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How To Expand A Shortened Url To know The Real Url Behind It

how to expand a shortened url


Shortened Url is a term that is generally used for a link obtained from any link shortner tools. I have seen a lot of people that wish they could know the original link behind a shortened link but don’t know how to go about it and this left some stranded in many occasions.

However, I have decided to drop this detailed guide on how to expand a shortened Url so as to know the real link that was shortened to the one you are using, even without clicking on the link.

And guess what?

The process involved in this is very simple and short to the extent that you can get to know the real link in just one to two clicks.

You might be wondering why people do use url shortner to compress a link before sending it, but the reason isn’t far, did you know why?

There are lots of advantages which are attached to the use of url shortner but people tend to use it in another way which has compromised the whole thing around url shortner and many internet users now run from every shortened link they come across.

The fact that some of this links are harmful cannot be neglected but not all and this is the main reason why this article will give you the detailed guide on how to expand those links and see what they are made of.

I recently published a detailed guide on how to protect your Facebook account from Hackers in which I so much warn people against playing around phishing link and boom! Many individuals bombard me with questions on how to identify a phishing link so far it has been shortened.

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Without Further ado, follow the instructions below to Expand any shortened Url you intend to know what they are made of.


Copy the Shortened Url you intend to expand
Copy the targeted Link

How To Expand shortened Url

The picture above clearly shows how a shortened URL looks like, they are always in form of the link in blue color on the picture above.

1. Copy your target shortened Url.

2. Now, Click here to go to checkshorturl.com.


Paste the link to the expansion bar

3. Once you get to checkshorturl.com, a box will be provided for you, paste the Shortened Url you have copied earlier to the box and click on the expand button as shown in the picture above.

Link informations

4. Boom! The detailed information about the link will be displayed to you, this description will consists of everything you need to know about the link as shown in the picture above.

How To use Quick Spot It Method To Expand Shortened Url

I guess some people might found the above steps somehow complected so I have make the quick spot it method available for you.

This method is very simple and short and you will get to know the real link behind the Shortened link in a jiffy. But, you will only see the original link behind the Shortened Url and not other details as shown in the first method above.

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Let’s go!


Quick Spot it Method

1. Click on the targeted shortened Url to visit it or copy the link and paste it on your chrome browser, then hit the Go button.

2. Once it loads, click on the url bar to edit it and boom! The real link will show up.

Wow! You have grab the two best method to expand a shortened Url in other to know the original url behind the Shortened one.

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