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Referral Marketing – How To Get Referrals To Your Referral Programs

referral marketing - how to get referrals to your referral programs

Referral marketing can also be referred to as affiliate marketing, it is used for any marketing concept that requires you to get more people to a platform, either to sign up or make a purchase.

A lot of individuals have neglect opportunities that can change their lives, just because it involved referring others and they found it a very difficult task, so they quit without even a trial. However, I am glad that you that we have combine a lot of strategies to make referral marketing a simple task for you and will be dishing it out in this guide.

Are you into any program that involves referring others?

Did you find it difficult to get Referrals to your present Referral program?

Did you wish to increase the number of Referrals that you get on a daily basis and make more sales?

Have you been wondering why you failed to get Referrals to your present/previous Referral marketing programs?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, then try to read this article from beginning to the end as it provides Possible solutions to the problems associated with the questions above.

As stated at the beginning of this guide, referral program is known to be the method of promoting a particular products or services to new customers and this can be done in multiple ways even those that you ignored.

If you’re willing to make money online, you can’t run from the so called Referral marketing as this is the only method that can keep that particular website that promised to pay you for your activities moving.

I’m not saying that you can’t make money online without referral,  even I have write on how to make money without referral by taking online surveys and completing simple tasks  . But what I’m saying is that you can’t make money with any website that referring others is not included in their system.

Now, what are the ways to promote my referral Programs?

Keep reading this article as all it’s content is useful to you, till you reach where this question is been addressed.

How to be successful in referral marketing

I’ve did a lot of research and observe that people mostly run away from referral Programs as a result of Fear of where and how to get Referrals to the particular program.

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Getting referral to a particular program is very simple than what you think, you only need to implement some strategy in promoting such program and sit back for positive outcome.

This is where all the problems associated with this topic lies, before you lament on not getting people referred to your selected program, have you checked the ways you promote those programs?

Tactics used in referral marketing

What comes to your mind when you see the question above?

Are you currently using the right or wrong tactics?

Don’t get it twisted, tactics and strategy are two different word that works with each other.
Strategy is that plan that you designed to achieve your goals while tactics are those actions you intended to achieve your goals, one allows you to plan and the other allows you to take action in other to achieve your goals and it’s obvious that there is no action without plan, and plans without actions will actually yield nothing.

Many people are actually using wrong tactics to promote their business, thinking it is the best for them but not knowing how much it kills their chances of getting Referrals to their programs, this includes :

Lying to people’s about the potentials of the program that they promote,

Using fake flyers this are the flyers that actually defines what is different from what they are promoting,

• And others….

If you’re willing to get Referrals to your program, then try as much as possible to stay away from the points highlighted above and other things that are related to the point mentioned as it drives people away from joining you in what you promotes.

• Let people know the real image of what you promotes and not wrapping it with lies

• Let the people know the fact about what you are promoting.

• Let them know the important of what you are promoting.

• Let them know how it may help them

• Let them know how to go about it, by giving them a detailed explanation on how the business works without diluting it with lies.

• Don’t introduce the program to people with amount of earnings that isn’t realizable. Many individuals have developed this habit in order to get Referrals quickly, but not knowing that if they are convinced to join with lies, they will surely quit in no time, even if you use this tactics to catch their attention “which is not adviseable“, try to create a medium that explains everything to them before they join.

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• Care’s about the number of people you help with what you promotes and not the number of sales or referrals you get.


Promote only legit programs/platforms

This is the most reason that pulls people away when it comes to the matter of online business as many internet users out there has bombard the internet with scam opportunities.

Don’t rush to join and promote any program without knowing whether it’s legit or not. When it comes to the matter of making money online, there are thousands of websites that exists in each ways to make money online, but only few of them are legit while many others are scams that will only waste your time without getting paid at the end of the day.
There are many ways to identify a scam website which includes:

Potential of earnings: this can be done by considering the amount of money the website promised you to make on a daily basis especially when it comes to free money making websites, imagine a website that promise members of making $3500 daily without investment, if you join and promote such business, then you are promoting scam in intentionally.

• Explore the internet for honest reviews about a specific business and see what others are saying about the business. This is the best way to know whether a program is legit or not.

Finally; what wraps everything  about promoting a referral program is “Consistency“. Don’t give up on that program you are promoting no matter how frustrating it may be as gain will surely come after pain.

How to engage in referral marketing and get a lot of referrals without spending a dime

There are many ways to get Referrals to your present Referral program, which includes:

The use of social medias

The most common, convenient and easiest way to promote your referral program is is the use of social media such as Facebook, linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and others.

If you have been using this method before, then you will find some strategy that are useful here and the same thing is also applicable to those that are yet to be using this method

How to get Referrals to your referral program with the use of Facebook

Facebook seems to be the best social media to promote your  business as it guarantees quick leads if you use it appropriately, it represents a continually evolving marketing platform and communication channel. It also gives recent news coverage and insights.

Research shows that There are over 2.8 billion monthly active Facebook users which keep increasing every month.

According to the statistics above, I don’t think that you should encounter any difficulty in getting thousands of people referred to the program that you’re promoting.

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This can be achieved by joining multiple Facebook groups, below are the factors to consider when you want to join  Facebook groups for this purpose :

• Join a Facebook group that works in line with what you are promoting as it will contains many people that have interests in what you promotes.

• Join a Facebook group with considerable amount of members: always search and join groups with at least 5k to 10k members.

Now, let assumed that you are able to post to 10 groups having the number of members stated above twice in a day, I’m sure that you will surely get at least 30 peoples that have interests in what you promotes and 15 Will surely ends signing up that particular day. It’s now left to you to adjusts this calculation and set your own goals.

How to get Referrals to your Referral program with Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Twitter is another popular social media that you can implement for this purpose as it gets a lot of active user’s which also increase on a monthly basis.

How to promote your referral program on Twitter

• Make sure that you follow hundreds of peoples with considerable amount of followers as this increases your chance of getting a lot of followers.

• Create a very short different captions that best describe the program that you’re promoting with your affiliate link.

• Tweet those captions constantly.

To get Referrals via LinkedIn

• Just make sure you have more than 500 connections.

• Create post that tells people about your business and tag popular peoples in your field.

To get Referrals via Pinterest

• Create an attractive picture that tells people about your business, this will give them brief overview of what they are about to join and give them the opportunity to decide whether to dive futher and bounce back.

•  Then pin them to your boards. Pin these attractive pictures to your board in order to allow people to see it and get as much conversion as possible.

The use of word of mouth

People mostly ignores this system because they really find its implementation very difficult, but this system can actually get you numbers of referrals and also increases your chance of making sales.
This can be done by:

• Use proper approach to targeted audience by starting your presentation with what matters most.

• Tap into complaint of friends and peoples around you.

By the help of your network providers

As ones cannot do without making or receiving calls this days, you can tap into this opportunity, instead of those network providers to be deducting your money on a monthly basis for what other people enjoys, you can actually tell your network provider to display a particular text to the view of your caller after each calls for that same amount of money they deducted for unnecessary things.

This can be done by contacting your network provider and tell them how they can help you, then follow the provided instructions on how to configure your text to be ready for caller’s view after each calls.

Try out these tactics and select the ones that works best for you.


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