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Gmgtrys.com Review – Is gmgtrys legit or Scam

gmgtrys.com review

You’re wondering if gmgtrys. com is legit or just another scam? Worry no more, in this gmgtrys.com review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and especially, if the platform is legit or just another scam.

It’s no more a breaking news that gmgtrys.com is also known as GMG and this particular platform have spent few weeks online, which prompts a lot of individuals to develop interest in knowing what the platform is really up to and if it’s a safe place to put their money.

In the first place, I have decided not to release gmgtrys. com as I perceived it as a very short time project, but the fact that it has spent few days online and still paying prompt a lot of individuals to start asking me some questions which can only be best answered by a detailed gmgtrys.com review.

Disclaimer: Browsingtechzone.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with GMG or any of its subsidiaries. While we may cover topics related to GMG products or services, we are not endorsed by GMG and our opinions are our own.

Any information provided on our website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered official advice or recommendations from GMG. Please refer to GMG’s official website or customer support for any official information or assistance related to their products or services.


GMG Review

GMG is surely one of the platforms that claim to offer high returns through various investment strategies such as buying and selling stocks, investing in real estate, or utilizing leverage. These platforms typically require you to invest a certain amount of money and then promise to double your investment within a certain timeframe.

But in case of gmgtrys. com, their target investors were not only being offered the opportunity to double their investment in a very short period of time, but promised to let them make up to 6× of the amount invested on the platform.

However, in our previous reviews, we have always warned you to be wary of any platform that promises guaranteed returns or high returns with little risk. These types of promises are often associated with fraudulent investment schemes and can result in the loss of your entire investment.

Gmgtrys .com review

How gmgtrys.com Works

The platform provide you with the opportunity to invest and make money via the investment. Gmgtrys.com offers different investment plans with varying returns, ranging from N2,000 to N600,000.

The minimum investment amount gmg platform is N2,000, which is the ALUMINIUM-ION-1, which allows you to earn N500 for completing your daily tasks and N15,000 as gross profit. The maximum subscription amount is N600,000, where you earn N150,000 for completing your daily tasks and N4,500,000 as gross profit.

Click here to see the overview of GMG investment

Is Gmgtrys .com a Ponzi scheme?

I am not sure thing question is necessary anymore, but if you decide to ask, I will answered YES without any form of hesitation. Even if you have no knowledge of how investment works online, you can imagine what a platform can be doing to be able to guaranteed to of earning a whooping sum of 30,000 naira on N4,000 investment.

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Gmgtrys.com review – About Ponzi scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme where returns are paid to earlier investors using funds contributed by newer investors. The scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, who ran a large-scale scam in the early 20th century.

In a typical Ponzi scheme, the operator convinces investors to put money into the scheme by promising high returns in a short amount of time. The operator may claim to have a special investment strategy or insider knowledge that allows them to generate high returns. However, in reality, the returns are paid out using the contributions of new investors rather than any legitimate profits.

The scheme continues to grow as long as new investors are brought in to fund the returns promised to earlier investors. Eventually, the scheme collapses when it becomes too difficult to attract enough new investors to cover the returns promised to earlier investors. At this point, many investors may lose all or a significant portion of their investment.

Ponzi schemes are illegal in most countries and can result in criminal charges for the operators. It’s important to be cautious when investing and to thoroughly research any investment opportunity before putting your money into it. Be wary of promises of high returns with little risk and always remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Gmgtrays login

This section is for those that have create an account with Gmgtrays already, in order to login to your Gmgtrays account, all you have to do is to visit the gmgtrays login page.

You will be provided with two box, one for your registratered phone number and the other for your password, simply enter your phone number in the space provided for your phone number and make sure not to include the first zero of your phone number.

Click on the second box and enter your password, this is the password you set up during you Gmgtrays Registration, make sure you have entered the correct Gmgtrays login details and click on the sign in button, you will be redirected to you GMG access immediately.

Gmgtrys review

Gmgtrys review – Is gmgtrys.com Legit

The platform has been paying since 20th of April and now, I think they’re overstaying their welcome already. You already know the risk attached to a Ponzi platform doesn’t decrease by how long they have been paying, but will definitely increase by how long they have been paying.

Obviously, judging with the detailed information about Ponzi scheme provided for you in this gmgtrys com review, the longer a Ponzi platform stays the riskier it becomes.

NOTIFICATION: As at the moment of updating this guide, GMG have stopped paying and can hereby be declared a scam!   Bottom line: Gmgtrays alias GMG is now scam

GMG review – Is gmgtrys.com scam

With the detailed information provided in the gmgtrys.com review, the platform is now a potential scam as at the moment of writing this gmgtrys .com review, the platform have paid a lot of people in the past few days and if you should joined as a new user, you will only suffer what those that joined early have enjoyed.

NOTIFICATION: As at the moment of updating this guide, GMG have stopped paying and can hereby be declared a scam!   Bottom line: Gmgtrays alias GMG is now scam

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Should I invest on gmgtrys

A lot have been said in this review already and indeed, this gmgtrys com review is an eye opening one and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, I am sure to a considerable extent that you should be able to decide if the platform worth your investment or not.

Note!!! Our regular monitoring report shows that GMG haven’t paid it’s investors since the 5th of may 2023.      We will keep you updated on any new development observed.      Stay safe!

GMG Customer Service - how to message Gmgtrays

GMG Customer Service – How To Message Gmgtrays customer service for support

As it reflects in the previous part of this guide, browsingtechzone is not affiliated to any platform, we’re independent website and what we does it to create a form of enlightenment via our review and it’s up to you how you interprets it.

On this note, we cannot offer any help as regards to the issue you might be encountering on the platform, the only way to get help is to message the platform customer support, those are who’s in the best position to help you.

How to contact Gmgtrays.com customer support

Simply login to your GMG account and click on the help Icon at the top right corner of your dashboard as shown above. You will be redirected to their telegram group, simply message any of the admin and discuss your issues with them.

How can I message GMG Admin directly

In case you’re having difficulties contacting them via the method above, simply click here to go to one of their admin telegram DM directly or message @GMG_Services on telegram.

One of our readers Also contributed to how you can contact the platform support, enofe wrote “I assume that you already joined their Telegram group. To send direct message to their customers service,

1. click on the group profile picture. The person that regularly drops messages on the group “GMG Service”.

2. Then the profile of the person will open. You will see there “Message, Call, Mute, and other options. Hope this will help”. You can check the comments section to see the original comment.

Gmgtrays deposit issues – Solution to deposit not reflecting on GMG 

Even after we have vividly told you that the platform is in its late moment and can stop paying at any moment from now, which makes you stand a chance to loose your investment on probability of 90%, some individuals have still go to the official GMG platform and initiate a deposit.

While some have deposited already before coming across this guide. Regardless of the side you belongs, browsingtechzone will always play its part in guiding it’s readers and helping them with the information they might be needing at any period if time.

While Checking the gmgtrays group this morning, I came across an information about the deposit shared by them and you should try to visit their telegram group by clicking on the help Icon at the top right corner of the platform dashboard and read the previous message. Or better still, dm their admin directly and table your issues.

Has GMG crashed

I have be gotten this question from different individuals recently and only one thing is involved, these people failed to read our review carefully, I have long ago (maybe 5days ago) update this guide informing you that the platform have stopped paying.

However, they paid few individuals after I sent the notification, which i suggested to those who told me that it’s just a bait to keep people thinking they’re still paying.

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Hence, it’s clear that Gngtrays have crashed. They stopped paying. GMG have crashed

GMG Withdrawal Issues - what to do if your GMG Withdrawal didn't arrive

GMG Withdrawal Issues – What to do when Gmgtrays withdrawal didn’t arrive

It’s no more a breaking News that the platform have developed issues recently and while the GMg admin put the blame on increase of new users, browsingtechzone have suggested that it’s vividly an effidence that they’re about to crash.

Even though they still paid today, that doesn’t change our Stand on who we said they’re, however, some of you have deposited already and you know it’s against our review and you’re at your own risk, but regardless, we won’t hesitate to reveal any information that seems to be helpful to you.

If your withdrawal didn’t arrive, the only thing you can do it to click here and follow the instructions to chat their customer service and luckily, they might help you out.

GMG forget Password – How to Recover Password On Gmgtrays

The fact that a lot of people are having issues with the changing of password on the platform cannot be disputed and going through the comments section on this guide, I discovered a lot of individuals are having Same issues.

However, after having examined the platform carefully, I discovered that there is no way you can recover your password yourself unless you contacted the platform customer support.

There’s no forgot password button on Gmgtrays.com or any alternative means of recovering ones password after having forgotten it. On this note, if you forget your Gmgtrays password and wish to recover it, the only way to do that is by contacting their customer service.

Click here to contact their customer service

Note!!! Our regular monitoring report shows that GMG haven’t paid it’s investors since the 5th of may 2023.      We will keep you updated on any new development observed.      Stay safe!

gmg-vip.com review

gmg-vip.com review

It has come to our notice that Gmgtrays have relaunch their platform and released new Link to their new platform while abandoning the previous platform without paying any of the pending withdrawal.

However, you shouldn’t treat the platform as if it’s back unless you’re willing to loose your money. It has been emphasized in the previous part of this and I am still re-emphasizing it that the platform cannot be trusted and you should stay away from it.

The Main reason I didn’t create the gmg-vip.com review review separately is to let you be aware that the platform have scammed a lot of people in their first lunch and once a theif is always a theif. Take note.

Is gmg-vip.com legit

It is fraction of gm gtrays as said in the previous part of this gmg vip com review, and with all evaluation been made, the platform cannot be trusted. Not even once, talk more of twice. Hence, it’s not legit.

Is gmg-vip.com scam

Yes! Having said the platform is not legit interpret, it’s scam and you might loose your investment Even if you joined earlier.

The second version mentioned in this review was lunched on the 21st of may, 2023, while the first version crashed on the 5th of may, 2023.

Make sure to read this gmg-vip.com review carefully carefully and get the correct interpretation of the review before any action. Stay safe!


Having gone through this detailed gmgtrys.com review, you will learn that only those, who joined a Ponzi platform when it’s still fresh are those who will enjoy the platform and even in some cases, a Ponzi platform might crash very early and everyone involved in such investment will loose their hard earned money to the platform.

A good example of such instance in the paragraph above is Tramzs VIP platform. This implies that no matter how smart you are, Ponzi platform is a risky investment platforms and before talking about smartness, we must talk about Risk tolerance.

The combo of the both is what made you eligible to try a Ponzi platform, remember, gmgtrys is in it’s late hours already and you should read this gmgtrys .com review carefully to be able to get the correct interpretation of it.

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    • If you haven’t deposit, just forget about it as depositing on the platform is not recommended by this GMG Review.

      However, if you’ve already deposited on the platform before locating this guide, kindly contact the platform support as they are they only one that can help if they will reply you.

  1. I recharge 4K but wen I recharge, I have made my payment didn’t show up . So the 4K didn’t show up my coin is still 0

  2. Plz how can we connect to the customer care service, becos the telegram page members cannot send a massage only the admins does. So which way to contact the customer care, becos the three people I refer yesterday have paid into the acct and up till now the money has not reflected in their dashbox as coin. Pls the people are on my neck, pls what should I do?

    • If you obeyed the instructions in the review in the first place, you shouldn’t have tell the to deposit.

      The review clearly State that investing on the platform is a bad idea, however, we will check and add their customer service handle to the review if any is found.

    • I assume that you already joined their Telegram group. To send direct message to their customers service,
      1 click on the group profile picture. The person that regularly drops messages on the group “GMG Service”.
      2. Then the profile of the person will open. You will see there “Message, Call, Mute, and other options.
      Hope this will help

  3. Well. Me don chop from the platform. I started 7 days ago with a sum of #8k and I have gotten back my 8k, everyday 2k and I also gain more by referring. I assume it will crash someday like MMM but b4 day make we chop the little we can.

  4. My withdrawal was not reflected in my normal bank account of opay 6111265507.besides, I’ve been denied of my daily payment for almost 2-3days now what happened this is my Invite ID-311520.treat as urgent pls thanks

    • Kindly note that this is not GMG nor it’s affiliate, we’re independent informational website and if you read our reviews carefully, you should understand better

  5. I have made the payment and I was logged out but the money gave not reflect into my account yet, the net was slow and i was logged out once I deposited the money. Please try fix it up , my referral ID: 1534592

  6. Sure because my net was bad and I logged out , how can I made the complain , or will the money be reversed or will go to my coin because I do not really understand

  7. The money i withdraw on Saturday 6, and Sunday 7 has not arrived, and I can’t login as before again, pls help me

  8. Please I transferred 3,000 and 1,000 to recharge today being 5th May, 2023 but wasn’t credited. My “coin available” is still zero and I wasn’t able to upload the payment voucher from Recharge Record. Please can GMG help me get my money

    • GMG sing me out because of i made deposit of 50k God no go allowed my money to go like that God go fight over my money for me?

  9. Hi greetings I made withdrawal since 6th of May until now I’ve not gotten nothing please can someone explain what’s going on thanks

  10. I placed a withdraw since 5 of may up til now I haven’t gotten alart yet and I been denied of my daily income

  11. Pls what’s goin on wit gmg money keep coming in and withdraw is not coming in I hope is not what I’m thinking 😫😫

    • This gmg of a thing they are scammer I made a withdrawal for the past a week now I have not been credited and they input customers service which will only direct you to telegram that you can’t chat with them there they are totally scammer people should stop putting there money there I loose my money already I’m advicing every one to stop the investment it a scamm

    • I don’t know why you can’t read and understand simple instructions. That’s the only people you can contact and once they’re not responsive, that’s the end.

      We already warned you.

  12. Long time ago long time ago now I have not receive my profits I don’t know what is happening I invest 30,000 and since then I have never receive my money back and is just only once I receive my money but now I have never received again is just seven five So what is the problem happening now I love happy to this company now what is going on please I want to know😭😭😭😭

  13. Some of us has invested before this updates, does it mean that we’re not expecting anything from the platform??

  14. Your money has gone ooo same as mine I even chatted them up they are asking me to pay 2k before my withdrawal will be successful for a code

    • This thing is a SCAM I lost my money in this…. please no one should send them any money again… criminals 😡

  15. The GMG platform has crashed….they won’t be able to pay any one again. Please don’t fund your GMG account again…if you observe you will see that the account number which you send money to in order to fund your account has been changed. I withdraw 5k and 6k, I haven’t been credited 😤, it use to pay, but not they don’t. Please be careful, they now scam people.

  16. The GMG platform has crashed….they won’t be able to pay any one again. Please don’t fund your GMG account again…if you observe you will see that the account number which you send money to in order to fund your account has been changed. I withdraw 5k and 6k, I haven’t been credited 😤, it use to pay, but not they don’t. Please be careful, they now scam people.😤😤😤

  17. I’ve been trying to withdraw since 8th May, 2023, it’s yet to be dropped and I’ve placed other withdrawal as well after that. which no response or any feedback.

    you claimed you’re not scammer, you’re a big scam. cause there’s no any response from you yet.

  18. Since last Monday I subscribe to gmg and made a payment of 8,000 up till now they haven’t updated account I have been debited and they asked me to send the payment receipt wish I have done bet still nothing,I don’t understand,

  19. Please, I don’t understand this website, I withdraw as at 13may, which they assure me that it’s will drop on the 14may, but now there website is not responding again, with the view that, it has been deleted, please help me,,,

  20. Have cash out since last week Wednesday and is yet to dropto my account also am unable to login over two days ago. What’s really happened

  21. Please what is really going with gmg am unable to login what I’m seeing was this site can’t be reached. Diagnosing a problem. What does it mean?

  22. For the past a week and half now ,I’ve not gotten any daily money , even since yesterday the login is not opening
    What’s happening

  23. I’ve withdrew my money and till now I’ve not received any credit alert on my account. Not even the discount has come and i can’t access the page anymore. I hope this isn’t scam that i invested all my earning on😔😥

  24. Since all this while my account was not credited and they refused to refund my investments money back. I need CS contact

  25. I can’t understand gmg . With all their products and services they promised to offer, is it they way you people wanted to pay us back. I invested 70,000 to earned 525000. But I have not yet received a dine . Why all this.

  26. Sorry this platform is a scam, how can there,open dem no open refund people money dem refused i regret this😭😭😭😪


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