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Sunoro.club Review – Is Sunoro Investment Legit Or Scam

Sunoro.club review

www.sunoro.club is the official URL to the Sunoro Investment platform, which lunch some weeks ago and in this detailed sunoro.club review, I will be providing you with all you need to know about the platform and especially, if the platform is legit or Scam.

The platform in question cannot be said to be a newly lunched platform as it have stayed up to one month and few weeks online, but recently, I have started receiving a lot of questions from different individuals as per if the platform is legit or not.

Today, I have decided to feed you with what you always love, which is a review giving you the detailed information on a particular platform and whatsoever truth that might be hiding about the platform. Today, it’s Sunoro Investment review.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that browsingtechzone.com is an independent website and is not affiliated or associated with Sunoro.club or any of its entities.

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About sunoro.club investment

Sunero.club is an investment platform that promised to provide the general public with the opportunity to make unlimited income on a daily basis and indeed, provide a way to get rich quick.

It claims that it can help every individuals earn unlimited money every day and increase their wealth. SUNORO being a financial platform where you can invest in various types of funds and start earning money every day have different plans that you can invest on, but whether you should invest or not is the main question that’s going to be answered in this guide.

SUNORO Group said to mainly focuses on acquisition investment, growth investment and infrastructure investment, covering Europe, Asia and North America.

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How sunoro.club works

sunoro club provides you with varieties of plans to invest on and with a daily compensation plans. When you invest on the platform, you will be able to get your daily interest returns to your balance and be able to withdraw Them as long as the returns as up to the minimum withdrawal.

Once your investment period elapse, the principal investment will be returned to your account and you can decide to reinvest or withdraw the money to your bank account.

Sunoro.club provides you with a Welcome bonus of 200 naira and the minimum you can invest on the platform is 1,000 naira. Interest rate ranges from 2.40% to 7.80%, depending on the plan you’re subscribing to.

Check out the overview of sunoro.club

Sunoro investment

Sunoro referral program

The platform also have a referral program that rewards you for inviting others to join the platform, you know platform like this required investment funds from the new investors to be able to pay the old investors.

On this note, they have provide you with a mouthwatering offer, just for you to keep referring your friends to the platform and in this sunoro.club review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to the referral program works before moving to the Sunoro club review.

How sunoro.club referral program works

When your friends register as new user through your invitation link, they will become your A-level team members. After the A-level team members invite their friends to register successfully, they will become your B-level team members. After B-level team members invite friends to register successfully, they will become your C-level team members.

This implies that you will have access to Tier 3 Team Gross Earnings Bonuses.

Sunoro club registration – How to register on Sunoro . club

Registering on the platform is very simple and straight forward and all you have to do is to go to the platform registration page. Enter your preferred phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone number. Enter the OTP and conti with your registration.

Upon completing your registration, you will be redirected to your dashboard and you can start surfing the platform to know better about it.

Sunoro login

To login to your Sunoro club account, all you have to do is to visit the Sunoro login page and enter your registratered phone number and password. You will be redirected to your dashboard.

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Sunoro club review – Invalid Claims of Sunoro.club investment

Having Carefully examined the platform, we have found some false claims on the platform, this implies that the platform is claiming what they’re not and before you trip for it, I will like to call your attention to them:

1. SUNORO Group claims to have invests more than US$5 trillion annually in Asia, North America and Europe, helping companies achieve their development goals, restructure capital structures and issue capital. (False)

2. SUNORO also claimed that it has invested in more than 14,000 of the world’s best companies and has offices and branches in 14 countries around the world. It stressed that the fund has a unique international network that provides coverage, industry expertise and relationship resources that are second to none. Provide added value. (False)

3. SUNORO says it combines the advantages of global scale with local investment service capabilities to promote the continuous development of its business in major global markets. With approximately 16,500 employees in 38 countries, it claims to serve customers in more than 100 countries. (False)

4. Sunoro says it not only accept commissions from governments and corporations, but also serve institutional investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance, banks, non-profit organizations (false)

How Sunoro.club works

sunoro.club review

Okay, let continue exploring the platform, however, I believed you have learned one or two about the platform for the information revealed so far. In this section of my Sunoro investment review, I am going to provide you with the red flags and the green found on the platform.

Sunoro investment Red flags

These are the flags indicating that the platform might be Risky and probably not legit, the more the red flags, the more the probability that the platform might be Scam. Below are the red flags found on sunoro.club

1. Having properly explore the platform, all indication shows that the platform is a Ponzi type investment platform.

2. The platform about page consist of deceitful information, purposely to lure individuals to have more believe on the platform. Browsingtechzone referred that to as a bait.

3. The CEO of the platform is not known, which is the usual of Ponzi schemes.

4. The platform is a high Risk investment platform.

Green flags of Sunoro investment platform

These are the flags indicating that the platform might be legit to an extent, but, you should however remember that all Ponzi scheme are bound to crash, so, no matter the number of the green flags, it doesn’t indicates that the platform will not crash.

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Below bare the green flags found on Sunoro investment platform:

1. The minimum investment is just 1000. With just N1,000, you can invest on the platform and earn daily interest.

2. The minimum withdrawal is just 1500.

3. Your investment will be returned to your account once your investment duration elapse.

4. The platform have spent one month and few weeks online without shaking.

5. The customer service of the platform are active. I messaged the customer service attached to my account and get response immediately. That’s incredible.

6. You can quickly get support on the platform as at the moment of writing this Sunoro club review, I don’t know of later.

7. With our past experience on Ponzi platform, we have the feeling that the platform might last up to few months, Maybe can stay for one or two months more before crashing. However, this is a suggestion and we might be wrong. We don’t know the intention of people behind the platform.

Sunoro investment review – Is Sunoro legit

As at the moment of writing this review, the platform is still working smoothly and as suggested by browsingtechzone, we can see a touch of aimining on the platform and aimining last for more than 6months before it Crashed.

However, we’re not providing you with a guaranteed that the platform can Last up to a particular months, it’s just an analysis and it can’t be accurate as the platform concerned is operated by humans whose intention cannot be known.

Sunoro lunch date – When did Sunoro investment lunched

The platform was lunched on the 1st of march 2023 and has stayed and working smoothly till this present moment. This implies that approximately 2months have been subtracted from the number of months it’s going to Stay.

Sunoro review – is Sunoro scam

As at the moment of writing this Sunoro club review, the platform is still paying and hence, they haven’t turned to scam yet, however, I believed you have read our detailed analysis of Ponzi investment platform in general.

If you noticed any issue on the platform or you have an experience about Sunoro that you will like to Share with others, kindly drop it in the comments section of this guide. This will help others in knowing the current situation of the platform and Perhaps, pass some information to the general public about the platform.


With the detailed information revealed in this sunoro.club review, it’s of no doubt that you should be able to fully understand how the platform works and especially have all it takes to take appropriate decision towards the platform.



  1. Sunoro is not legit o, they are group of fraudster online, let everyone be watchful,you only invest with returned. Beware

  2. Sunoro is a scam, it just crashed on Monday 29/5/2023. I was one of their investors, I placed a withdrawal and up till now I haven’t received any alerts. Although the app is still working fine you can invest but you can’t withdraw and all the costumer service are not replying to messages

  3. Sunoro investment app is actually not legit for now so don’t invest now because you might not be able to withdraw your money again
    I made a withdrawal since 2 days ago and till now i haven’t recieve my cash so beware

  4. That true sunoro is a scamm am one off the investors the app is not more working e pain me ooo cause I invest a lot money on that platform

  5. Sunoro has make me to experience Police Cell,
    My friends and people who I invited to join sunoro as others did turns to tell me to bring their money back,especially one woman. She was looking for a way for me not to write my exam,but I wrote my paper and she arrested me for something I don’t know about. I’ve spent about 220,000 in the cell now I’m still having case to settle in the cell.


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