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Home Paying Websites VPD Referral Program – Earn More Than N5,000 Per Day Without Investment

VPD Referral Program – Earn More Than N5,000 Per Day Without Investment

 How To Earn N500 Per Referral And Up To N5,000 Per Day Without Investment.

VPD Referal Program
VPD mobile banking app is another legit app that pays a whooping sum of N500 per referral via the VPD referral program and allow you to withdraw your cash your Nigeria bank account without any form of stress and today, I will be revealing to you, how you can register and start making cool cash via the aforementioned app.

I referred to the VPD as another legit mobile banking app and this is because, we have shared many of is likes with you guys and this apps have been paying and still paying till this present moment, among them are; chipper cash app,  Fairmoney referral program and others, which also pay you for referring others to also download and install their apps.

But the amazing part of this VPD referral program is that, you don’t need to deposit anything or perform any transactions before you can be paid for the people you referred and this makes it easier a lot as compared to the other apps, which mostly requires their user to deposit a fixed amount or carry out  specific transaction before you can be paid.

Before I proceed to the detailed guide on how to download the app, register and start making your cool cash, I guess it will be a very good ideal to brief you on what the app is actually all about and some little basics of how it works. Check the next line below for the brief description of the VPD app.


What Is VPD?

VPD is a mobile banking app with lots of added functionality and has been in existence since the year 2012.

With the VPD app, you will be able to convert your primary currency to another currency, you will have the opportunity to pay for utility bills, shop globally, buy movie, flight and any event ticket on the go.

You can also get a contactless card, which is known as virtual card from this app and use it to satisfy your online purchase needs.


Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed step by step instruction on how to register and start making cool cash via the app.

But before I proceed to the steps involved in registering for a valid VPD account and make money with it, let me quickly dropped the latest withdrawal made from the VPD referral Program

Receipt Showing Debit Transaction
From VPD Mobile APP


Credit Alert From The Receiving Bank


The alert is dated back right? Yes! That’s because we have make use of the opportunity since 2020, but they are back now.

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Yes! Another opportunity is open and this will only open for 24hrs. From 14th of February 2023 to 15th of February 2022

Now, It’s obvious that you are ready to clinch into the opportunity and make cool cash without stress, so let’s dive into the registration steps without wasting time.

Requirements For VPD Registration

1. VPD mobile app. the download link will be provided in the later part of this guide.

2. Referral code to claim your registration bonus. Simply click here to copy the code to your clip board for easy application during the registration.

3. considerably strong internet connection and your mobile phone. Be it android or iOS

4. Few minutes to read the instructions below carefully.


How To Register on VPD App

1. Copy the referral code below, you will need it during the registration.

8FYGTK    simply click here to copy the code directly

2. Now, click here to go to the official website of the so called VPD mobile app.

3. You will see two buttons there, one for play store and the other for iOS store.

4. Click on the button that is compatible with your device and download the app.

5. After which you have download and install the app, open the app and locate the sign up button.

6. Click on the sign up button and enter your mobile number, make sure to use your WhatsApp number, it doesn’t matter if it’s different from the number linked with your BVN.

7. You will be told that an OTP has been sent to your phone number but you might not get any OTP.


8. If you get the OTP on your mobile phone message inbox, just enter it into the provide box, but if you didn’t get the OTP, don’t panic, just look for the WhatsApp option and click on receive via WhatsApp.

9. Open your WhatsApp to check for the 6digit code, return back to the registration page and enter the OTP to proceed with your registration.

10. Enter your valid email address and they will as well request for your BVN.

11. Enter your valid BVN. Don’t worry, your BVN is 100% safe.

12. Choose a username and you will see a box provided for referral code, paste the code you copied from the step one above into the box. If you haven’t copy it from the step one above, this is the code again;  8FYGTK  make sure to apply it before you leave the page.

Click here to copy the referral code

13. After which you have enter the referral code, proceed to set your password and other requirements. Make sure your password consists of  a capital letter, small letter, digit and special characters.

E.g: *Gh536747735

14. Now login to the email you provided during the registration, you will see a message from VPD money, open the message and you will see a confirmation link attached to the mail, click on the link to verify your account.

15. Once you have verified your email address, login to the app with your username and password and boom! You have complete your registration successfully.

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Referal Bonus


How To Make Up To N5,000 Per Day On VPD Referral Program

I guess this is the most interesting part you have been anticipating to see from the beginning of this guide and guess what? I will do justice to that right now.

As I have stated in the earlier part of this guide, the VPD app will give every user that refer other to download and register on the app, a whooping sum N500 per referral and as I have said earlier, you or your referrals don’t need to deposit anything or perform any transaction before you can get your bonus.

Now, to earn on this app and reach our target on a daily basis is very simple and it nothing else, but just rational calculation.

If they can pay a whooping sum of N500 per referral, imagine if you refer just 10 people per day or you tried to refer up to 20 people per day, that’s a whooping sum of N10,000 in just a day. It’s a simple as;


1 friend Earns you N500

2 friends Earns you N1,000

5 friends Earns you N2,500

10 friends Earns you N5,000

20 friends Earns you N10,000

And so on, and I am very sure that many of your friends and people around you will be willing to register as they gat to make cool cash without taking anything out of their pockets.


You might be wondering how to get people to refer but you have to worry no more as we have make everything easier for you, just click here for the detailed explanation of the main secrete on how to get referrals to any of your referral programs.



How To Get Your Special Code To Refer Others And Earn on VPD Referral Program

1. Open your VPD app and login to the app.

2. Check the bottom right corner of the app.

3. You will see a button labeled with more, click on it and select select referral.

4. Now copy your referral code and give it to your referrals to apply during their registration, just as you applied 8FYGTK during your own registration.

5. That’s all, relax and watch your referral bonus flowing in back to back.


When Will I Receive My Referral Bonus?

This is a very good question, the VPD registration isn’t limited to your email verification alone, an admin will also have to verify your account and approve it after proper consideration.

Once you’re verified to be a genuine individual, your account will be verified and this process takes up to 24hrs.


In short, it will take 24hrs after which you have referred you referral before your N500 bonus will appear and be ready for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Step 1 & 2



How To Withdraw From VPD

Just follow the simple step by step instructions below, to withdraw your earnings from the VPD account to your Nigeria bank account.

I. Open your VPD account and login with your password.

2. Click on the addition sign as shown in the step 1 of the picture above.

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3. You will be redirected to the appropriate option menu, click on transfer.

Withdrawal Step 3


4. Click on bank account and fill the provided form with the required details. E.g; Bank name and Account number.

5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and your transaction PIN, then proceed.


6. You will receive a message s show below and wishing few minutes, your withdrawal will arrive to your bank account.

Withdrawal Step 4



How will I know If My Account Has Been Verified?

Once your account has been verified, you will receive a message from the VPD support, stating it clearly that your account has been verified as shown in the picture below and at this moment, you can now start seeing your bonus immediately your referral are verified as well.

Verification Message


What If The Refused To Verify My Account?

Yeah! That’s a very good question, in some cases, some people do register and the stipulated time will come and pass without their account being Verified.

If after 48hrs of your registration, your account is still yet to be verified, kindly follow the instructions below;

1. Construct a mail with title: I need help.

2. In the body of the main, tell them that you have registered for more than 48hrs and your account is yet to be verified.

3. Now send the mail to:

[email protected]

4. Wait for their response and possible resolution.

5. That’s all

Once they Verify your account, the level on your dashboard will change from level 1 to level 2.


Things You Must Know;

1. Once your referral complete their registration as expected, you will surely receive your N500 bonus after which their account has been verified.

2. You must apply the provided referral code during your registration, the referral code you will apply during your registration is 8FYGTK click here to copy it.

3. You cannot be denied of the proper verification once you did everything right and enter valid information, so you have nothing to panic about.


4. Your VPD referral bonus will take a while before it reflect in your VPD account, mostly up to 24hrs.

5. Their is no minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw any amount and get your money paid directly to your Nigeria bank account within few seconds.

6. If you referred someone successfully and after 48hrs, the bonus did not appear, tell that your referral to massage support as instructed in the guide above.

7. Above all, you don’t need to deposit anything or perform any transaction before you can get your bonuses, just complete your registration and start sharing your referral code.



Now OPEN again from 14th to 15th of February 2023

VPD Suspends It’s
Referal Program


This is to inform you that a temporary Hold has been imposed on the ongoing VPD referal program with the reason that is clearly stated in the picture above.

Kindly Note that the referral bonus has been put on hold as at this moment and till further notice.

You will be notified once the referral program is back.

Now OPEN again from 14th to 15th of February 2023

Till then, you can click here for detailed guide on how to get N2,000 per referral via standard chartered Bank referal program




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