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How To Get Up To 40GB For Free On MTN

free 40gb on mtn


MTN Free 40GB data Cheat to be discussed in this guide will be gotten via MyMTN app referal incentive bonus and you can clearly see the history on the screenshot above.

If you didn’t forget, I have dropped a detailed guide on how to get free data on MTN via the referral incentive, but you have to keep referring new numbers so as to get the 200MB data bonus that is attached to referring a friend to download the app.

Today, I will show you the detailed steps on how to accumulate this data without the need to refer anybody.


You can do it alone and enjoy using your heavy free data without any form of restrictions. This method actually surface around yesterday and it’s still booming as at the moment of writing this guide.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s go straight to the detailed steps on how to get the free data on your MTN Sim.

Free 40GB



1. Two MTN Sim card either new or old but one of this Sim must not have been used to access the MyMTN app before.

2. MyMTN app. Click here to download it if you don’t have it on your phone before.

3. Read every instructions to be provided in this guide carefully to avoid mistake and you’re good to go.


How To Get Free 40GB Data On MTN

Follow the instructions below to accumulate your free data and enjoy.

1. Open the MyMTN app with one of the two sim card you intend to use.

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2. Make sure that the second one haven’t been used for MyMTN app before.

3. The second sim card you want to refer must be accessible for you cause, you’re going to need an OTP that will be sent to the phone.

Invite and Get data

4. Locate invite and get free data as shown in the picture above.

5. Now input the second number that haven’t been used for MyMTN app before. You will see some boxes there, just enter the number in one of the boxes and click on the invite button.

Invitation status

6. You will see a pop up which shows that your invitation have been sent successfully as shown in the picture above.

7. Now Click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app, scroll down and click on log off.

8. Now clear the first number and enter the second number that you send the invitation to, in the step 5 above.

9. Click on verify and an OTP will be sent to the number, enter the OTP and click on verify to continue.

Now wait!

10. Yes I just told you to wait because, you need to be extremely careful here or else you won’t be able to accumulate the data.

Once you enter the OTP and continue, you will see two button as shown in the picture below.

Option menu

11. Now Start clicking on the remind me later button and the back button. For example, if you click the remind me later button at once, Click on your phone back button at once too immediately.

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Here, Once you click on the remind me later button, don’t allow it to load before clicking on the back button. Keep on clicking on the remind me later and the back button at the same time and your 200MB data will keep adding up as shown in the screenshot below.


Data accumulation history

Hurray! You have grabbed all the steps involved in this data free data accumulation cheat, it’s time to go and implement the Steps and Enjoy.

Things to note:

1. Once you Click on the remind me later button, you will Click on the back button too immediately, don’t allow it to finish loading before clicking the back button.

2. The maximum amount of data you can accumulate with this trick is 48GB.

3. The minimum data you can get depends on your choice and how smart you are with the instructions above.

4. You can switch your network to 3g if 4g is too fast in your area.

5. The second sim you’re referring must not have been used to login to MyMTN app before or else you will get an error message.

6. The data is valid for 24hours so, use it as quick as possible to use justifiable amount before the data expires.


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  1. 1. The number using I've been using it for mtn app before, but the number i refer haven't.

    2. Step 8 are we using the same
    number we reffered in the first box?

    3. Then when you said we should log off… I logged out and login back nio

    I've tried and referred 2 friends like this and it keeps telling me when they login they will credit me

  2. It's normal data and it's working smoothly without any form of restriction.

    Check your internet connection and make sure the sim you used for the accumulation is the one you select for data usage.

    Dial *556# to check your data balance

  3. You said the data expires after 24 hours.. What if I used another sim the second day to accumulate data with the data remaining will it expire together??

  4. That means I didn't get your question.

    All I can deduct from your question is that you are asking if your data will expire at the same time if you accumulate with different sim and I just answer that. Each accumulation carries it's own 24hrs.


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