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How To Share Data On MTN

MTN data transfer

It’s no more a news that MTN users are finding it difficult to share data with there friends which is as a result of MTN data gifting that was discontinued by MTN in not too long ago with a reason that is best known to them.

But today, I am glad to inform you that MTN data gifting is now back, and MTN users can now share data with their loved ones using MTN data gifting method which is so fast and easy.

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If you have been struggling with Sharing of data with your friends on MTN, then this article is going to put an end to the struggle.
Because MTN has restored the data gifting which allows you to share data with your friends and loved ones.

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Without further ado below are the detailed explanation on how this works.

How To Share Data On MTN

> Dial *123*3# then follow the prompts by replying with 7.

> A list of the available options will be displayed to you, then choose the option that best describe how you intend to share the data, you can transfer from your data balance or buy data directly for the person you intend to share the data with.

How to transfer data from existing balance

The picture above shows that I wanted to share data from my balance so I choose the first option by pressing 1.

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> After which you have chosen the method you wish to go for, you will be asked to enter the recipient (friend) phone number.

> Enter the person MTN number

> Select the amount of data you wish to share with the person ranging from 10MB to 50MB and that’s all, the person will receive the data within a second.

If you check the picture above, the option 3 is asking you to request data from a friend and this is a newer feature that has just been added to the MTN data gifting by the network provider.
This option allows you to request data from a friend and a pop message will be displayed to the friend asking him/her to choose weather to accept your request or not.

How To Request Data From a Friend On MTN

> Dial *123*3# then follow the prompts by replying with 7.
> Then reply with 3 which is to request data from a friend.
> Dial *131*7*3# directly.
> Then enter the number of the friend you wish to request the data from and send.
The person will receive an instant message as shown below.
How to accept or rejecte data request on MTN

If he/she accepts, Then he/she will be taken to a page where he/she will choose how to send the data and the amount of data to send.

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That’s all, I hope you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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