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86fb Football Review – Is 86w.com Legit Or Another Scam

86fb football review

I will be be providing you with honest 86fb football review and reveal all you need to know about the platform without any form of biasing, however, I will like to let you know before I proceed with this 86z review that, 86fb and 86w.com are all the same. They are one platform.

When 86fb surface online with a new system if making money known as reverse betting, which allows you to play no risk bet and in this case, you will either win your prediction or get refunded with your staked amount if you played a team game and your prediction failed.

Have seen the platform, a lot of individuals have been subjected to a doubting state of mind and keep wondering if the platform is truly legit or not, an this prompts me to pick my pen and write a detailed 86w.com review, to reveal all the untold secret about the platform.

Wether you have joined the platform or just hoping to join, this review will be the best piece you have ever come across about the 86fb, 86z and 86w.com as it’s goiy to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and enable you to fully understand what the platform is up to and to which extent you should trust the platform.

About 86fb and 86w.com

86fb is an investment platform that allows you to make money from playing virtual games and allows you to make up to 3% daily return on your initial investment in the platform. By exploring the system provided by 86w.com, you will be able to play games with up to 96% probably of winning your stakes all time.

But, is 86w.con legit? Is 86w.com scam? This are the questions I will be answering in the later part of this guide, but for now, let me provide you with more information about the 86z football betting platform.

86b football investment platform intends to increase the participation of on and off field football, seek and cultivate the best football match result analysis talents and provide a wonderful and avant-garde match result quiz project-hedge fund.

The platform claimed to have been in existence since the month of May, 2015, but whether this claim is valid or not, you will get to know as you proceed reading this guide.

You should fully understand that 86fb football is completely different from that of the traditional bookmarking platforms you might have known in the past, in the traditional bookmarking platform,  your chances of losing are so high and possibly while on 86fb, the Chances of loosing is zero.

In 86Fb Football, you trade on games given to you by the company, and your capital is always secured 100%. This facts uphold my point that referred to the 86fb football investment platform as a virtual betting platform, you’re no staking on a real match, but a virtual match with algorithm that allows you to place a reverse bet. This makes 86w.com a ponzi kind investment platform and not in anyway a betting platform.

Games Played on the platform are won 96% of the time and of  you loss any of the game the staked amount will be returned back to you and the company bears the risk(where do they get this money to pay for your loss to let you be on 100% safe side? We will discuss that later).

Other background details about 86z

86z known as 86fb football investment operate with a system that uphold Zero risk policy. You can only lose when you stake games on your own and the game ended the exact scoreline you traded on the platform.

If you stick with the Capital Preservation Plan (CPP) issued by the company, your experience on 86fbBet will only result in a win always.

As said by a representative of the platform whose his identity remains anonymous, he said 86Fb Football is a platform that gives an opportunity for individuals to place a correct score at the opposite position.

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In the sense that when you trade with the team’s CPP, and the score-line is different, you have WON, but when the scoreline is exactly what is traded, you GET YOUR MONEY BACK to make the next trade.

The Capital Preservation Plan CCP is dropped 3 times daily a d this allows you to play games and make profit three times in a day.

Once the trade is released either by 11 am, 4:30 pm, and 9 pm you have to log in to your dashboard to make the trade that was released and you have 2hours time to place your trade before the match starts.

The relationship between 86fb football, 86z and 86w.com

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide that there is a relationship between the 86fb football betting platform, 86w.com and 86z, 86Fb have 2 official websites for football trading and this are 86w.com and 86z.com

This implies that the platform have two websites, which can be reached either with 86z.com or 86w.com and the title for both is 86fb football.

It is obvious that the 86fb football betting platform is operating with two different URL and once you register on one, you don’t need to register on the other anymore. With the Information revealed in this part of my honest 86fb football review, it is important to know that both websites are owned by the same platform.

Register on 86fb football and start making money

Is 86fb legit or scam

How Does 86fb works

With the information revealed in this guide so far, you should have understand the basic background of the platform and how it works, but in this section, I will simplify it better and let you know how exactly the platform works and ways to make money on the platform.

Immediately you register and deposit on 86fb, you will have the opportunity to play up to 3 games daily, from which you can get up to 3% profit. This betting does not work like the other betting you know, in 86fb football, it is a reverse betting, which gives you high chances of winning in all angles.

For example, if you are given a correct score of 3-0 to bet on a game, if the game ends at any other score apart from 3-0, you will win. You will only lose if the game ends 3-0.

However, even if you lose, as long as you play the game given to you by the group, if it happens that you actually lose, the team will return your deposit to you 100 percent.

The only time you actually lose is when you don’t play the game given to you by the group, and it ends up bad, there will be no refunds.

You don’t even need to be a pro at betting to make profit on the 86fb football platform, even if you are not interested in sports, you can still make money on the platform and With a minimum of 3500 naira, you can get started making money via the method revealed in this honest 86fb football review.

There income points on 86fb football

There are three income streams on the platform aside from that of the agent rebate, First Time deposit bonus and agent salary. In this part of my honest 86fb review, I will be providing you with the three income points on the platform and detailed information about each of them.

Dynamic income

This refers to the personal recharge principal. For example, if you recharged 100,000NGN today. According to the team plan, your average daily income of 3%, your principal of 100,000NGN can earn a stable income of 3000NGN per day through the plan.

On this note, if you earn 3000 NGN in one day, you will earn 90,000 NGN in 30 days a month! Of course, you also need to deduct the withdrawal fee. If you withdraw every day, the fee of withdraw is expensive, so the team does not recommend cashing out every day!

Static income

Static income referred to as the subordinate agents that you develop. After they recharge and follow the team plan to make money, the agent rebates will start coming in for you as their parent user and this is called static income! And the only way to expand the static income is to develop your own subordinates.

First, the rebate that a level 1 agent can bring it’s parent user is 10% of the income of the day, this implies that, if you developed a subordinate, and he earned 100,000 NGN today, you will directly get a static income of 10,000 NGN. This is very impressive income!

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The last one is compound interest and you generate this via your agent rebate system.

86fb football review 86fb Registration with 86w.com review

86fb football Registration

86fb registration only requires your name, phone and password, all you have to do is to click here to go to the 86fb Registration page and fill the form with the required details. Click on the register button to complete the registration, login to your account and start making money playing team game, referring others and other activities on the platform.

86fb football login

To login to your 86fb account, all you have to do is to go to your 86fb login page, enter your username and password, click on the login button and you will be redirected to your 86fb dashboard.

86fb App APK download

Th platform have a mobile app that allows you to access your 86w.com account via a mobile app, making the site available on both mobile app and a web page.

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the official app if the 86w.com and you will be able to access your account via the app. Simply download and install the 86fb APK from below.

Name                                         86fb app APK

Size                                             14MB

Version.                                       Latest Version

Service                                         Investment platform

Download 86fb app APK

86fb football review

I am sure you have been waiting for this section since you start reading this guide and I am glad to inform you that the wait is over, in this section of my 86fb review, I will be providing you with the detailed analysis about the platform as well revealed a lot of untold secret about the platform.

Before I proceed to answer the two main question of if 86w.com is left or scam, I will like to provide you with some insight about the platform and this insight alone is enough to pass your judgement on if the platform is legit or another scam.

86fb review – The Green and the Red flags

In this section, I will provide you with all the green and the Red flags found on the platform during our detailed review of the 86z.com football investment platform, that where green flags are good factors suggesting that the platform might be legit, while the Red flags are bad factors suggesting why the platform might be a Scam.

Green flags found on 86z.com/86w.com

1. The platform is paying smoothly as at the moment of writing this review.

2. It’s a reverse betting platform that allows you to place bet with zero risk.

3. The platform is registered on CAC.

4. It have a good user interface, have office in Lagos and as well as having good payout record.

Red flags found on 86fb football betting platform

1. The CEO of the platform is not known till the present moment. This is one of the trait found on mostly all ponzi scheme platform. Should in case the platform crashed, you won’t have anyone to hold.

2. The platform claimed to have been operating since 2015, but the CAC certificate provided by the platform shows that its registration date was march if this year 2022.

3. All indication shows that the platform lied about it’s age. With the browsingtechzone proper evaluation of the platform, we detect that the platform is operating with an expired domain, which was renewed by the ending of the year 2021. This is a major red light and people who knows about mybonus platform will surely know what I am talking about.

4. The platform claimed to operate a betting platform, but a betting platform can never be of zero risk and does this makes the platform a self styled betting platform.

5. In actual fact, the platform is a Ponzi kind of investment and have the probability of folding up at any point in time.

6. The platform is being operated by Nigerians and Within Nigeria and does not have any branch outside the country as claimed.

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Is 86fb legit?

With the detailed information provided in the review section above, I am very sure that you should have gotten all the facts needed to take your conclusion on where the platform belongs. However, if you want to hear the actual statement of if it’s legit or scam, all I can say is that it’s still legit as at the moment of writing this review as it’s paying it’s members as promised

Is 86fb football scam?

86fb football is still paying as at the moment of writing this 86fb football review and on this note, the platform cannot be pronounced as scam as at the moment, but you must surely know that it’s a Ponzi like investment platform and this kind of platform cannot exist forever.

It has high tendency of crashing and that might take long or short, depending or how the platform is able to circulate founds within it’s members before outflow Start getting higher than the inflow.

Can 86fb football crash?

My answer to this is YES and you can see I have already made mention of this in the just concluded part above.

No 1. The platform guarantees a certain percentage return on all it’s members initial deposit, you can’t loose unless you play a game outside the team game. Hence, all the old members earnings are being settled with the new members investment

No 2. The platform claims to have been operating since 2015 but yet, no one knows the CEO and analysis shows that the domain is a renewed one, it has been registered since year 2000 and just being renewed in the year 2021.

When will 86fb crash?

No one knows when the platform is going to crash, as at the moment of writing this guide, it’s still paying and no one has the right to state when the platform is going to crash, only the platform founder knows this which I am sure he won’t reveal to anyone.

Has 86fb Crashed?

Yes! As at the moment of updating this guide, the platform has crashed and the problem starts when the platform is unable to pay it’s investors, most of investors have placed withdrawal for weeks but didn’t get paid and this later lead to the Total shutdown of the platform.

Remember during the time I released this 86fb review, I explained that the number of individuals coming in to invest on the platform must be greater than that of those placing withdrawals and this exactly what happens. The platform reached an equilibrium and the people running the platform tends to run with the remaining money.

How to recover your money from 86fb, 86w or 86z

Ok! The platform has crashed and the next thing is solution, having seen the new development, I have create a detailed guide on how to get your money back from 86fb football platform. Though I have played my part earlier by releasing my honest review on the platform, but regardless, I guess the information revealed the video will help you to some extent in getting your money back from 86z.com platform.

Watch carefully to fully understand how to get your money back from 86w/86fb football betting platform


Who owns 86fb

The owner of the platform remains anonymous and it hasn’t been disclosed to anyone since the platform start operating in the late 2021, however, browsingtechzone investigation have it that the name if the owner is ALOZIE CHIDIEBUBE CHIMUANYA  as it’s the found on the cooperate affairs commission Registration certificate of the platform.

86fb office in Lagos

86FB Football Office address is at REGUS: Mulliner Towers, 39 Alfred Rewane Rd, 101233, Lagos; which allegedly contains other business centers that are yet to be completed.

Bottom line

This honest 86fb football review has been able to feed you with all the information you need about the platform and having gone through the review, you will fully understand that the platform is of high risk investment platform and you should only invest the amount you can afford to loose as the platform have the probability of crashing at anytime, which we stated that it might take long and it might not.

Is There a low risk investment I can invest in

Yes! There are low risk investment with which you can use to Fetch yourself some cash without the fear of the platform folding up anytime soon, the only difference is that the earnings on this platforms are low as compared to that of the high risk investment. Below shows two low risk platform;

How to make money performing tasks on hawkit platform

How to get paid for using social media accounts on viraltrend

Zero risk investment platform

These are the platforms that have no risk as the registration is completely free and you will be able to make cool cash on this platform and even more than that of the Chelsea Football Club Investment platform if you take this platform serious.

How I earned 100,000 without investment on Fairmoney app.

How to earn more than 50,000 within few hours via lcredit app




  1. Everything about 86fb is deception.
    1.They claimed to be cofounded with City Group Football headquartered in Manchester but when you visit CGF website you can’t see 86FB,86w or 86z there.
    2. Their Lagos address when searched for on Google maps indicated that the Tower building is a hotel resort
    3. IFC they claimed as their finance support had put a disclaimer on their own website that they’re not in anyway having a deal or relationship with any betting, gambling or companies. They specifically stated how they operate
    4.Their registration with CAC is never a guaranty of a solid or reliable business. Registering with CAC only indicated that a company has been given name so that no other company can bear that name again.So that has nothing to do with the company’s business reliability.
    5. Every video of 86fb on YouTube were from Nigerians, no other country participated against their claim of being in many other countries.


  3. I pay to this accunt but my 86fb acount ken4reel12345 was not creadited

    DR Amt:3,500.00
    Chat with ZiVA on WhatsApp bit.ly/chatziva

  4. I payed 5000 to this account Darlington usang George, 16th/4/2022,And my 86fb account hasn’t been credited till now,my friend also applied for withdrawal of 56,000. It’s been showing pending since Sunday,I think this guys are trying to scam us,I have layed complains to the customer service but the aren’t responding,I suggest no one should make deposit again.because this shit might crash anytime soon.

  5. You easily beg a rich man money and if he refuses to give you you start whinning. Go and make your own money if you have the heart to carry heavy risks. I withdrew on this same 16th and also my downline deposited 50K that hit his account same day 17th April

  6. I don’t, really know what is going on here, can’t we have peace of mind again,in anything we venture into,in this country,God we need your intervention

  7. Good morning @adexbkw, Thanks for the review, I wish I saw dis earlier enough. Please, you mentioned in ur review about some legit investment, can you please reveal some of it. Thanks.

    • Low and no risk earning platforms have been added to the guide since it’s published, kindly read carefully and check towards the end of the guide for proper recommendation.

  8. I mistakenly omited my first alphabet in my surname,after registration and deposit money to them,no amount is showing in my 86 fb account,what should I do,can I make a correction and how

  9. Please I am talking of my first bank account instead of Franklin Onome Odua, I used(Franklin Onome Dua)please if you can help me


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