

This is the bar that can be used to bring out all the eight buttons of the app and also to hide them at the same time.

If you need any of the button and they are no where to be found in the screen, just hit the icon shown in the picture above and it will bring them out. If you also need to hide them, Click on that same icon and the buttons will disappear.


Camera switch

II. Camera switch:

This is an option that allows you to switch your camera mode between front or back. If you need to make use of the front camera, just click on the icon shown above once, and if you need to switch it back to the back camera, Click on it again and vice versa.


Flash light

III. Flash light:

This is an option that allows you to switch on or off your phone flashlight.



IV. Timer:

This is an option that allows you to set the time to take the camera before capturing you automatically. In the picture above, I just set it to start after 15 seconds so that I can take my position very well before the timer runs out.

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The settings above implies that the camera will start capturing me 15 seconds after which I have prompt it to start.


Snapshot Revolution

V. Snapshot Revolution:

This is the number if times the camera will snapshot you after which you have to prompt it start.

Just click on the button shown in the picture above to change the number of the time, you can either Change it to 4 or 1.


Auto camera gallery

VI Auto camera gallery:

This is a place where all picture you have taken with the self camera timer app will be saved. You can click on the icon shown in the picture above to view bot delete any picture before returning to your phone gallery.

Now that you have understand all the important button in the app, let’s move to the next step.

3. Lunch your self camera timer app and set the the timer to the appropriate time of your choice.

4. Click on the snapshot Revolution button to change it to 4 or 1, anyone of your choice.

5. Now position your phone to a place where but will be able to take your full picture or any picture of your choice.


Camera starter

6. Now Click on the camera icon at the bottom right corner of the app as shown in the picture above.

7. The camera will started counting down according to the timer instructions. You should have set this before hitting the button shown above.

Cancel menu

8. Once you Click on the camera button, the cancel option will appear, if you think that you need any form of adjustment, weather to increase or decrease the seconds on the timer, just click on the cancel button as shown above. If you’re ok with the settings and ready for the picture, proceed to the step 9 below.

9. The timer will start counting down, use this moment to take position and stand the way you intend to appear in the picture.

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10. Once the timer reaches zero, you will earn a bumping sound, this bumping sound it telling you that the timer has reaches zero and the camera is about to do it’s job. Once this sounds repeat itself three times, the camera will captured you by itself.

11. If you set the snapshot Revolution to 4 then start changing the way you pose for the remaining three and vise versa.

Hurray! You have grab the detailed step by step guide on how to take photos of yourself without anyone interference. You can repeat the process to your own Satisfaction.

Tip For Taking Picture Of Yourself.

Here are some tips that will help you in taking pictures of yourself.

1. Set the timer to at least 10 seconds; this will allow you to pose appropriately before the capturing begins.

2. Place the phone at where it best fit the type of picture you want.

3. Set the snapshot Revolution to at least 4; this will allow you to choose the best and delete the other.

4. Always keep your eyes on the screen so as to know when the camera have done with the first capturing.

5. If you have any question concerning this guide, drop it in the comments box below and get a quick response.

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