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How To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature

WhatsApp fingerprint feature

WhatsApp finger print lock feature allows all WhatsApp user’s that are using fingerprint sensor enabled phone to lock and unlock their WhatsApp using the fingerprint sensor of their respective smart phone.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new feature on to the better version of it’s Android app.

Previously all WhatsApp user’s that are willing to step up the privacy of their app will have to install a third party app and grant the app some access in order to set up an additional security like fingerprint lock to their app.

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However, WhatsApp has been planning to add Fingerprint authentication to Android and iOS users which has been finally added and it’s now available for all Android users.

This so called feature was earlier rolled out to iPhone users in February 2019, after being announced late last year. But it’s now available for everyone using fingerprint enabled phone to activate.

This feature has been designed to step up the security and privacy of all WhatsApp users .
This implies that after the activation of the WhatsApp fingerprint feature, your fingerprint authentication will be required and every time you want to have access to you WhatsApp application.

Without further ado, below are the steps involved in activating this feature:

How Can I Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Security

Follow the steps below to enable WhatsApp finger print lock feature on your Android phone without stress.

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> Simply update your WhatsApp version to the latest version by going to the Google play store.
> Open the new update and go to settings by clicking on the three white dots at the right top corner of the app.
> Then select privacy.
> Scrol down and turn on the “Unlock with fingerprint” option to enable the feature.
> Confirm it by touching the fingerprint sensor of your phone with your preferred finger.
> Choose the duration at which you want the fingerprint lock to be effective.
The duration options available on this menu are:
• Immediately.
• After 1 minute.
• After 30 minutes.
From the picture shown above, I have chosen Immediately which implies that my WhatsApp application will be locked immediately I closed it.
Same thing applicable to when you choose after 1 minute, it means that the app will be locked 1 minute after you have closed the app.
When you choose after 30 minutes, it means that your WhatsApp will be locked 30 minutes after which you have closed the app.
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