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Easycashjob Review : Legit Or Scam

easycashjob review

Easycashjob review is an insight that will give you all you need to know about the website, it will let you know whether the platform is worth joining or not.

You are welcome to a honest review of another website which it’s name has been mentioned above. I recently published a detailed information about vindale research, RewardingWays, mobrog and others, but today, I will be revealing all the hidden informations about the so called easycashjob website.
If you have come across this website and you are searching for the best easycashjob review, I am glad that you take the right and best decision to do your own research about the website, and I am glad to inform you that you are in the right place as this review will tell you, all you need to know about the website.

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What Is Easycashjob?

It is a platform that promised to pay it’s members for watching advertisements and also promised to pay $1 for every single person you referred to the website and register through your affiliate link.
Easy cash job promised to offer the easiest ways to make money online using your smart phone and little time online and they have convinced many people to believe that the platform is legit.

Many people promote this website with the expectation of getting paid after which they have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold because they were deceived by fake withdrawal proof from many sponsored YouTube reviews.

How Does Easycashjob works?

Easy cash job works the same way as other scam website, but they are somehow smart in such a way that they managed to convinced many people that they are real and legit.
However, in other to clear all doubt completely about the status of this website being legit or not, I decided to create an account with them as usual.
Here is the main trick they used in scaming people. These website has set a fake minimum withdrawal threshold, which is $70, they promised to forward your earnings to either your PayPal account, Skrill, others, and even Western Union.
Now, the $70 to withdraw from this website must contains $20 Referral earnings and $50 watching ads which is how they trick people to waste their time thinking that they will get paid after reaching the minimum withdrawal.
To cut the long story short, I create an account and started watching ads.


Newbies dashboard on easycashjob
Newbies dashboard on
When you first sign up for the easycashjob account, the picture above is exactly what you will see on your dashboard, there will be sum of four ads that will be available to you, after watching those ads, you will have to come back in the next 24hour to watch another set of ads and earn your audio cash.
Looking at the available ads above, you will earn $0.685 to watch the first advert, $0.688 to watch the second advert, $0.665 for watching the third advert and $0.745 to watch the fourth advert. This is a whooping sum of $2.783 just to watch ads of 30seconds each per day. At this point, you should have suspect something if you are familiar with some legit get paid to websites.


With the earnings breakdown above, it is obvious that you will only need to come back to the website for approximately 20 days to earn the required $50 then invite 20 people to cash out your cool $70, but reverse is the case as it’s just a trick to keep you coming back for days.
After which you have watch advert and earn a sum of $40 which implies that you are $10 away from withdrawal, the amount of money attached to each advert will reduced drastically. Check the picture below for reference.
Existing members dashboard on easycashjob
Existing members dashboard on

At the time of gathering information for this easycashjob review, I was able to deduct that, you can not even reach the minimum withdrawal on this platform, talk more of requesting for withdrawal.

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As you can see from the picture above, immediately I accumulate up to a sum of $40, the amount earned per advert reduced to a sum which will make it impossible to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Now, let do some calculations, I have $40 in my advert balance already and I need another $10 from watching ads before I can proceed to withdraw. By adding everything on the dashboard above, the earnings for watching advert per day is now $0.01775 instead of $2.783 at the starting point, now divide $10 by $0.01775, you are going to get something like 563, which means that, you will have to watch adver for another 563 days before you can have the opportunity to withdraw your earned cash which is approximately 2years.

And I strongly believe that if you continue watching those ads, your earnings potential will reduce and your 2years before earning $10 will surely increased to 3 years or more.

Can I Make Money From Easycashjob?

From my explanation above, it is obvious that you cannot make any money from this website, people behind Easycashjob are the only ones who make money from the website. Neglect any form of payment proof from the website as they are all fake, this website has never paid anyone and can never pay anyone.
The people behind the website just want people to sign up to the website, so that they can take advantage of them and use fake promises to entice people to work for them.
They aim in getting as more as possible sign ups so that they can earn a lot of money for their own benefit and not for yours as promised.
Easycashjob will only get your details and sell it to any third party for which ever purpose it is, as anyone who signed up for this website has already give away his/her email address name and password, which is the most important information that they need from you.

Submitting your details to a site like this is the reason why you are getting unwanted mails in your inbox, because, they will later sell those details to scammers and hackers who knows the best ways to use them without your consent.

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Easycashjob Dashboard

Easycashjob dashboard


This is an area that is specially designed for members to monitor their activities on the website, however, you should be able to know from this Easycashjob review that this dashboard is of no benefit to you.

Easycashjob login

Easycashjob login is very simple because, they have nothing to offer than to obtain you necessary information and also waste your time as well. To login to this website, you will only need to provide information like your name, email address, birthday, gender and password. You can use any invalid email address to access this website, they will not check it, because, they are not sending any positive things to your way.

After providing the mentioned information above, you will have full access to the website and check your members area as well.
You will see where to copy your referral link and they promised to pay $1 per Referral, so that I can put more effort in trapping others for them and that is the main reason why they told you you to refer many people before you can have the opportunity to cash out your earnings.
The time taking to complete watching advert on this website is fixed regardless of the amount attached to the advert.

Is Easycashjob legit?

If this same question is asked a million times, the answer is strongly No, the website is no where to be found around anything legit and this Easycashjob review has stated more than enough reason to declare it a scam website, run from the website and also advise others to do the same.
You can also click here for detailed explanation on how to identify a scam website

Who Can Join Easycashjob?

Everyone can join the website as there is no specifications for joining the website and this is the number one feature of all scam website that are not care of anything about about you because, it is non of their business.

Pro and cons of Easycashjob

I have devoted some time to take a close look at the website but I can find anything positive about the website, they are scammers and should be totally avoided.

• Falseful Information

All information provided on the website are fake, they are provided to mislead you and they will not only mislead you, they will mislead you to mislead others.

• Hidden Information

All details about easycashjob is hidden, and a legit company and a legit company will disclose some necessary information to the public.
But as for easy cash job, you can’t find anything about the website, they hide everything from users.

• Lack Of Support

There is no room for help or support on the website, there is only an email on the contact page and uf you send them an email, no one will reply you because, the chances of someone receiving your email is zero.
This is another feature that is common to every scam websites.

Redirection to sites that can cause harm to your device

Easycashjob will redirect you to websites that are not good for your device in anyway and this exposed you to an additional losses, because, taking ones time to fill the sign up form on this website is already a loss. cyber cash says a lot about the malware threats that you can encounter on the website.
Conclusion: Easy cash job is a scam websites that has nothing to offer you than to waste your time as explained above. Note that this is the best Easycashjob review, because, this review is from my experience and not perspective based.
Run from this website and also advise others to do same by sharing this article with your loved ones.
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