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How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer

Airtel Triple Data Offer
Airtel triple data Offer enable all users to get triple data bonus on every data they purchased.
Airtel is here again with another amazing data offer which enable all users to get triple data bonus on every data they purchased.

Airtel has been offering their users the opportunity to get double data which gives you twice the amount of data you purchased.

This time around I am going to explain in details, how you can get triple of every data bundle you purchased from the data plans available on Airtel official data bundle lists.

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This method will gives you 3X of which ever data you purchased on Airtel network, for example; if you buy 2GB data bundle from Airtel and you have triple data Offer enabled on your Airtel sim card , you are going to get 6GB at a price equivalent to that of 2GB, isn’t that amazing?

The bonus you’re going to receive together with the original data purchased are also normal bundle and they can be used as the original data bundle being purchased, they work on all devices that have access to the internet, such as smart phones, laptop and others.

The most amazing part of this offer is that, there is no restrictions this time around, all Airtel users can take advantage of this offer and enjoy Surfing the internet at a very cheaper cost.

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How Can I Get Airtel Triple Data Offer?

Below are the the detailed steps involved in activating Airtel triple data offer;

Step 1: Buy and register a new Airtel 4G sim card.

Step 2: Send Get to 141 as a text message and you will receive a message that you are eligible to get double data. thanks

Step 3: Load a recharge card of N500 and above, then dial *141# to buy any data plan that is equivalent to N500

Note: Do not buy from  “MY OFFER” buy from the official Airtel data plan which can be done by dialing *141#.

Step 4: You will be given DOUBLE DATA  first but don’t worry, just go ahead and use the data and the bonus till it finish.

Step 5: Once you have finished using the data, migrate to Airtel SMARTRYBE tariff plan by dialing *312#.

Step 6: Load a recharge card of N1,000 and buy a data plan by dialing *141# and your data will be triple.

That’s all, you will continue getting triple of the data you purchased till your triple data Offer validity period is over.

How can I Continue To Enjoy The Triple Data Offer?

Hence when Airtel triple data bonus validity period for the present sim card you’re using is over, you can buy another new sim card and repeat the steps above to continue enjoying the triple data offer.

Hope you found this article helpful, Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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