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How To Get Free US Number In Nigeria

Free US Number In Nigeria

Hey! You are welcome to a complete guide on how to get free us number in Nigeria, if you have been struggling with getting a us number here in Nigeria, then I am glad to have you here today as this article is going to give you the detailed explanation on how to get free us number in Nigeria without paying a dime.

I have found myself I many forums where Nigerians express the difficulty they are going through in getting a valid us number as many cannot afford to pay those that will get it done for them.

And this prompt me to write this detailed information unveiling the best and easiest way to get a free us number without stress, this guide will also show you how to get free us number for WhatsApp and lots more.

I have a good news for you as everyone can now own a us number with the aids of virtual apps which provides the virtual numbers for everyone regardless of where you come from, I mean any part of this country (Nigeria).

This article will also show you;

• How to get free us number for WhatsApp verification.

• How to get free us number for verification, I mean any means of verification that requires a us number.

• And lots more.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed information on how to get free us number in Nigeria.


Requirements For Getting A Free US Number

• A virtual number app the app we’re using in this guide is textplus, you can download it here.
• A moderate Internet connection, what I mean by moderate is that, if the internet connection in your area isn’t strong, at least, it shouldn’t be too weak.
• Your 100% attention to read every instructions provided in this article carefully.
Now let’s go!
Steps to get free US Number In Nigeria
Steps To Get Free US Number

How To Get Free US Number In Nigeria Without Paying

1. Click here to download text plus.
2. Install and open the app.
3. Swipe to the right till a sign up button appears.
4. Now click on the sign up button and choose a username and password, your username and password can be anything.
5. Once your registration is successful, click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the app as shown in the step 1 of the picture above.
6. Now click on the get your free text plus number as shown in the step 2 of the picture above.
7. Now click on the state and select any state of your choice, all the state that will be displayed to you are valid, just click one if you didn’t have anyone in mind before.
8. Click on the area code and select one all the area codes are valid, just click anyone bof your choice.
9. Now click on the customize number button and wait for your number to be generated.
10. Now copy your number and start using it.
11. Anytime you need the us number for any purpose just paste the number there and your confirmation message or whatever will be delivered to the app, just open the app to copy your verification number and others. You can also receive calls with it.
You might be asking if you can use this number for WhatsApp verification or any other things, yes you can use it.

Hey! Buddy, that’s all you need on how to get free us number in Nigeria, with this guide you shouldn’t have any problem in getting a us number at any time of your choice.

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What You should Know about this guide

• The number cannot be used for WhatsApp verification anymore.
• You can receive calls and messages with the number.
• No VPN needed, if your VPN is active before, off it before you open the text plus app.
• If you have any question about this guide or you need support, drop comment below and you will get an instant response.


Having issues creating a US number with text plus?

We’re aware that the text plus method is not working for everyone as at the moment of updating this guide and on this note, browsingtechzone have released an alternative to how to get the foreign number for free.

If you have tried the text plus app but unable to create an account or get the number, simply watch the video below for the alternative provided:


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  1. It is working but I want to ask, because base on the application, they stated it that the number will stop working if you don't make use of the number like making calls or sending text messages at least ones in a week, does it mean that the number will not function again when you stop using it.

    • It’s still working for some people while it’s not for some.
      avoid the use of VPN whenever you wants to open the app, if the error persists, clear the app data and try again/

  2. Textplusprevents me from signing up with them. Kindly recommend me best alternatives to Textplus in Google Play store

  3. When ever I try to download Textplus app from playstore. It always show “this item is not available in your country”

    Please how will I solve that?

  4. Is there a particular phone that textplus network isn’t available for because I’ve been trying to create a number with your guide but it keep saying network not available……kiloshele

  5. I just got my US number from text plus.
    Tip: i downloaded Gecko VPN and i put it on even before downloading and registering on the textplus app.

  6. I have been trying to register but it keeps showing me this
    That the current device or regiin isn’t available

  7. Whe I intend ti register the app will pop up saying (your current region,device or app version is not currently supported)

  8. Good afternoon. Pls, I was unable to download the text plus app from playstore. It keeps telling me not available in ur country. Pls how do I get it?

  9. BTZ what should i do it keeps giving me an error message when signing up that the app is either not available in my regular or does not support my device
    Please help me out


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