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Mydailycash App – How To Earn Free PayPal Cash By Completing Simple Tasks

Mydailycash App review

Mydailycash app is a mobile app that allows individuals to make cool cash by completing simple tasks and probably recommending the app to others. The app pays directly to your PayPal account and this is the reason why it’s fit for this complete guide on how to earn free PayPal Cash by completing simple tasks on the app.

In our previous guide, we have released a lot if ways to make money online and get paid directly to your PayPal account and amongst this methods are appinio surveys app, zap surveys app, eureka surveys and lots more.

Today, I will be revealing another method to earn free Paypal cash, giving you the opportunity to earn free Paypal cash in multiple ways and accumulate them together to earn an huge amount that will allow you pay your bills without stress. On this note, I am sure that you have a verified PayPal account that can send and receive funds.

In case you’re from Nigeria and you don’t have a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money, so Simply check the guide below for the detailed information on how to do that without any form if stress.

How to create PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria

About Mydailycash App

MyDailyCash app allows you to earn money with your smartphone and have it paid out to your PayPal account. The more active you are in the app and participate in tasks, the more money you earn.

The Mydailycash App is owned and controlled by Win Glory International Limited and as it has been stated in the previous part of the guide, you only work on the app is to make money and cash out to your PayPal account.

Mydailycash registration – How to register on Mydailycash App

Mydailycash App registration is what comes first immediately you have interest in making money in the app and luckily, the registration steps is so easy that you don’t even need a VPN. All you need is your valid phone number regardless of where you’re registering from.

1. Download Mydailycash App via the download section of this guide and open the app.

2. Enter your valid phone number and tick all there provided boxes to accept each term and conditions.

Mydailycash App Referral Code

3. Input 608584728 in the space provided for referral code and click on the receive bonus now button.

4. An OTP will be sent to the provided phone number, enter the OTP to complete your registration and you will be redirected to your dashboard immediately.

Remember, the referral code to apply during the registration is 608584728. You can click here to copy the code directly.

Mydailycash App login.

To login to your Mydailycash App account, all you have to do is to open the app, provide your phone number and click on the receive bonus button.

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Am OTP will be sent to your phone, enter the OTP and you will be redirected to your account immediately.

How to make money on Mydailycash App

There are two ways to make money on the app and this ways are the complete task and earn and Refer and earn.

Completing tasks is the major way to make money on the app and the referral program is an add-on way to accumulate more cash and withdraw to your PayPal account regardless of if tasks are available or not.

How to earn free Paypal cash by completing simple tasks on Mydailycash

Immediately you login to your account, you will be redirected to the tasks page directly and on this page, you will see all the available tasks at that present Moment, simply click on the tasks and follow the prompts.

Immediately you complete the tasks, you will get the coins attached to the task. E.g, if it’s download an app to get 100coins, immediately you complete the app downloading process, the 100 will be sent to the balance on your dashboard immediately and you can convert it to cash immediately you have the minimum amount of coins required for withdrawal.

Mydailycash App referral program

Mydailycash App referral program

With the Mydailycash referral program, you will get 20coins for each referral you bring to the app, immediately your referral download and register on the app with your referral code, you will receive the 20coins immediately, which is equivalent to $0.2, 100 coins is equivalent to $1.

How to get Mydailycash referral code

To get your personal Referral code to refer and earn on the app, all you have to do is to login to the app and click on the button shown in the picture above.

Share the context directly to a friend Whatsapp DM, and you will see your code within the texts, copy it and use it for your future Referral.

How to claim Mydailycash registration bonus

Yes, their is one time bonus upon your registration a d if you follow the registration instructions properly, you will receive the bonus.

The bonus is apply to your referral’s referral code and immediately you apply the code during registration, you will automatically get the bonus.

The code to apply to get your registration bonus is 608584728.

Click here to copy the code directly

Mydailycash App Download

In this section, I will provide you with the direct link to download the app from Google play store and you will be able to download the app, install it and start t money immediately.

Name                                    Mydailycash

Size                                       6.6MB

Version                                Latest Version

Service                                Earning App

Referral code                    782697

Download Mydailycash App from play store

Download Mydailycash App APK

Mydailycash App Download for iphone

As at the moment of writing this guide, Mydailycash App is only available on Android and the iOS version is yet to be released. On this note, you won’t be able to download the app if you’re using iphone, however, you can get someone’s Android phone and use it.

Mydailycash App withdrawal process

Mydailycash withdrawal

To request for a withdrawal on the app, all you have to do is to login to your account,  click on the Euro sign at the bottom of the app ( €  ). Click on the Get money button on the next screen and the money will be sent to your PayPal account immediately.

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Mydailycash minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on Mydailycash App is 1000 points, which is equivalent to $10 and immediately you have the minimum of 1000 coins on your balance, you can withdraw directly to your PayPal account. However, you have to bind your PayPal email to Mydailycash first before you will be able to withdraw.

How to add Paypal email to Mydailycash App

Simply login to your account and click on settings icon as shown in the picture above, select PayPal account and on the next screen, input your correct PayPal email address and click on the update button.

Boom! Your PayPal account has been linked successfully and you can now withdraw whenever you have the minimum of 1000 coins in your account.

Mydailycash withdrawal proof

Mydailycash withdrawal proof

Before writing this guide, I have accumulate some coins on the app in order to properly check if the app is paying or not and indeed, the app pays and payment only takes few hours to arrive at my PayPal account. Above is the recent withdrawal proof.

Mydailycash App Scam Exposed!!!

As at the moment of updating this guide, a major bug has been found on Mydailycash App which we will be giving you the details of it in this guide. This bug is so critical that everyone’s attention must be drawn to it in order to know the next line of action.

Mydailycash App review / Top messanger review

Truly, Mydailycash is paying but that’s not the case, recently, I received a message from stranger accusing me of trying to hack her Facebook account and I was like how?

Since I am not into any act of such, I disregard the message and told her to retract her steps. But again, I received call from another individual that I am trying to hack his bank account. I was tensed a little at this point and have to call back and explain things to him and also try to get some information about the incident from him.

What actually happened?

He said he was trying to reset his bank app password and the bank told him that he will receive an OTP which he received indeed, but instead of the OTP coming from the bank, it came from my own number. i.e my personal number send reset OTP to him instead of his bank. Wonderful!!

Contacting the second victim, she also narrated same story, she was trying to reset her Facebook password and the password reset OTP was sent to here by my number instead of Facebook itself and if any of them should input those code, their account will be compromised.

On getting to know this, I fully understand that one app has gained access to some permission on my SMS and other permissions as well so I started thinking about the app that it can be.

Undoubtedly, it’s only Top messanger I gave such permission recently and I started my digging and at the end of the day, it happens to be coming from the top messager. So bad.

Remember, when you install Mydailycash App, you have to make top messanger your default sms app in order to be able to claim daily rewards.

Top messanger Scam

This is critical, and of course, people behind the app are hackers that obtain Every users information and use it to perform different illegal activities.

On this Case, they will be using the user identity to scam people and perform different illegal activities.

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Ok! I don’t want to draw conclusion just like that, though I have gotten the route of the Matter already, but I want to be so sure so I took to my WhatsApp to ask if anyone else is experiencing such and indeed, my individuals are experiencing it.

I didn’t stop at that, I went to Google to see what people are saying about the app and below are:

What People Says About Top messanger

Mydailycash App Scam Exposed

Top messanger Scam Exposed

What people says about top messanger

Mydailycash App review - top messanger review

What’s the way out?

Immediately I complete my findings, I simply off all permissions I have allowed for the app, giving the app zero access to my SMS or anything on my phone.

You can as well simply uninstall it from your phone and be free from any danger as the app has been identified as threat by browsingtechzone.com and you should try as much as possible to stay away from it.

Is Mydailycash App legit?

As at the moment of updating this Mydailycash App review, no issue has been identified with Mydailycash App itself but I will advise you to stay away from it if you could. But if you can be able to complete some tasks on the app without Installing top messanger, then you can give that a trial.

Is Mydailycash Scam

This question required detailed explanation in order to know what is what and the required details has be provided above already. Mydailycash is still paying as at the moment of updating this guide but their is a scam identified with it, which is top messanger.

Is top messanger Scam?

Yes! It is, and you should try as much as possible to stay away from it, do not allow any access for the app and if you have installed it before and make it default sms app, you will noticed that they deduct money for sms from your phone time to time without you sending any sms to anyone.

Anytime you received the charges, it means they have successfully used your line to send SMS to their target victim.

Meaning they deduct money from your balance to send dubious SMS to people and this is very dangerous. On this note, you should stay away from top messanger till further notice.

How can I continue to earn from my daily cash

Since my daily cash is one of the app that guaranteed you of daily earnings without having to wait for survey qualification, then it might be hard for a lot of individuals to stay away from it completely so I found this formula.

In order to continue making money from my daily cash as it’s paying steady, simply install the top messanger as explained above, use it to claim bonus and clear the app data immediately you claim your bonus for the day. Restart it the following day and Keep repeating same steps to be in a safe side.

This implies that once you register on my daily cash app, always clear the Data of the top messanger app once you used it to claim the bonus for that day.

Mydailycash recent withdrawal

Mydailycash withdrawal issues resolved

Kindly note that it’s very important for you to read all the previous part of this guide strictly in order to fully understand how the mydailycash app works and that if the risk attached to the app as revealed by browsingtechzone.

Recently, a lot of individuals are having issues with their withdrawal and I have taken my time to thoroughly test the withdrawal is all available dimensions and during this time, I am able to accumulate a whooping sum of $111 as shown in the screenshot above.

Having said that, below are the two major conclusion that will help your payment arrived on time, usually between 1 to 24hrs:

1. Always place withdrawal at night, between 8pm to 9pm. It’s not that the withdrawal placed during the day won’t arrived, just that the outlined period are the most active according to the study carried out by browsingtechzone.com.

2. Don’t continue accumulation on one account when your previous withdrawal hasn’t dropped. When you placed a withdrawal on mydailycash app and it refused to drop, kindly create fresh account and continue your accumulation on the account while waiting for the other withdrawal.

Conclusion: Mydailycash App is legit and paying, and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should have fully understand how to earn free Paypal cash by completing simple tasks on Mydailycash App with the detailed information on how to withdraw and Everything You Need to know about the app.



  1. I have issues registering cos it’s telling me unauthorized after entering the verification code they sent me.

  2. Please, how do I create a Paypal account that won’t be blocked, because the one I created earlier has been blocked??

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    What’s wrong pls?

  4. Please I can’t login again when ever I do it says something went wrong and begin to count seconds for me bro I can login again and I’ve uninstalled and install it again same thing

  5. If I am trying to connect top message app with mydailycash especially when i put my number on top message it says “unable to verify phone no, SIM CARD cannot send message” i don’t no why

  6. Yeah
    Top messages is a scam,I know that since the day I started doing my daily cash cos I have read all that review about it before,so I just remove the sim i connect to my bank and many others stuff I put it in a small phone and buy a new sim that I even don’t load airtime in it I just connect it with my top messages and claim my credit everyday in mydailycash.soon am making my second withdraw 🥰 I think that’s only solution we can do now.

  7. After placing a withdrawal on mydalycash on Sunday, till today I’ve not received the payment on my PayPal. Please could be the issue?

  8. I have reached the minimum withdrawal but it is still saying that I have not reach the minimum withdrawal. Please what is the way forward.

  9. What I did do when I had the same issue is that I got another sim and change the sim attached to the top messenger, I don’t recharge on it so that no SMS would be sent, I maintain that and it’s working.

  10. Hi,
    I have requested a Paypal payment from mydailycash since last week friday, I have not received anything or email from Paypal from them since then.

  11. please for those that have gotten their money withdrawn to their paypal account, how long did it take for the money to enter your paypal account?

  12. Can’t download the app Top messenger from the play store.
    Keep saying, this items isn’t available in your country.
    What should i do please?

  13. After clearing Top messenger data, to claim reward the next day, does it require sms charges again to link my number with my daily app?
    Because i couldn’t claim my reward. requesting to link my number with my daily app but i don’t have airtime in the line.

  14. Boss i don’t skip any lines of your guide…
    My question is not included in your guide sir.
    After clearing Top messenger data, will i be charge again while restarting the next day?
    my question is base on charges sir.

  15. Morning sir please I have a question and my question is how long the money take before it enter your PayPal account because I withdraw since on 27 January 2023 upti now i no hear alert help

  16. Please can i receive the payment from Nigeria, cos People are saying you can’t receive payment if your account is a Nigerian account.

  17. Boss, I can see they added another payment option to it (bitcoin). Is it okay, and I hope it won’t take long before the account will be credited.

  18. Please I placed a withdrawal on my daily cash on Saturday I wasn’t paid. So yesterday morning the 1000 credit was reversed. I added my bitcoin because I use PayPal to withdraw. I withdraw again using bitcoin since yesterday morning more than 24 hours have not received it.

  19. Good morning sir
    I have a question to ask
    About this My daily cash app
    I have reached 800 credit over 3weeks now and I can’t claim my reward again …
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    So I don’t know what’s wrong
    Can you help please

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    I placed a withdrawal with Bitcoin address, the money disappeared and I was not credited…
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    Kindly assist
    Best regards…

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    Top messenger have to deduct #4 before I can claim my daily cash, please how can I pass the process without been deducted.


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