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How To Get Free TNC Coin On Real Research App And How To Convert It To BTC, ETH And Other Coins

how to get free TNC coin

You are welcome to another complete guide on how to get free TNC coin, which can be converted to other coins and as well can be withdrawn directly to your hotbit wallet. This guide will not only teach you how to earn free TNC coin but as well shows you, how you can accumulate as much TNC coin as possible.

Recently, I dropped the link to download the real research app on our telegram channel and earn free coin by taking short surveys on the app, but some individuals are having difficulties in withdrawing their earned coins and today, I have decided to reveal the detailed step by step guide on how to withdraw you coins and as well the detailed guide on how to convert the coin to other blockchain based coins.

If you have ever need any detailes pertaining to the real research app and how to get free TNC coin, simply grab your sit and read this guide carefully as it’s going to provide solution to most of the questions that might be popping in to your mind.

What Is Real Research App

Real Research app which is also known as Real Research survey is a blockchain based survey app, which pays it’s members with crypto currency(TNC) for taking short surveys on the platform instead of PayPal cash as others surveys like User crowd and cash camel

There are different kinds of surveys on the platform as they tends to feed their members with the available surveys, depending on their partner request. You might be asked to review a product and answer questions on what you know/like about the product, the highest/lowest amount you can pay for a particular product and etc.

Upon completing each surveys, you will be rewarded with TNC coin as promised at the beginning of the survey.

Real Research app will automatically create a wallet for you during the registration and this is where your coin will be saved and you can then decide to either withdraw or leave it their while you accumulate more.

What Is TNC Coin?

Hey! I guess you might be bothered with what the TNC coin is really is, relax and let me give you a very quick overview to sharpen your idea on what the coin is really is.

TNC coin is the official digital currency of TNC IT solutions Group. This coin servers as an integral part of all the transactions and processes within the ecosystem of the TNC.

Now, that you have got some idea on what Real Research app is, let’s dive into the detailed information on how to earn free TNC coin via the app.

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How To Get Free TNC Coin On Real Research Survey App

There are two broad ways in which you can get free TNC coin on Real Research app and this two ways are; taking surveys and referring others.

As I have mentioned in the earlier part of this guide, real research is a survey app that was built on blockchain technology and as a result of this, they paid their member with TNC cryptocurrency in return for their inputs in each surveys they participated in. This makes the first and the best way to get free TNC on the app and accumulate as many coins as possible by participating in daily surveys steadily.

The second way to earn free TNC coin on Real Research app is by referring others to download and register on the app. Upon the completion of your registration on the platform, you will be assigned with a special link that you can use to refer others to the platform and you will earn 50TNC for each individuals you referred to the app successfully.

Now, that you have understand how the app works and ways to earn the said free coin with the app, it’s time to join the community and to do this, you will have to register and become a verified member of the platform. Follow the instructions below to register on the app and start accumulation free TNC coin.

How To Register On Real Research Survey.

1. Simply click here to download the app from play store

2. Install the app and open it to start your account registration.

3. You will be asked for your phone number and email address, make sure to use a valid email address and the phone number you are using for the registration should be inside your phone.

4. Once you complete your registration, you will see a prompt asking if you want to create a wallet, click on create.

5. Upon completing your registration, you will be provided with your account KYC level, click on each level ton answer the question and submit.

5. You must complete your KYC level to level 3 but I will strongly advise you to go beyond level 3, because, the higher your KYC level, the more survey you get.

Now that you have complete your KYC level to up to level 3 or more, your account is set and you can then click on the menu bar and click on surveys to see if you have qualified for any survey at the moment.

How To Refer And Earn 50TNC Per Referral On Real Research survey

If you didn’t forget, we have discussed referring others as one of the major ways to get free TNC coin on real research app, now that you have get yourself registered on the app, kindly follow the instruction below to get your referral link on real research survey app and start referring to earn more.

1. Simply login to your real research survey app.

2. Click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app.

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3. Locate the Referral button and click on it and your personal referral link will be revealed to you.

4. Copy the link or click on the share button to share to your friends directly.

5. Tell your friends to register and complete their 3 required KYC. You must be on KYC Level 3 or higher at this moment.

Note that the real research referral program is not always ON, they usually do it batch by batch and once a batch ends, you will have to wait for another batch to enjoy the goodies attached to referring others. You won’t get any coin for someone you referred when there is no ongoing referral event.

How To Withdraw TNC From Real Research

Now that you have understand the detailed steps involved on how to get free TNC coin, the next thing is to withdraw your earned coins, kindly follow the instructions below to withdraw your coin;

1. Click here to download hotbit app from play store.

2. Install and open the app.

3. Click on register an account to register for a Hotbit account and use 1120332 and your referral code during the registration, in case you are a registered member, just login and proceed to the next steps.

If you’re just registring an hotbit account, you will be asked for referal code, use: 1120332

4. If you’re a new member, register with a valid email address.

5. You will be told to verify your email address, check your mail box to get the code, enter the code and verify your account.

6. Now, login to your hotbit account and your are set to withdraw your TNC Coin.

You have both your Real Research app and hotbit wallet at this moment, the next thing is to send your TNC from Real Research to your hotbit wallet.

How To Withdraw TNC To Hotbit Wallet

1. Open your hotbit app and login to your account.

2. Check the bottom of the app and click on fund at the bottom right corner.

3. Now, click on deposit at the top left corner of the app.

4. You will be redirected to another page, click on the on the search button and type TNC, search for it and click on the result.

5. You will see your TNC wallet address and memo.

6. Click on copy address to copy your TNC wallet address and click on copy memo to copy the memo.

You can check the visual illustration below for better understanding of the steps above

7. Now, login to your real research app.

8. Click on the menu bar at the top left corner and click on open wallet.

9. You will see send and receive button, click on send.

10. You will see a box provided for address and memo, paste the address and the memo you copied from your hotbit wallet to the two respective box. don’t mistaken wallet address for memo.

11. Click on send and boom! You are done.

You can check the visual illustration below for better understanding of the steps above

You have successfully submit your withdrawal request and the amount of the withdrawn TNC will be sent to your hotbit wallet as soon as possible.

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Once the TNC arrived at your wallet, you can now use it to trade and get some profit or convert it to other crypto currencies and send it to your preferred wallet.

TNC Token Price

As at the moment of writing this report, 1 TNC is equivalent to 1TRX(Tron), 0.0000004168BTC, 0.00001229ETH and so on.

How To Convert TNC To BTC

1. Open your hotbit account and login.

2. Click on fund at the bottom right corner of the app as shown in the picture below.

Click On Fund Button

3. You will see your TNC balance, click on it.

4. You will be provided with two trading pairs, TNC/BTC and TNC/ETH.

5. Click on TNC/BTC.

6. You will be redirected to the hobbit order page.

7. You will see buy and sell button, click on sell.

8. Enter the amount of TNC you want to convert to BTC.

fill the boxes

9. Click On Sell TNC and boom! An amount of BTC that is equivalent to the volume of your TNC will be deposited into your account. Click on fund button to check it.

How To Convert TNC To ETH

So far you have understand how to convert your TNC to BTC, then to convert TNC to ETH shouldn’t be a problem in anyway. kindly follow the same instruction outlined for the TNC to BTC but on getting to the step 5, you will click on TNC/ETH instead of TNC/BTC and follow the prompts as explained in the BTC conversion above.

How To Convert TNC TO TRX

In other to convert your TNC to TRX, you will first of all convert it to BTC and once follow the instruction and click on BTC on your fund dashboard, you will see TRX/BTC option, click on it and follow the prompts to convert the BTC to tron.

In short, to convert your TNC to TRX, you only need to follow the sequence below;


Advise; If you intend to withdraw you coin to other wallets of your choice, it’s highly advisable to convert it to Tron first and then withdraw to your preferred wallet and this is because, Tron have a relatively low transaction fees as compared to that of BTC or ETH.

However, the present price of TNC wasn’t it’s past price and it can be considered as a coin that have some potentials. This implies that it could be a good idea if you leave your TNC without converting it to any other coin as per the fact that anything can happen in the future.

Things Take Note On How To Get Free TNC Coin;

1. It’s mandatory for every registered member to complete their first 3 KYC level.

2. The higher your KYC level the high the chance of being eligible for more surveys.

3. Surveys is not always available on the real research survey, you will have to be checking it often or join our WhatsApp TV to get notified whenever there is new survey

4. This guide has so far explained how to get free TNC coin, how to withdraw your coin to the wallet of your choice and how you can convert the TNC coin to other crypto currencies. Should you have any question that haven’t been answered so far, kindly drop it in the comment section below and the required response will be dropped as soon as possible.




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