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Thomdock.com Review – Is Thomdock Legit Or Scam

thomdock.com review

Thomdock is in its first month of lunch as at today 20th of may, 2023 and in this thomdock.com review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the thomdock investment platform.

This review is going to reveal to you, all the truth that might have been hidden from you and gives you all it takes to conclude on a viable note on whether thomdock.com is legit or Scam.

However, you should endeavor to read this review carefully, get all the information communicated in it and arrived at the correct interpretation of the guide before any action.

About thomdock.com

Thomdock is an investment platform, which claims to be Headquartered in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, since the establishment of the company, it claimed to have been committed to farming aquatic products with the most scientific farming methods, providing high-quality aquatic products to people all over the world. UNVERIFIED

The platform said to be a long established aquaculture company and therefore very reliable and trustworthy compared to most normal companies. Most importantly, the platform has been recognized and authorized by many countries and regions such as the United States, India, Thailand, Venezuela, and Armenia Free Economic Zone. FALSE/UNVERIFIED

THOMDOCK also claimed to have recruited more than one million partners in 11 years and has more than 100,000 employees worldwide. THOMDOCK has partners in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, thanks to the continuous support and trust of global users. FALSE/UNVERIFIED

How to claim welcome bonus on thom dock.com

The platform provides all the newly registered members with a sum of 560 and a N10 sign in bonus on a daily basis. This implies that once you register on the platform, you will have the opportunity to start getting 10 daily without investment.

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Click here to register on thomdock and claim #560

Plans Available on thomdock.com

There are different investment plans on the platform and in this second of my thomdock.com review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information about the plans on the platform and what you get in return for purchasing each of the plans.

thomdock review

Thomdock Variety T – 1

This if the first investment plan on the platform and you will be needing a whooping sum of N2700 to activate this plan. Upon the activation of this plan, you will be enabled to start getting profit of N118.8 on a daily basis.

This plan will last for 45 days and your total earnings after this 45days will be equal to N5346.

Variety T – 2

This if the second investment plan on the platform and you will be needing a whooping sum of N8000 to activate this plan. Upon the activation of this plan, you will be enabled to start getting profit of N360 on a daily basis.

This plan will last for 45 days and your total earnings after this 45days will be equal to N16200.

Variety T – 3

This if the third investment plan on the platform and you will be needing a whooping sum of N21000 to activate this plan. Upon the activation of this plan, you will be enabled to start getting profit of N966 on a daily basis.

This plan will last for 45 days and your total earnings after this 45days will be equal to N43470.

Variety T – 4

This if the fourth investment plan on the platform and you will be needing a whooping sum of N42000 to activate this plan. Upon the activation of this plan, you will be enabled to start getting profit of N1974 on a daily basis.

This plan will last for 45 days and your total earnings after this 45days will be equal to N88830

Variety T – 5

This if the fifth investment plan on the platform and you will be needing a whooping sum of N84000 to activate this plan. Upon the activation of this plan, you will be enabled to start getting profit of N4032 on a daily basis.

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This plan will last for 45 days and your total earnings after this 45days will be equal to N181440.

Thomdock.com review

If you’ve carefully read this thomdock review up to this point, you should have seen some information about the platform that I marked false/unverified and those information are indeed part of our thomdock.com review.

In this section, you going to find out if thomdock.com is legit or just another scam, but before I pass my verdict on whether thomdock legit or scam, let examine some red and green flags found on the platform.

Thomdock.com green flags

1. The platform is still paying as at the moment of writing this review (21/05/2023).

2. The platform ROI is not too high for it to crash in few days, there’s probability that it lasts one, two or three months.

3. The platform have special plans for affiliate, giving the platform more opportunities to get higher inflow of new registered members on a daily basis.

thomdock Red flags

1. The platform claims what it’s not, just like many other platforms that have crashed in the past.

2. The platform is surely a Ponzi scheme investment platform and of course, it’s of high Risky investment platform.

3. The people behind the platform are not known and once the platform crashed and you haven’t recovered your investment, that’s the end.

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thomdock.com login

Thomdock login

When you got to the thomdock.com official website, you will surely see an option to login to your account and once you input your registratered phone number and password, you will be redirected to your thomdock account.

But, some individuals are having difficulties in logging into their account and this is one of the red flags suggesting that your investment might not be safe on the platform.

Another complication is that you won’t be able to contact the thomdock customer support unless you have access to your account and once you’re locked out, that’s all. No way!

Thomdock review – Is thomdock.com legit

It depends on what definition you give to legit, browsingtechzone.com have already revealed that the platform is a Ponzi scheme investment platform and surely, such platform will only be legit for a while.

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As at the moment of writing this thomdock review, the platform is still paying, but when it will stop paying is what no one knows.

Is thomdock scam

As at the moment of writing this review, there’s no report of non payment from the platform users and this implies that the platform is still paying and until it stopped paying before we can tag it as Scam. But regardless, it’s still a potential scam website.

Therefore, if you must invest on the platform, be sure that you can bear the risk and accept any of it’s outcome. Hence, only invest tye amount you can afford to loose.

Has Thomdock Crashed?

Yes! As at the moment of updating this review(24/08/2023), Thomdock have stopped paying completely and to make it worse, they still continue to lure new users to invest with lots of enticing offers.

Be aware and stay away from the platform! You can check the comments section to see what others are experiencing on the platform.

Thomdock ATM Card

Thomdock ATM is a fraudulent withdrawal scheme lunched on the thomdock.com platform and undoubtedly a way to defraud unsuspecting user more if their hard earned money.

How Thomdock ATM works

The said card is lunched after the platform have crashed and stop paying, it was contained in their released update that for the user to be able to withdraw their earnings, they have to purchase the thomdock.com withdrawal ATM card with a whooping sum of ₦10,000.

One of the question that should comes to your mind is why don’t they allow you to purchase the card from your balance? If you found a reasonable answer to this question, then you might be on the track of knowing why the card was introduced.

Is Thomdock withdrawal ATM card legit?

No! It’s very far from what is legit, if you expect that the platform will still pay you a dime again, then it might be an illusion as they have parked and only looking for a way to defraud you of your hard earned money.

Is Thomdock.com withdrawal ATM card scam

Yes! It’s completely a scam and you should run as fast as you can in order not to fall into the same pit twice.


Having gone through this detailed thomdock.com review, I am sure to an Extent that you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially, have enough information to decide correctly, if thomdock.com is legit or scam.



  1. ab704316 pls I registered understand this invite code for thomdock online here. Pls how do I get to the WhatsApp group to c activities on it?…. The platform has no customer service. And I need to know my team leader. I registered Tru this site ..

  2. Thomdock is paying Daily a business that God Brought To change my life can’t be a Scam Cos I See My Money Every Day I withdraw without being giving time to withdraw no withdrawal limit Infact to cut the story short Thomdock is the best online platform now and I love Thomdock 💯

  3. Thomdock is legit company, I am seeing my money everyday, since I join thomdock platform everything around me have change for good, I am living a better life today.

    • God punish you and your family.
      So you are among.
      Don’t worry if I cache you your body go tell you.
      Scammer group of companies

    • Chart the managers under ur my, in the platform click on service and lay ur complain to the manager directly.
      I mistakingly pay 51k to the account number provided without narration, it was my fault not theirs. But when I chart the manager with evidence of payment my 51k was refunded in less than 3days.
      I withdraw the money into my acc. No body ask u to do business it is an informed choices so bear it in mind that for every business transaction is a risk pulling nothing comes easy and it is a try and error in business.

  4. I recharged my account to make an adoption, I was debited from my bank account but it’s not reflecting on my Thomdock account, please what can I do

  5. Please I paid money and forgot to copy the narration and I paid 13000 how do I go about and the customer service is not active… please someone should help me

  6. Thomdock has crashed as at 25 of august,alot of people money inside,no one to contact and they lock the WhatsApp group,so that no one can contact each other,very bad..I and my sister lost 37k and I even heard someone invest 99,900 with his dad and dad but they didn’t receive there money in the bank again after they invest…once you place withdraw,it will show transferring for the whole days…up till now they are still posting new investment to adopt for only 2 days which is not real but to make greedy people to invest with 51k and get 510,000 in 2 days how is that possible,they are just playing with everyone intelligence

  7. Finally thomdock run with money it will not be better for thomdock i will never advice anyone to join Thomdock anymore scammer 😡😡😡

    • I really can’t believe this and I just invited two more people to join Thomdock not knowing that they will run with our money
      I should just have followed my mind
      I noticed they were starting to change since the time they locked the group and secondly I thought they were real company so I made an advert for them and posted them on social media platforms
      And the next thing the admin told me was that I should take it down immediately
      The guy that introduced it to me Daniel Enyeama his number doesn’t go again all his contact is not working again
      Ohhhhh shit
      And I had up to 20k in the account fuck

  8. I will advise anyone’s that interested in joining thomdock should use his or her money for better things then to join stupid something called thomdock

  9. Thomdock is a scam, pls don’t invest your money in it again. Thomdock comes out with one thing call ATM you drposite 10,000 to withdraw ur money, pls dont do so, don’t fall victims again. His agenda is to scam from the beginning.

    • They even credited people with huge amount so you have to buy ATM based on what’s in your account. If you have 1m then you have to pay in #100k for ATM

  10. The so called manager of Thomdock promised to resign anyone who wants to and refunding their money. Now the majority are applying to resign and they are not answering them. This is a red light.
    There’s no reliable means of reaching them. All groups have been blocked. The numbers of the fake administrator is switched off. The so called manager don’t respond to messages. Apart from the useless ATM card, no other products is on display. These little devils (scammers) are still duping people.
    The summary of it all is that Thomdock has failed and it’s a SCAM.

  11. Pls have been unable to withdraw since August 28 and have paid for the ATM card
    What step can I take next?
    Pls help me out

  12. Thomdock is a scam.. for you to invest in Thomdock I advise you to use that money and eat suya with it all

    Talking from experience

  13. Thomdock is not just a potential scam …. thomdock is a full scam site …. they’ll only pay you 10 times and it won’t be up to 50% of your investment before they’ll block you off
    I personally lost 270,000 in thomdock scam …..
    Warning ⚠️ any other investors are at risk you won’t be paid a dime
    They’re asking old investors to pay a certain amount for ATM before you can withdraw.. . ignore if you’re an old investor, because they’ll take your money and still seize your funds beware of scammers
    The claiming manager Johnny akpabio is no longer taking call,texts or replying any messages after he had scammed people

  14. Do not bother seeking for customer service they’re all part of the scam
    .my 270k is till being locked up …and there’s no way of getting it back ….don’t let them fool you with the ATM promise it’s also another scam method

  15. It’s so painful,my sister introduced me and I trusted her now am crying cos all my money is in it. And I can’t get it back

  16. Thomdock is very big scam nobody should invest in it tell ur friends let them tell their friends not to invest in it, I lost my 26700 to Thomdock 😩😭😭

  17. Thomdock don carry thousands of.people money run. Drm don carry 126,600 of my asset run commit😭😭😭😭😭. Finally they have accomplished their mission


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