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Happyminer.us Review – Is Happy miner Legit Or Scam?

happyminer.us review

Heard of happy miner and Wondering if the platform is legit or scam? Worry no more as I am going to be revealing everything you need to know about the platform in this honest miner.us review and provide you with everything you need to know about the platform.

Happyminer investment platform having surfaced recently have given rise to lots of questions from different individuals and today, I have decided to release a detailed happy miner review, to reveal what we feel about the platform and things we have discovered after checking the platform properly.

However, you should make sure to read this review carefully and get the correct interpretation of it before taking any action.

About happyminer.us

Happyminer is an investment platform like many others you might have known in the past and claimed to have been founded since 2018. HappyMiner is said to be a unique mining company based on transparency, security, and a modern electricity-use approach.

The company allows mining cryptocurrencies online without the owner’s direct participation in the equipment. Instead, the service unites data centers and owners of the equipment for joint cryptocurrency mining. Owners of cloud mining are invited to the partnership, while equipment owners are invited to place it on partnered data centers.

Happyminer also claimed to be committed to securing the Bitcoin Blockchain as one of the industry’s leading infrastructure providers for Bitcoin mining.

Happyminer proceed in its claim to state that it has deployed several data centers that utilize air and immersion cooling technology for customers and its own operations in 3 countries.

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However, before I proceed to the indepth happyminer.us review, I will like to reveal to you, a way to make money for free on the platform.

Happyminer $10 welcome bonus – How to claim it and earn daily without investment

The platform provides you with $10 bonus upon the comply of your registration and with this $10, you can actually buy the lowest package on the platform and earn $0.8 on a daily basis for free.

Also you ha to do is to register on the platform and upon the completion of your registration, you will see the $10 in your balance. Click on the menu bar and select packages, buy the lowest package and the miner will start.

You will have to be reactivating it every 24hours to keep earning for free.

Click here to sign up on happyminer us and get $10

happyminer.us free $10

Happy miner packages

The minimum investment on happy miner is $10 and maximum is $9,600. The platform claims to have gotten the correct formula to help you get up to 3X of your investment in at most, 45days.

To check out the package contained on the platform, you can login to your account and click on the menu bar, then select packages.

Happyminer.us review

In this section of my happyminer .us review, I am going to be revealing all the detailed information you might be needing to be able to classify the platform to where it truly belongs.

In this section, I will be revealing enough information for you to be able to decide if the platform is legit or Scam. But before I proceed with my judgement on the platform, I will like to outline the red flags and green flags found on happyminer.

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happyminer.us investment review legit or scam

happyminer.us red flags

1. According to the image above, the platform claims to have been in existence since the Year 2008 and this turn out to be false information, the platform is very much new.

1a. The platform claims to have gotten up to 2,800k users, which is equivalent to 2,800,000 and this turn out to be false. There’s no way a platform like happyminer.us will gather such number of users and all Nigerians wouldn’t have heard about them.

1b. In that same picture above, the platform claims to have paid up to $369million to it’s users so far. The question is where are the users? I tried my possible best to get at least, one payment proof from the platform while gathering information for this happyminer.us review and I get non.

2. Many fake and misleading information are present on the platform.

3. The platform minimum withdrawal is $100, which browsingtechzone.com considered extremely high and you will have to spent months in the platform, unless you’re willing to risk a huge amount of money, which is not advisable.

4. The platform use different format suggesting they’re extremely high Risky investment platform.

5. It’s a Ponzi scheme investment platform.

happyminer.us Green flags

1. The platform provides you with $10 registration bonus and you can invest it and withdraw as soon as you get to the minimum withdrawal. But I doubt if the platform will still be active when you will get the minimum withdrawal with $10 investment.

2. The platform is easy to understand and have nice interface. Though no be interface we go chop.

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happyminer review – is happyminer.us legit

With our findings about the platform, we’re able to deduce that the platform lacks transparency and it’s of a very risky investment platform. Our advise we be that you stick with the free version of the platform.

However, if you have done your diligence research and found the platform worthy of your investment, you can go ahead at your own risk.

How happyminer.us works

happyminer review – is happyminer.us scam

As at the moment of writing this happyminer review, we haven’t received any report  non payment and others from the platform and hence, we won’t tag it as scam yet but it’s surely a potential Scam.

However, if you have any experience on the platform that you will like to share or you’re willing to contribute what you know about the platform to this happyminer us review, you can simply make use of the comments section.


With the detailed information revealed in this happyminer.us review, I have no doubt or whatsoever that you should have fully understand how happyminer works and have Enough details to be able to classify the platform to where it truly belongs and decide if the platform is legit or just another Scam.

happyminer review

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