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Btckingpro Review – Is Btckingpro.com Legit Or Scam? See How To Get Free $3

Btckingpro review

Btckingpro is a newly lunched cryptocurrency exchange like platform and in this detailed btckingpro review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and especially, how to claim your free $3 experience bonus and withdraw it to any crypto wallet of your choice.

Moving forward, browsingtechzone hope you fully understand what tye statement cryptocurrency exchange like platform means? For more clarification, what I am insinuating here is the the platform looks and work exactly like that of a crypto exchange platform but cannot be classified as one due to one reason or the other.

In our previous guide, I released a detailed information on how binance app works and how to start trading on the app as a beginner and if you take a look at binance very well, you will agree with me that btckingpro looks exactly like that of the binance platform.

As contained in the previous part of this guide, this guide is going to be taking care of two major topics, which are how to get free $3 on btckingpro and a detailed btckingpro review that will reveal what the platform is all about and if the btckingpro is legit or another scam.

About btckingpro platform

As contained in the in the platform acclaimed company profile, it claims a subsidiary of CBiTrust which is a said wholly owned subsidiary of listed Digital China New Fintech Group in New Zealand. In order to achieve the global layout of the financial industry, the focus is on the preservation and appreciation of overseas assets of newly wealthy groups, the security of family wealth and intergenerational transmission.

CBiTrust said to adheres to the value concept of innovation, empowerment and efficiency, constantly optimizes and integrates asset management capabilities and financial service levels, and effectively provides customized financial products from the perspective of users.

Proceeding with what is contained on btckingpro about page, the Digital China has been engaged in digital product distribution and online payment since it was founded in 2004(I will talk about this Date later, remember this information are what provided by the app, you have to read our review carefully to actually see what browsingtechzone feel about the data).

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Btckingpro said In 2018, the group to realize strategic upgrade and operations, into the new financial technology, through science and technology, can assign to the finance, build a relying on science and technology, based on technology, service global financial chain, the future for the world’s more demand of investors, consumers and small micro enterprises to provide more convenient, open, diverse, safety of new financial services.

CBiTrust’s claims that it’s main businesses are international wealth trusts for enterprises and individuals, family international trusts and trust structures tailored to customer needs. Relying on the complex financial platform and professional team of Digital China group, CBiTrust has built a professional, efficient and responsible trust business team, including practicing lawyers from New Zealand and the United States, finance and tax specialists with tax and investment banking backgrounds, and efficient operation teams of new fintech enterprises.

It’s says to be Headquartered in Auckland, The largest city in New Zealand, CBiTrust also has an office in New York. CBiTrust has developed a multilingual website for clients with different language backgrounds to consult and customize trust financial products.

Free $3 on btckingpro

How to claim free $3 registration bonus on btckingpro

Getting the $3 Registration bonus is one of the main reasons why I am creating this guide and in this section, I am going to be providing you with the detailed information on how to get free $3 on btckingpro.com

As at the moment of creating this guide, the platform is giving out free $3 experience fund to all newly registered members and this is a campaign that is scheduled to end on the 15th of July, year 2022.

This implies that in order to get the $3 bonus, you must register on the platform before the 15th of July, to claim your free$3 on the platform, simply click on the link below to register and claim your registration bonus.

Btckingpro registration – How to register on Btckingpro.com

Simply click here to go to the btckingpro registration page and register an account with either email or phone number. An an OTP will be sent to you, enter the OTP into the provided box and continue with the registration.

Set a password on the next page, make sure the code in the referral code box is same as ala6 and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Immediately you complete your registration, the next thing is to verify your btckingpro account.

Btckingpro identity verification

Btckingpro account identity verification

To verify your account on the platform, all you have to do is to login to your account and click on the profile icon at the top left corner of the app, you will see the option to verify your account, simply click on the option.

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Enter your full name as it appears on the identity documents you intend to use for your btckingpro identity verification. You will see two plus image, click on the first and upload the picture of the front of your ID card and the second plus image to upload tye back of the card.

Wait for the verification to be approved and get the free $3 immediately.

Btckingpro $3 bonus

How long it takes for the identity verification to be approved on btckingpro.com

It typically takes 24hrs or less for the verification to be approved and once it’s approved, you will get the bonus immediately.

Click here to register on btckingpro

Btckingpro withdrawal

If you’re wondering if the $3 bonus can be withdrawn to external wallet, then the answer is yes, you can withdraw the bonus to any wallet of your choice, but you need to follow someone process.

In order to make everything easier for you, we have put together a detailed video guide on how to withdraw the bonus to any wallet of your choice and you will be able to watch all the process from begging to the end. Simply watch the video below carefully:

Btckingpro review

This is the main deal and this part is the most important part of this btckingpro review as it’s reveal all you need to know about the platform and especially, if the platform is legit or just another scam.

Overview of btckingpro.com review

As it has been emphasized in the previous part of this guide, the platform looks and works like a crypto exchange platform but cannot be classified as one.

It has a dedicated part for investment, which allows you to invest and get a fixed interest on a daily basis and this makes the platform and potential Ponzi scheme and you know how Ponzi schemes are these days?

Before we decide if the platform is legit or Scam, let’s take a look at the green and red flags found on the platform as at when browsingtechzone explore the platform for getting detailed information to aid  this btckingpro review.

Green flags found on btckingpro.com

1. The platform is new and have a good and easy to understand interface.

2. You will get $3 free experience fund to invest freely and Learn how the platform works before investing with your own money.

3. Two days plan is Available on the platform, which allows you to invest and get returns in just 2days.

Red flags found on btckingpro

1. The platform said to have been in existence since 2004, which is obviously a common format used by ponzi schemes as a bait to gain people’s trust.

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2. The platform promised to pay up to 73% returns on your investment in 30days, which is very high and makes it undoubtedly, a Ponzi scheme.

3. The platform clone another platform interface. You can compare the platform with that of Binance to establish this fact the more.

4. The platform claims to be a subsidiary of CBiTrust, which is nearly untrue as regards to browsingtechzone findings results as at the moment of creating this btckingpro review.

5. The platform can be classified as a risky investment platform.

6. The platform is new and no much information is available as regards to the platform payments sequence.

Is btckingpro legit?

Ok! Having revealed the green and the red flags found on the platform, the main question is if the platform is legit or not.

However, you should have been able to deduct one or two from the green and the Red flags section and they contained cogent information that gives you the opportunity to classify the platform to where it truly belongs and have to opportunity to decide whether to move on or give it a trial.

However, the platform cannot yet be pronounced a scam as it’s new and no payment issue has been found so far, but on thing is that investing on the platform is very risky and you should only Invest if you can handle both the positive and the negative results.

Is btckingpro scam?

As I have said in the previous part of this guide, the platform is new and cannot be pronounced as scan until proven. But with the detailed information I have revealed so far, I am very sure you should have gotten all the information needed to pass your own judgement on if the platform is legit or just another scam.

Remember 86fb, CFC football and others Once pay as promised but latter disappear Into the thin air, this are what you should consider before investing on the platform with your own money.

However, the conclusion remains, invest what you can afford to loose id you must invest on the platform as a lot of individuals believe in no risk no gain rules.


As at the moment of updating this guide, btckingpro have completely stopped paying it’s members and on this note, the platform is hereby pronounced a Scam.

How to invest on the platform

To invest on Btckingpro, you have to deposit the amount equivalent to the plan you want to activate, click on earn button and follow the prompts to invest and start making money on a daily basis.

Conclusion: This btckingpro review has so far revealed all you need to know about btckingpro.com and you should fully understand that the platform provides all the newly registered members with a $3 experience fund, which allows you to observe how the investment plans work on the platform and derive satisfaction before investing with your own money.



  1. I deposited on this platform till it reach 14usdt and now when I want to withdraw the minimum withdrawal is now showing 20usdt instead of 10usdt


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